Promise Sign

Promise Sign is an anime episode of Space Brothers that was released on 05/25/2013

The Comeback Competition is tomorrow and each team has finished building their CanSat. Pico invites Mutta to drink with him and Vincent. We learned about Pico, Vincent and Rick's time in high school together, how they promised to pursue their dreams of space. Since they were born in a small town, there was pressure from school and family to choose a more stable career and give up their dreams of space.

Promise Sign

Pico turns away from Rick
Pico turns away from Rick

Pico empties his pockets onto the bar, searching for a memento. The memento is a fragment from a rocket that Pico, Vincent and Rick built as children, but it exploded after it launched. Each of them keeps a fragment of the rocket. Pico, Vincent and Rick had promised not to give up their goals. Pico wanted to become a rocket engineer, Vincent wanted to become an astronaut and Rick wanted to become a flight director. Their parents and teachers wanted them to choose a more stable career. Vincent's father wanted him to attend a career fair for the local mining company on Sunday. One day, Pico arrived at school with a black eye, caused by his father. Pico told Rick that he could not make that day's rocket meeting since he needed to help his father. Rick tried to reschedule for Sunday, but Pico needed to attend the mining company's career fair on Sunday along with Vincent, for fear of getting another black eye.

Each carries a memento
Each carries a memento

It was a particular cold day and there was ice on the ground. Rick accidentally slipped. His teacher approached him and chastised him for not watching the ground, and also not being watching his future. His teacher told him to follow his friends, Pico and Vincent who have decided on technical school instead. Rick rushed off to find them. Pico and Vincent were about to leave behind their rocket fragment in the work house that they used to meet and build rockets together in, when Rick rushed in and tried to get them to do their "promise sign". Pico and Vince were reluctant, trying to say that it was over and that they were sorry. Rick gets mad, saying that the 3 of them were space lovers, he thought of them as brothers, and proceeds to leave, saying that he will never give up.

Rick and his car skidded into the lake
Rick and his car skidded into the lake

That Sunday afternoon, while Pico and Vincent were at the career fair, Rick died in a car accident. Rick had collided with a truck, skidded off the road and into a lake, thus drowning and dying in his car before help could arrive. Pico and Vincent cried when they saw Rick's dead body at the hospital. Pico and Vincent did not attend school for the next two weeks. Vincent, Rick and Pico had planned to watch the ISS fly over in the sky on the 22nd at the large evergreen tree. Vincent rushed to pick up his fragment of the rocket that he left at the work house and then went to the large evergreen tree. Pico arrived there too. Vincent and Pico both knew there was so much they want to say to apologize to Rick. Both determined more than ever not to give up, Vincent said life is too short to waste and Pico says there is no time to waste on things that don't excite us.

Hibito looks happy greeting Azuma
Hibito looks happy greeting Azuma

Meanwhile, back in the present, Azuma Takio and 2 Russian astronauts rendezvous with the CES-51 crew astronauts at the Moon Base. When seeing Azuma, Hibito remembers that it was Azuma who sent Brian-03 to rescue him. Thanks to Azuma who took Mutta's advice, Azuma helped save Hibito's life when Hibito's spacesuit ran out of oxygen. The whole rendezvous is broadcast back to Earth, so Mutta (who has come back from his night out), Kenji and Nitta are watching it together. It will only be 4 days until Hibito returns back to Earth. Nitta asks about Mutta's night out with Pico and Vincent. Mutta says all they did was lecture him on the performance of their Team so far. Vincent did say positively though that since Team E has had the most accidents so far (for example, Nitta losing his cell phone during survival training, or Mutta getting a fever) Team E has improved the most. Mutta goes to sleep, the Comeback Competition being tomorrow.

The next day at the Comeback Competition, Pico tells them there were isolated showers last night. So, parts of the desert probably became wet. This is a problem for their rover because their rover's tires are made of sponge. So if the rover runs over wet ground, it's movement abilities may be affected as it soaks up the water. They have roughly an hour to decide whether to modify their rover or not before it gets launched for the competition.

Points of Interest

  • The promise between Pico, Vincent and Rick is parallel to the promise between Mutta and his brother Hibito to both become astronauts. Rick even says "I thought of you like brothers".
  • Hibito's accident on the Moon is contrasted with Rick's car accident. They were both due to driving errors. Although Hibito survived that accident, there is still tension about Hibito's upcoming landing back on Earth and whether another accident will occur.

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