Proof is an anime episode of Blue Exorcist that was released on 07/10/2011


Rin's flashback and Shura's flashback reveals their ties to Shiro Fujimoto as the two fight each other. After Shura realizes Fujimoto is raising Rin as a son, she finally agrees to Shiro's wishes to train Rin. In Mephisto's room, Shura informs Mephisto that she will postpone her report to the Vatican, and later in class, she is the new teacher for Rin's class.

Plot Summary

Young Rin is mad
Young Rin is mad

A child screaming for mommy, and blood drips on a stuffed rabbit. The woman asks Rin what he has done. The flashback ends with Rin screaming out loud. Shura presents her badge to Tsubaki and the others; she tells them that she will get Rin to the Japanese branch and to have a word with Mephisto. Shiemi wants to heal Rin, but Shura tells her no and that Shiemi smells like milk.

As Yukio goes to his students to tell them to head home, Shima gets jealous of Rin because Shura is holding his face close to her breasts. Miwa realizes Shura is wearing Yamada's pants. Shiemi tries to run after Rin until Kamiki stops her. Yukio unlocks the door for Shura and Rin to follow him. They are at the center of the Japanese branch for Knights of the Cross. Mephisto informs Shura that he is not aware of her infiltrating cram school. He explains that Rin is going to be a weapon for the True Cross Academy to get on the offensive side, yet Shura asks him why he did not report to the Vatican. Mephisto explains that he wants to report after Rin has perfected his powers, and Shura ask Mephisto about if Fujimoto was involved. He tells her that Fujimoto only raised Rin and he is only the guardian of Rin. After Shura tells them that she will interrogate Rin in the Great cell, Shura informs Rin that she is Fujimoto's disciple.

Young Shura
Young Shura

In her flashback, Shura recalls riding her snakes in the demon world. Fujimoto blasts his gun. After the flashback, she pretends to be ill which Rin gets close. Immediately, she steals Rin's sword. Rin charges at her with his blue flames. Shura recalls Fujimoto asking her to train Rin because Fujimoto states that she is skilled with the demon sword. He wants Shura to train Rin in the way of the sword, yet Shura argues with him because she doesn't understand why he would want a child to wield a demon sword, and Fujimoto states that if anything ever happened to him, then he wants Shura to watch over Rin. Shura realizes that Fujimoto may be asking her this because he thinks he'll die soon. Outraged that he left her and now wants her to be responsible for a child, she tells him that he was a cool, strong, perfect exorcist who's suddenly afraid of death now. She leaves him, throwing his photo aside.

Rin roars
Rin roars

As the flashbacks end, she explains that she has secret orders to investigate Mephisto and Fujimoto's relationship (if it deals with Satan) after the day Fujimoto had died. Shura announces that she will kill Rin. Meanwhile, Yukio is worried, but Mephisto tells him that high level exorcists can open the entrance and that all they can do is wait. Back in the cell, Rin circles around Shura. Shura asks herself why Fujimoto is hiding Satan's son from the Vatican. Back to the battle, Shura kicks Rin to the wall. Shura thinks back to Fujimoto, and wonders if it was his intention to raise a child as a weapon. She then tells Rin that his father was a coward. He tells her that his father died protecting him, so what would she know about him. Rin's flames become stronger and brighter as he threatens her to never mock his father like that.

Amaimon with chips
Amaimon with chips

The two parry, but Shura has the upper hand. She notices that Rin has no proper fighting move. Shura uses a technique to blow away Rin's flames and stabs him immediately in the shoulder. Yet, Rin grabs the sword and announces his vow on his father's grave to defeat Satan. Rin tells her that he will become a paladin much to Shura's confusion. She stops the battle and opens the door. Shura realizes that Fujimoto is raising a son all along. In the infirmary, she hands a sword to Rin, and Yukio looks worried. Shura informs Mephisto that she will postpone her report to the vatican. Mephisto reveals his purpose that he will aim for peace between humans and Assiah, and Shura tells him that the Vatican does not trust him due to Mephisto is a demon. Amaimon appears; Mephisto gets angry at him.

Fujimoto reassures Rin
Fujimoto reassures Rin

On the roof, Kuro jumps on Rin's shoulder. In Rin's flashback, Fujimoto tries to calm down Rin and tells him that it is his fault for hurting friends and sending them to the hospital. Rin yells at his father that they are not his friends. After Rin has finished throwing things, Fujimoto hugs him. He fakes getting hurt to calm down Rin, and he tells his son that he has to stop being so violent or he will end up all alone and scare his friends away. He tells the boy that he shouldn't fight like this, but to use his fighting to protect others so that he can grow up to be a cool guy with lots of friends who's loved by the girls. Rin asks how he could grow up like that, Fujimoto lets him go and tells him that he should try hard to be nice and it will end up fine. His face turns blue and he tells them to call an ambulance before he falls to the ground.

The ambulance comes and the paramedics tell him that he has broken ribs. Rin is worried, but Fujimoto reassures him that Rin couldn't hurt him. As they put him in the ambulance, Rin starts to cry. The flashback ends, and Rin is more resolved to grow up to be like his father, so he spars with Kuro.

Shura is the teacher
Shura is the teacher

The next day, Shura introduces herself to the class as a teacher. Ryuji asks her why she was disguised as a student all this time, but she doesn't tell him because it's "adult business". Kamiki asks her about why she's teaching a class that is normally taught by another teacher, and Shura says that the other teacher is on maternity leave. Kamiki argues that the teacher can't be on maternity leave if he's a man, but Shura dismisses it. Rin comes to class late and explains that he couldn't sleep and ended up falling asleep on the roof. Shura tells him to stop with the excuses and take a seat. Ryuji notices that Rin seems to have changed somehow.

Points of Interest

  • Major Flashbacks: Rin's flashback take place in school (probably preschool); Shura's flashbacks reveals two, one in demon world as a child and one at True Cross Academy where she talks to Shiro Fujimoto.
  • Kaoru Tsubaki is a middle class exorcist like Yukio.
  • Shiro Fujimoto displays some pervertedness when he tells Rin that he hopes to see some nurses.
  • After the new credits, Mephisto points to his beheaded statue and glares accusingly at his brother.

Technique Names

  • Shura's moves
  1. Verse for taking out the sword "Sever the head of the snake and devour the eight princesses."
  2. Kirigakure Demon Sword Technique Snakefang - Her sword sends out gusts of wind that slashes her foes.
  3. Kirigakure Demon Sword Technique: Emptiness - Snake winds that blow away Rin's blue flames.


  • Japanese Name: "Shōmei" (証明)
  • Manga Chapter: Chapter 10 (Volume 3)
  • Opening Theme: "In My World" by ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D
  • Ending Theme: "Wired Life" by Meisa Kuroki

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Kazue Kato Original Concept A writer, illustrator, and mangaka. Creator of the manga Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist).
Tensai Okamura Director He's the creator of Darker than Black and a director for many shows.
Takashi Kojima Key Animator Animator
Ryota Yamaguchi Writer
Hiroyuki Sawano Music He's the musician in Guilty Crown, Blue Exorcist, and more.
Hiro Maruyama Producer


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