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So, the long await Windows 7 was released yesterday.  Currently it's the most popular topic everyone's talking about on the blogs.
What I was more interested was the Special Edition of Windows 7 that included a Mizuki Nana anime character - called: Nanami.   Supposedly it was only available to the first 7,777 people who pre-ordered the Windows 7 Ultimate editions in Japan (which cost ¥20,000 , about £132 / $217 as of this post @ xe.com).  I think it was just a Windows 7 theme of Nanami, which consisted of: 3 Nanami wallpapers and Mizuki Nana's voice overs for system sounds.
Having used Windows 7 RC1 (now using the full version of Windows 7), I don't see what the hype is about.  It's just Vista with minor updates.  I would've liked to see a bigger jump like from Windows XP to Vista, where almost everything changed.
So what about you?  Still using Windows XP, Vista or have you finally made the switch to Mac?  I wish I could, but Mac's are expensive!
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