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Oh YouTube it seems like everytime I get frustrated at you for recommending me to watch crap you redeem yourself as I get near quitting you. This video is just...well perfect. It was created by a single Nickelodeon animator on his spare time. The trailer is for TETRIS: The Animated Series and is a clear parody of the glut of bad video game based animated television shows in the 80s and 90s. So without any ado here we go:
Alright now as well intentioned as the video is there are a couple things that really bug me. Firstly the 2x2 block is 3x3...why? On that note the S-block and Z-block are five pieces when they should be four. Lastly there's no reverse L-block...you know that block that was a complete bitch and ruined everyone's Tetris game? So I guess what I'm saying is that the trabslation is tacking a lot of liberties to bring us animated entertainment. Disgraceful, I know. Anyways this is pretty cool stuff and here's the lyrics for the fake rap intro:

In a frozen land, there was an evil czar
His name was Time Limit and he took it too far
So the people revolted and tore down his wall
There were magic bricks that started to fall
There was Tom, Lance, Sam and Steph
Reversula S-Block, schemin' Lex
They hightailed it out of the land of the oppressed
And came to America, cause we are the best

They're chillin' with Zack, their new best friend
But that's not the way the story ends
Czar Time Limit wants his magic blocks back
To rebuild the wall / Now they're under attack
Zack will protect them / On that he insists
They got STACK POWER and this is TETRIS


 Also I think it's good that this is just a parody. I don't think I can handle another Rubik: The Amazing Cube anytime soon:
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