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As you may or may not be aware of the Whiskey Media homes site has been re-designed and relaunched with a new interface and even a new objective. Before it was a site where you could get all of the site stats and information that you wanted but now it is being driven as this educational and community driven monstrosity, and I mean that affectionately. You have to sync you account which isn't really an issue and then you can explore the site to your hearts content.
 If you having trouble signing up here's some advice on the site:

Your Whiskey Pass will work on this site. To login, just use one of the links in the comment area and it should ask you if you want to create a new profile. Click "Yes," the left button. Once your account is set up, you can change your avatar by clicking your the default avatar image you see next to your first comment. I know it's a little hokey for the moment, but it's our best solution at the moment.

 Anyways here's my tour of the new re-design: 
  • First thing that your greeted to is a video that explains what Whiskey Media is all about. As to be expected it is your first hint that this site is filled to the brim with the humor that a lot of us have come to know and love:

  • Second thing you notice is that the site is brown...well maybe that's the first thing you notice...anyways what's the reason for this? I'll let the site engineers explain this one:

  • You'll now notice that the site is divided into "Departments" each explaining a different aspect about Whiskey Media. Currently "Design," "Technology," and "Community" have stuff on them. "Video" has this old interesting video Drew posted a while back detailing the process that goes into making the "I Love Monday" videos:  
  • So "Design" is really the first Department you can check out. It currently details the design philosophy that the Whiskey Media engineers believe in.Scroll down from their mission statement of sorts and you can once again see an old blog by Drew detailing the process of managing data for all of the sites. Truly enlightening stuff if I may say so myself. If you ever wanted to understand the madness that is Ethan Lance and Dave Snider. Also Whiskey Media has this odd obsession over facial hair:
  • Next we let's check out the "Technology" Department. One gripe...it is minor...the page talks about the history of the various engineers. They mention how they were the guys that worked on GameSpot, TV.com, MP3.com, ect. HOWEVER! There is no mention of Ethan and Dave's foray in the form of enemykite which created Boompa. This is heresy! Secondly there is no mention of Political Base anywhere...shame on you Whiskey Media. Anyways if you wanted to know what powers all of the Whiskey Media sites this is the place to go. For me I find this all to be a little boring...well except for unicorns:
  • Now let's talk about the "Community" Department. Personally this is the most exciting aspect of the new Whiskey Media site. This is where the engineers and hosts talk about the stuff that most impresses them or have caught their interests recently. The first entry is one where Dave talks about how impressed he is with the creative talents of the Giant Bomb and Screened user base in creating banners and Community Promos for site run events. The next entry is one by Ethan where he describes why he is now making a stronger push for users to include captions on their images. He thinks and provides proof that it actually increases site traffic.
  • Beyond the various Departments we now have the site tabs. The first of which is of course information on the various sites. The interface is pretty slick might I say:

 A Nice Representation of the Site if I May Say So Myself.
 A Nice Representation of the Site if I May Say So Myself.

  • Also we have some data on Anime Vice worth looking at:
Column Head 1Column Head 2
 Structured Data Submissions made by AV Users
 Anime and Manga Related Images Added
 Quest that Get Unlocked every Month
 Recurring Anime Shows on the Database
 Full Length Anime Movies in the Database
 Forum Topics Created by Anime Vice Users
 Shows We Can't Even Figure Out the Plot
 Too many...
  • Now we have the audience tab. Those are real users by the way. Dave gave the option of subscribers being able to send him a photo of themselves in order to give a glimpse of what you all look like and where you all come from. Even cooler is that this tab has links to the favorite user created content on all Whiskey Media sites (also some more stats):

  • Also if you ever wanted to send a mailbag in hopes that it gets made into a video their address is: 921 Front St. Suite #100. San Francisco 94111
Well that pretty much concludes my tour of the new Whiskey media site! It looks pretty slick and I like the new direction that they are taking the site in. Anyways check it out for yourself!
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