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This is technically old news considering that Oxford's entry for "kawaii" was added in the book version of Oxford's way back in Spetember 2010 but it wasn't added into the online and free version of Oxford's until September of this year. That said...Oxford's entry for the ENGLISH USAGE of "kawaii" is a little unusual let's just say and worth talking about:

Pronunciation: Brit. /kəˈwʌɪ/ , /kəˈwʌɪi/ , U.S. /kəˈwaɪ/ , /kəˈwaɪˌ(j)i/
Etymology: < Japanese kawaii cute, pretty, darling (1477 or earlier; 1603 as Cauaij in Vocabulario da Lingoa de Iapam, glossed ‘thing one feels pity or compassion for, or the feeling of compassion’) < kafayui ashamed, unbearable to look at, pitiable, lovable, cute, perhaps < an old compound, lit. ‘face-aglow’ (compare modern kao face < kafo ). With sense B. compare Japanese kawaisa cuteness.(Show Less)
A. adj.

Cute, esp. in a manner considered characteristic of Japanese popular culture; charming, darling; ostentatiously adorable.

1965 N.Y. Times 20 Apr. 35 (heading) When East meets West Japanese call it kawaii.
1984 S. Ramsey in A. Wolfgang Nonverbal Behavior (new ed.) i. 153 One student study compared Japanese and non-Japanese reaction to kawaii behavior.
1999 A. E. Raz Riding Black Ship vi. 173 The kawaii style dominated Japanese popular culture in the 1980s.
2003 Face June 45/1 A future cult classic? Who cares: it's just so goddamn kawaii!
2009 LA Weekly (Calif.) (Nexis) 1 Oct., For those who love anything kawaii, there are countless varieties of candies bundled in animé-style packaging.

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B. n.

That which is kawaii; cuteness.

1986 Wall St. Jrnl. 21 Feb. 21/2 Contemporary kawaii is flourishing.‥ There is no Japanese word for ‘cloying’.
1997 A. Cooper-Chen Mass Communication in Japan ii. 20 The cult of kawaii extends throughout the mass media: cute stuffed animals awarded as prizes on TV quiz shows, cartoonlike voices announcing station breaks, soft-sell commercials showing smiling babies.
2005 C. Stross Accelerando iii. 78 Languid fluffy pink tentacles wave at him in an attack of kawaii.

So first thing is no "kawaii" wasn't originally coined in 1965. That was the first recorded usage of the word by an English Publication. Secondly Accelerando is a well know cyberpunk book so get your head out of the gutter you sick perverts. Anyways Oxford's Dictionary has been adding a lot of pop culture words that really don't seem to have any real link to what we could call prevalent common English. In fact I hinted at it when I told people on FormSpring about this but I think this is proof that humanity is doomed.

The other day I Googled "Pachelbel d minor," as soon as I got to the d, it brought up "Pachelbel dubstep remix," at the top result.....

Society is doomed everyone. There's nothing we can do about it. We are all going to die soon.

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