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I don't know why but this question crossed my mind recently and I haven't been able to shake it out of my head since. So yeah do you think there's some sort of a players union? For Gyms there has to be some sort of union. They'd have to be organized and certified for them to be a stepping stone before you enter the Pokemon league. The whole thing about earning badges makes it seem like it is a pretty official thing. But does that mean that Gym Leaders have some sort of a tenure system that prevents them from losing their jobs in light of being defeated by plucky little kids? Are they nominated by some sort of a body or union? If there are unions do you think their are OSHA Standards for Pokemon trainers? Like if there is an accepted age when people leave home to become Pokemon trainers there has to be someone or something that sets that minimum age, right? And there have to be standards for how Pokemon are treated that shit has come up multiple times on the show. I mean they already have socialized medicine in the Pokemon world so unions and player/Pokemon health and safety standards as well as regulation bodies would be that much of a stretch, right? Right?

So is the disappearance of Jimmy Koffing soon after his meeting with Team Rocket somehow related? Does Ash's Pikachu have to worry about getting disqualified or losing advertisements deals after being photographed eating Ash's pot brownies? Why would anyone care about doping in the Pokemon world when there's all that shit like X-Seed or Rare Candy? Do we have to worry about the 2011 Pokemon season getting cancelled because Professor Stern couldn't negotiate better player conditions because he's incapable of negotiating?

Oh my God...my brain is imploding on itself.

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