Prom Night

Prom Night is an anime episode of Dance in the Vampire Bund that was released on 01/07/2010
This first episode of the anime departs wildly from the manga. A series of murders is occurring within Tokyo, Japan. The targets are young females. The attacker is rumored to be a vampire.
During the course of the episode a game show along the lines of Fact or Fiction is being played. The show's theme for the night is: Are Vampires Real. The question is placed in the context of the supposed vampire murders. The players all come from a range of different backgrounds, a movie star, college professor, and mangaka to name a few. Throughout the game, the contestants are asked questions about vampires and are asked to place in their answers as true or false. A giant scale measures the answers and at the end of the game whichever has the most votes determines the answer to the night's overall question.
In the middle of the show, a woman calling herself Queen of the Vampires makes an appearance. She fits the stereotypical image of a vampire, tall, dark haired, pale skinned, dressed in gothic clothing, and of course bearing fangs. She brings with her "proof" of vampires' existence: the preserved arm of a vampire. She states that the vampire who is attacking young women is a rogue one. A young, blonde haired girl watches from the audience and finally comments. She makes it a point to say that if the arm is in fact a real vampire arm, the vampire who lost it will certainly be returning for it. She asks the mangaka a question about the main vampire character in his manga.
Right after that moment, one of the contestants loses control of himself. He reveals a false, mechanical arm. Wires burst from it to attach to the real arm and bring it to him. He reattaches his arm and the proceeds to attack another contestant. He transforms into a giant lizard monster and begins to wreack havoc in the studio. Several armed men move to attack it but are stopped by the blonde girl. She tells them she will take care of the matter. She berates the vampire, telling him his true form shows his interior self--arrogance, pride, greed. The vampire moves to attack her, but finds he cannot touch her. She reveals herself to be Mina Tepes, Queen of the Vampires and commands him to die. The monster explodes before her.
Mina turns towards the onlookers and video cameras, telling everyone to reflect upon what they just saw. She states that vampires will no longer hide themselves. Pointing to an island in the nearby distance, she says in the area known as Tokyo Landfill #0, vampires will establish a colony for themselves.

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Akiyuki Shinbo Director Akiyuki Shinbo is an anime director.
Nozomu Tamaki Original Concept The creator of Dance in the Vampire Bund.


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