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Yo, @tarastrong is Juliet and Michel Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor of Smallville) is Nick, in Lollipop Chainsaw. FUCK YES! http://t.co/7PlpPfTV
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I know that I'm late to report this anime-related news. Words cannot express how sad I am about this news.

My very first anime I ever watched, actually dubbed in Japanese with English subtitles was AIR, way~ back in 2006. An anime that would continue to expand my enjoyment of anime to this day. Without having ever watched AIR, I would've never have watched any anime. It was not only the art, the music or the story that drew me into watching AIR, but also the voice actors/actresses (seiyus). The quality of voice work that, back then, I never have heard before, in any media--whether games, cartoons or movies. What I mean is, if you're an avid anime viewer, you'd know that Japanese seiyus tend to BE the character, they're voicing, rather than just reading a script, than English voice actors.

Standards have increased since then and more English voice actors/actresses are getting to the levels of Japanese seiyus, but the consistency has always remained high for Japanese dubbing, since then and now. This is why I prefer watching Japanese dubbed anime. To end a long blog, Kawakami Tomoko's voice was what I first heard since my introduction into anime; and I thank her for that. Thanks for opening the doors for me, to a new entertainment media. And thanks for everything you've done.

Rest in Peace.

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Shoji Meguro - It's a Golden Show!

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Martin O'Donnell & Michael Salvatori - Sacred Icon Suite 2

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DOES - Donten

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DOES - Shura

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