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I now hold the ardent belief that the human race will be destroy in the next two to three years due to its own hubris. It's own stupidity. It's own lack of common sense. And most importantly: it's lack of hygiene...But stupidity and hubris are a big part of it! What is my reasoning? My proof? My evidence? My verification? This my dear friends THIS ABOMINATION FROM ALL HELL:
This is an abomination spawned from the loins of Satan incarnate. This is up there with the bacon bra...an image so hideous that I cannot even convince myself in good decency to post pictures of it on this thread. But I will link you to images of said hideousness. However I take great solace in knowing that my fellow Giant Bomb compatriots are...animal and baby lovers:

 SEE! Giant Bomb is a Bunch of Softies
 SEE! Giant Bomb is a Bunch of Softies
So yeah...that Quest System...it's kind of a big deal. If anyone was questioning the merits of the quest system and if it brings traffic to the Whiskey Media sites...well you're wrong. Anyways the multi-part quest is pretty cool and I think an interesting twist to the quest system. You never know maybe you discover some cool stuff as a result.
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