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It has recently come to my attention that numerous users on this site have accused me of sexual harassment of male moderators on Anime Vice. HERESY! LIBEL! SLANDER I SAY! So Anime Vice community I would like to present you with evidence that I am not a pervert and instead am a wholesome virtuous user on this fine site:

EXHIBIT #1: Moderator Newten

Here you can clearly see that my acts are consensual. Secondly notice how my acts are being committed off site on many of the male moderator's Formspring accounts. This means I am not guilty of any sexual harassment on this fine site!

EXHIBIT #2 - Moderator FoxxFireArt

As you can clearly see I have the best intentions with my activities towards the male moderators! As a notary public I am completely qualified* to perform physical examinations for lupus.  Also I have brown hair...and am very sexy.

EXHIBIT #3 - Moderator Sora_theKey

Now unfortunately Sora has delete all possible evidence of my harmless activities on his Formspring account because he supports the notion that they are lewd...despite the fact that he is a pillow fucker. I will however transcribe a PM between the two of us...because that ISN'T a violation of the privacy rules on Whiskey Media.

Sora: Roundtable #4 has been posted: http://www.animevice.com/forums/general-discussion/1/avs-roundtable-user-discussion-004-american-influence/325329/#1
Me: So Geo that means you have some free time right? I mean what are you planning on doing tonight?
Sora: I was planning on sleeping... Why? *skeptical*
Me: What do you wear when you sleep?
Sora: Dude get in the cold shower!
Me: This is how I feel [right] now Geo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ioTGvOzifkw&feature=player_embedded
Sora: "Ugh" is right! 

As you can see I simply asking Sora what he was doing and directed him to a hilarious Dragon Age: Awakening dialogue clip. Harmless.

Well I believe I rest my case. I will continue to advocate for the banning of users that call me names that are woefully unwarranted.
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