"Promise" The Secret ~The Fragrance of Memories~

"Promise" The Secret ~The Fragrance of Memories~ is an anime episode of Romeo x Juliet that was released on 04/11/2007
This episode picks back up the scene between Romeo and Juliet in the garden. Romeo notices the scent of irises and asks if Juliet likes the flowers. She blushes, and stammers out a yes. Romeo asks her name, but before she can answer, Benvolio interrupts. Juliet flees the garden.

When Juliet attempts to leave the castle grounds, she is blocked by two guards who ask if she is leaving by herself. They move in on her, Juliet halts unsure of what to do. A blonde haired man appears and announces that he is here to escort her home. He chides the guards for not recognizing Juliet as a member of the house of Farnese--a distant relative of the Montagues. He removes a crest from his jacket to show the guards. The guards apologize, and Juliet rides away in the carriage accompanies by the blonde male.

Romeo returns to the ballroom with Benvolio. He meets his father, who tells him he has a gift for him. He announces to everyone at the ball, that Romeo and Lady Hermione of the house of Borromeo. Romeo is stunned by the announcement, and his father pushes him forward to join Hermione at the front of the balcony overlooking the ballroom. The crowd applauds.

Juliet is once again scolded by the elderly man seen in the previous episode. The blonde man asks why she was at the palace at Neo Verona. Juliet replies that she wanted to go to the Rose Ball. The elderly man is taken aback. Juliet gushes about the beauty of the people and palace, but leaves out her meeting with Romeo. The blonde man says that he shares her feelings, but her rash actions could get her in trouble. Juliet is angered and demands to know why she cannot dress like a woman. The old man attempts to placate her by saying everything will be explained on her sixteenth birthday. Juliet calls him a stubborn old man.

At the palace, Romeo and Hermione dance together. Romeo pleads that he is ill due to the overwhelming scent of the roses. He orders Benvolio to attend to Hermione and leaves the ballroom. Afterward, both Romeo and Juliet look outside their windows and reminisce about their meeting.

The next morning Juliet is awakened by Cordelia. Cordelia teases Juliet, saying something must have happened at the ball. At breakfast, Juliet asks Antonio where Conrad (presumably the old man)  is at the moment. Antonio says that his grandfather is out for the day. Juliet gives an Antonio a knowing look.

In the city, a loathsome, fat man is taking away a young girl from her family. The father states that the money owed was paid to the man. The man smacks the father down and pulls out a contract stating that the father had promised to pay twice the original amount. The man takes the girl and puts her in a wagon full of other young girls. He chuckles to himself thinking that he can trade the girls to Lord Montague for a family name.

 At the scene of injustice arrives the Crimson Whirlwind. A violent fight takes place on the top of the wagon. Antonio is inside the wagon freeing the girls. Crimson Whirlwind loses his sword, but a dark haired man with a scar over his left eye jumps down and throws the attacker off the wagon. He says that this will be the last time he joins in Crimson Whirlwind's escapades. Crimson Whirlwind thanks the man, calling him by the name Curio. The wagon stops and the slave trader attempts to run away. He is trapped between Curio and the Crimson Whirlwind. Crimson Whirlwind demands to see the contract then slashes it with "his" sword. Crimson Whirlwind heaves a sigh of relief, however "his" right arm has a large cut.

A doctor bandages Crimson Whirlwind's arm and comments how people are talking about the "Crimson Whirlwind of Justice." The doctor warns Crimson that if he keeps acting like this, he is bound to be caught. He thanks Crimson for delivering medical supplies, commenting that before Montague, the castle would help out the poor and the sick.  

Curio, Antonio, and Odin/Juliet all return home where Conrad berates them for ignoring his warning. The blonde haired man casually defends Odin's behavior. Cordelia enters the room, and Odin uses it as a distraction. He gives her a small container of hand cream. He tells Conrad he's going to see Willy and quickly runs out of the room. Antonio follows right behind. Conrad sits down breathing out a sigh of stress. He says its a miracle the group has survived for so long. The blonde man states that he feels Juliet is being protected by the land of Neo Verona. Curio asks if she'll be the same person after tonight. Conrad asks if certain people have been notified. The blond man replies it has been done. Conrad wonders who will come fourteen years after the death of Capulet.

In the theatre, Willy is busy writing another play. Odin asks the plot. Willy says the story is a comedy. The main character is girl, Rosalind, who disguises herself as a boy then returns to dressing like a woman when she falls in love. The title of the play is called "As You Like It." He asks Odin's opinion. Odin replies, "It sounds weird." Willy is insulted and says "What do kids know." Antonio says that adults hardly ever come to the theatre either. Odin asks Willy if love is possible between a noble and commoner. Willy replies that "All the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players. Within a story, status has nothing to do with love."

The scene switches to the palace garden where Hermione and Romeo are walking together. Hermione points out the beauty of the roses. Romeo acts distracted. Hermione asks after his health; he answers he is fine.  He notices a white iris and stops for a moment. Hermione asks if something is wrong. He answers no and continues walking.

Back at Juliet's home, Cordelia pulls a pie from the oven. Juliet runs out in a dress and ask if she knows where irises grow. Cordelia asks why she wants to know and refuses to tell Juliet where to find irises if Juliet doesn't give her an answer. Juliet relents and says, "He said I smelled like irises." She doesn't mention the name of the  man she met. She says sadly that she'll never meet him again, but she wants to wear an iris anyway. Cordelia agrees to tell her the location of the irises if Juliet promises to return home early.

Romeo is flying through the city on his pegasus when he espies a field of irises growing on some ruins. He lands there and sees Juliet picking irises. Once again, the lovers meet and experience an intimate connection with one another. Romeo asks for Juliet's name, and she gives it to him. A clock bell strikes; Juliet tells Romeo she must leave. She explains it is her birthday and there are people at home waiting to celebrate with her. Romeo searches himself trying to find something to give Juliet. He gives her an iris and wishes her happy birthday. He asks her to meet him at the same time the next day. Juliet  promises to do so before leaving.

Juliet arrives a little late to dinner still wearing a dress. Antonio is the only one surprised. After dinner and cake, Juliet and her companions travel in a carriage to a graveyard. When they arrive, Conrad tells Juliet the cemetary houses the bodies of the Capulets and the Montagues. He explains that the Capulets once ruled Neo Verona. He tells Juliet that Lord Capulet was murdered by Lord Montague, the current Archduke, and reveals that Juliet is Capulet's daughter. He tells her that Capulet murdered her entire family: father, mother, elder and younger brothers. A group of people join the group and kneel before Juliet. Her friends kneel as well. Everyone addresses her as Juliet Fiamatta Asto Capulet.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Fumie Mizusawa ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
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Kousuke Toriumi ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
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Christopher Bevins Producer (English) Christopher Bevins is an English voice actor and ADR director working for FUNimation Entertainment.
Carly Hunter Producer (English) Carly Hunter is an anime producer for the FUNimation company.
Fumitoshi Oizaki Director Fumitoshi Oizaki is an animator and director best known for his work with Gonzo Studios on such anime as Kaleido Star and Romeo x Juliet.
Reiko Yoshida Series Composition Also helped to write the cript.
R. Bruce Elliot ADR Director (English) This was his first experience as an ADR Director.
J. Michael Tatum ADR Director (English) J. Michael Tatum is an American voice actor, ADR director, and adaptive script writer. Major voice acting roles include Kyouya Ootori in Ouran High School Host Club, Isaac Dian in Baccano, and Shizuka Doumeki in xxxHolic.
Yumiko Ishii Key Animator
Kurasumi Sunayama Writer
Miharu Hirami Writer
Antimere Robinson Designer Designed the DVD Menus for the English Release.
Gen Fukunaga Executive Producer Gen Fukunaga is a US executive producer for the FUNimation company.


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