Promise ~ Forest of the Watchmen

Promise ~ Forest of the Watchmen is an anime episode of Queen's Blade: The Exiled Virgin that was released on 05/07/2009
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A swamp monster appears as new allies are met, and new obstacles arise to complicate the victory in the tournament.
— Hulu

Plot Summary

Nowa is a happy little half-elf with a monkey friend, helping the cute little birds, until an evil ghost maid with a large scythe nukes a whole swath of forest for no apparent reason.

Meanwhile, Reina washes ashore while Nanael appears to be having a wet dream whilst stuck under a large tree branch (SYMBOLISM!) nearby. Reina wakes her up anyway, and Nanael decides to call an official Queen's Blade match between the maid and the half-elf. The maid seems to have the power to regenerate her clothes, no matter how many times Nowa rips them off. So Airi responds by sticking the scythe between her legs and commenting that Nowa isn't wearing any panties. And then she proceeds to molest her--I mean, suck out her life force. Mouth-to-mouth. With a little fondling on the side.

Rather than sit back and watch, Reina decides to save Nowa, only to get molested/life-drained the same way. However, Reina doesn't just stand there and take it. Instead, she fights back and then for some unknown reason Airi's clothes begin to disappear, followed shortly by the rest of her body. Nowa thanks her by tending to her wounds.

Meanwhile, Reina's sister Elina gets tired of waiting for her princess to return and/or fall off a cliff again, so she goes on a journey to find her.

Later, Nowa's battle instructor Alleyne shows up, and growls to Reina about how the humans have been racist to the elves. The elves respond by declaring they will send Nowa to fight and possibly die in Queen's Blade for the horrible crime of being a half-elf, half-human child. Nowa decides to accept the assignment because she loves her adopted Elven folks so much, Nanael gets pissed off again because she's only had one successful match that wasn't interrupted and didn't involve her getting smacked by something, and Reina confirms that yes, Nowa has been "going commando" the entire time and either doesn't notice or doesn't care.


  • Japanese Name: "Yakusoku ~ Mori no Bannin" (約束~森の番人)
  • Opening Theme: "Get the Door" by Rie Ohashi
  • Ending Theme: "Memories and Promises" - Omoide to Yakusoku (思い出と約束) by Ayako Kawasumi, Mamiko Noto, and Aya Hirano

Characters & Voice Actors

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Masaru Yokoyama Music Anime Composer.


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