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As I write this blog I have gitten druen on Irish and Scotch whiskey. Even though I am drunk I have enough common snense to realise this was a miskate. I should be using spell checkert on Mozilla but I am not.This reminds me of the time when  watched Elfne Leid drunk. Funny Story. Also I watched that depresing anime qwith that ribit girl that made the world go boom drunk wuth the Presiednt (I should captialize President) . I will probably rmember nothinhg of this blog. I post this on anime Vice out of fear that if I posted this on Giant Bomb MB would pin this on the Newset Topic and Genral Discussion thread. Now that I think of this I should do that. I'm really drunk....I now understand MattyFTM's blog and concern.aS i type this I do the giddy drunken giddy laugh. 
  • I really shouldn't be blogging at 2;00 am.
  • If Newten or Firefoxx pin this thread I may kill myslef...for realizies guys.
  • Maybe no one will read this blog. that would be good
  • Hopefully MB or Hamz will Pin my GB version of this thread. O fthe Mods of Anime Vice are reading this Don't embarrses
  • What Am I talking about...I already embarrass me.
  • I'm drunk
  • I laugh as I type the previous statement
  • I was onbe of the top bloggers on anime Vice last Month...Make it happen Community
  • Coonce and ethan...don't read this please.
  • If I comment on this thread I will remember nothings.
  • I have to pee right now...I tried to use water as a cahser..currently pay ing the price
  • I should have used my rommates poweraid as a chaser...
  • No really Anime Vice Mods if you promote this thread I will kill you.
  • Previous statement is not a challenge mods.
  • I alreadyy feel bad.
  • Please don't actually comment on this thread
  • I love my life despite its errors and flaws.
  • I'm totally not going to class.
  • Feeling it...Feeeling the inklings of throwing up
  • The liqour store was closed...WHY!!!
  • I rgret drinking this much
  • I blame my roomates for convincing me to drink as much as I did.
  • II love my life
  • I  am going to attach this blog to appropriate threads
  • I feel like it is sleep time.
  • Roomates warning me this will only embarass forever..they make sense.
  • This blog post. Depilbertae? Yes! Hapinnes is at 100%. No one can beat 100%.
  • Almost 3:00, I need to go to bed.
  • I must remmeber to rporgam my clock to wake me up by 9:00
  • No regrets despite prevous staements
  • Firefixx if you showcase this t=n the Starlet I will kill you. tHAT is a threat duder1
  • Tiredness has gotten the bestt of me.
  • Anime Vice need more attention you guys on thsi site are wonderful. If you want I will post more Japanese based News of the Weird posts.
  • I am 25% Japanese...Still not a fan of Anime.
  • Mods Pkease lock this...technically this is spam, right?
  • Clannad was spoiled ofr me due to making wiki eidts...Whay epople find the ending a coch teas is beyond me. You claerly never paye dthe video game version
  • I don;;t like blood due to me being squeamish...I have list for taht.
Bedtime. I hope you enjoyed this blog God bless you
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