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HELLO EVERYONE HOW ARE YOU TODAY? Well as the title suggests I'm about to do a batch of content for this wonderful site to enjoy. Yes the return of drunk blog is drawing near! Last time I did this my choice of poison was criticized. To avoid such embarrasement I have decided that I up my drinking game. If you want to know I'm actually hanging out with my parents this weekend and am enjoying a nice batch of drinks with them. Possible awkwardness? Not really my parents are fun and when I told them about what I do on this site they thought it was hilarious. Anyhoodles my dad was given this very unusual tequilla that I thought I'd show you. It's in the shape of a mandelin and is black:

IT'S AS BLACK AS MOLASSES! Also I have some Sierra Nevada to round everything out. Instead of slowly introducing alchohol I'm just going full speed ahead drunk from the get go. As you can probably tell I'm slightly tippsy but not completely wasted. Trust me when I say this shall be remedied. 
The anime I'm going to watch is The High School of the Dead after a series of unfortunate events. If you want a live feed of my thoughts as I do this experiement check out my twitter account which is GiantBombSquad. Anwyays I'm not going to spoil the blogs and post them on the forums. Hopefully I can convince the staff to post my filth as articles and I'll become the Lester Bangs of anime criticism! I doubt that but who knows. Anyways this is me signing off until latter...much latter if I get a hangover. Oh yeah the booze is stating to hit me now.
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Hey everyone! Every now and again I'll come up with a good blog topic that has nothing to do with anime...yes this is true. Now I have decided to make it a series seeing how other users are structuring their blog topics like this. The main topic for today? The wiki for all Whiskey Media sites! Now as you may or may not be aware of making wiki edits is somewhat messed up right. People aren't getting credit for their edits...people getting multiple notifications for single edits... and general buginess. The engineers are all aware of these problems and don't hide the fact that they have a triage system in place in dealing with these bugs. 
Now I have some very exciting news to present to not only the Anime Vice community but every community a part of Whiskey Media. In a recent forum topic discussing the recent issue of people not being rewarded points for their wiki edits Dave Snider provided this extremely re-assuring comment: 

Wikid, our internal platform for powering our wikis will be getting a complete rewrite this year. With it will come a more consistent scoring system, full histories and a host of other changes. Hang in there. In the meantime, anytime you notice scoring problems please send a twitter note to either myself @enemykite or andy @andymccurdy. Thanks duders. 

 My response?  Was this:

So yeah...that's awesome. Also I want to just say that Wiki History will make my job a lot easier. So look for that in the near future!
Other than that? As fellow mod Sweep has pointed out if you ever wanted to understand what it is like being a forum moderator for a video game website just watch this video: 
I think that Muammar Gaddafi looks like Snoopy...and want to remind anyone who wants to be a mod that Wiki moderation is dangerous stuff. Also for some reason my drunk blog is still getting new comments and views. At this point that blog is over a month old so I find that really unusual, but also it reminds me that I should probably write one of those for my next article for Anime Vice...yeah. 
Next I want to address something else. As you may or may not be aware of I am now on the auto-follow list for Anime Vice. Partially due to the fact that I'm a Guest Author, but also because apparently my blogs are popular and followed. So I end this blog with this question: What is your problem? I entered this site wanting to see how far I could push your buttons, and now you actually like it? BAH!
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Anyone notice a resemblance? 
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Local business television commercials are usually terrible. The special effects for such commercials are usually laughably bad. However over the course of human events there are standouts that are truly memorable and worth championing. Blue Tax - Tax Relief & Tax Help normally should be decried for being a collection of frauds and financial vultures but their commercials paint a different picture. Instead they should be championed for paving the future of western CG animation:
Oh but Blue Tax's regain of terror doesn't stop here. That fat headed monstrosity has a name and has now become the mascot of Blue Tax. Its name is Max (rhymes with tax...get it?) Anyways Max is about as appealing as a piles of manure get, but Blue Tax thinks otherwise. They have been advertising using their CG mascot more and more and I can't help but cry a little inside. 
If you wanted a personal update I didn't get drunk on St. Patrick's Day. I know all of you were hoping for a drunk blog or something of that sort soon but don't fret there's always the weekend to induce handovers and liver failure! I'm slowly but surely commiting myself to watching High School of the Dead drunk even though I have a major problem with blood and gore.
Also I'm pretty sure I'm on the auto-follow list for Anime Vice...for reasons that behoove my wildest comprehension. All I know is that the rate of which I am now getting PMs to inform me that I have new followers is not happening at a rate normal for someone like myself that writes about anime semi-regularly.
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Wiki Moderation is a thankless job across all of the Whiskey Media sites, and I would know. The monotony of trying to make sure that every bit of content is original and not plagiarized isn't exactly the most exciting thing you can do on Comic Vine, Anime Vice, Giant Bomb or Screened. However sometimes over the course of human events something weird happens. Case and point this interesting picture. The backstory is that I submitted a couple of sentences into Google to make sure they weren't plagiarized and this is what I got as the top results: 

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