Promise: ~A Passion for Uniforms, A Family Restaurant is Fine, Burning Wooser~

Promise: ~A Passion for Uniforms, A Family Restaurant is Fine, Burning Wooser~ is an anime episode of Wooser's Hand-to-Mouth Life: Awakening Arc that was released on 02/04/2014
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"Avenge me," the man whispered as he died. Following clues found in the man's belongings, Wooser visits heaven on earth, a girl's high school! As Wooser is caught up in the troubles of the student council, he realizes something is wrong... This school has no uniforms! An unhappy Wooser chances upon a local restaurant... maybe he'll find something nice there. I hope so.

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Plot Summary

Promise: ~A Passion for Uniforms, A Family Restaurant is Fine, Burning Wooser~
TranslationPromise: ~A Passion for Uniforms, A Family Restaurant is Fine, Burning Wooser~
MangaCh. ? (Vol. ?)
Theme Music
by Mamoru Miyano
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Before the opening credits, Senketsu (of Kill La Kill) is seen charging at Wooser demanding him to wear him. Wooser charges at Senketsu, but says that he can't wear him and uniforms are for and to be admired by girls. However, the pose that Wooser makes while charging at Senketsu shows that Wooser was lying and wanted to wear him. The scene ends when both of them are about to collide.

Wooser and Rin are at post-apocalyptic New York and Wooser is talking about how the Statue of Liberty always gets wrecked in the movies. Wooser then says that he wants a alternate version of the Statue of Liberty and a "Bondage Hill" alongside Freedom Hill when he is suddenly bound in rope and trying to escape.

Len is seen in an flashy getup with sunglasses and a worm scarf beside a team of villains in exoskeleton suits and teaching them about the English alphabet. Wooser also has an exoskeleton alone, but Darth Wooser and The Animal Whose Name Must Not Be Spoken do not wear them, even though they're in the same room with the villains. Wooser narrates that heroes in some shows just wait until the monster they're fighting is finishing preparation for their special attack and that villains should release way more monsters at once against the heroes. He also explains that some villains don't want the entire world to be destroyed even though they work on that goal anyway. As she unmasks herself, Rin tells Wooser that "Maybe the villains are actually lonely". Everyone halts their performance in shock and Wooser is crying and agreeing with Rin.

An late title card of the show is indicating the end of "Part 1" on the Awakening Arc, but the screen cuts to Wooser saying that was actually a lie. Rin is tending to a brown cow and while Len is riding another cow and shooting bullets in the air just like in the first season. Wooser explains that the mothership of his home, "Planet Wooser" was destroyed and can't leave the Earth, but likes the cows and girls around him. Len pulls out a cannon launcher and accidentally hits Wooser with them both. Wooser does not explode when the cannons hit him, however and shouts out his love for cows and girls.

After the ending credits, Emperor Wooser, Princess Rin and Prince Len are about to dine while Chuuni-senpai takes a rest in his space and waitress Ibeni Akamine from the manga "Wakuraban" serves them dessert. While Wooser waits, he reads the ASCII Weekly magazine that she stars in.

Points of Interest

  • Senketsu of Kill La Kill is the first guest star of the episode while Ibeni Akamine of the Weekly ASCII Manga, "Wakuraban" is the second guest star. The magazine cover containing Ibeni's image and the official poster for Kill La Kill are on the left and right side of Emperor Wooser's dining room respectively.
  • This is also the very first appearance in an anime for Ibeni as of this episode.
  • Ibeni is wearing the waitress uniform from the restaurant called "HoneyComb", which has its own manga. In her own manga (Wakuraban), that location is her part-time job.
  • The scene after the opening credits marks Donyatsu's second cameo appearance since Episode 3 of the Awakening Arc.
  • The third scene in this episode pays homage to the second scene of Episode One (Meat, Pandas and Wooser) except that the scene for this episode is at night.

Characters & Voice Actors

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