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HELLO EVERYONE HOW ARE YOU TODAY? Well as the title suggests I'm about to do a batch of content for this wonderful site to enjoy. Yes the return of drunk blog is drawing near! Last time I did this my choice of poison was criticized. To avoid such embarrasement I have decided that I up my drinking game. If you want to know I'm actually hanging out with my parents this weekend and am enjoying a nice batch of drinks with them. Possible awkwardness? Not really my parents are fun and when I told them about what I do on this site they thought it was hilarious. Anyhoodles my dad was given this very unusual tequilla that I thought I'd show you. It's in the shape of a mandelin and is black:

IT'S AS BLACK AS MOLASSES! Also I have some Sierra Nevada to round everything out. Instead of slowly introducing alchohol I'm just going full speed ahead drunk from the get go. As you can probably tell I'm slightly tippsy but not completely wasted. Trust me when I say this shall be remedied. 
The anime I'm going to watch is The High School of the Dead after a series of unfortunate events. If you want a live feed of my thoughts as I do this experiement check out my twitter account which is GiantBombSquad. Anwyays I'm not going to spoil the blogs and post them on the forums. Hopefully I can convince the staff to post my filth as articles and I'll become the Lester Bangs of anime criticism! I doubt that but who knows. Anyways this is me signing off until latter...much latter if I get a hangover. Oh yeah the booze is stating to hit me now.
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