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This will only lead to terrible and meta things. So meta it blows any Wes Craven movie out of the water. I'm almost completely sure this is some sort of glitch that is going to get addressed soon by the engineers. Regardless the new Anime Vice looks nice. Beyond that I have been doing manual labor as a summer job and hopefully I can visit the Whiskey Media Offices if I have the time this summer. Hell I know the odd side of the piers in S.F. pretty well seeing how I've been to Embarcadero so many times. I've also been on the Anime Vice turntable.fm room...sometimes I'm the mod...yeah. Being the sideways person I am when I DJ on any turntable room I just play John Cage's 4'33'' wondering if anyone get's the joke.

Anyways that's about it. I'll see you guys and gals another day or night.

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So as you may have noticed Anime Vice has been given the same new updated skin that the other Whiskey media sites got. Overall things haven't been extremely changed up. The one exception being the front page video page. Here are just a few things I have discovered about the latest revision that has bee deployed by the fine folks of the Whiskey Media engineering team.

Quick Tips

  • You can make the comments section reappear by simply selecting and clicking the "Comments" button.
  • Whatever Anime that has frontpage status has the advantage of having the "Dig Deeper into..." box being right there. The Dig Deeper box is there to encourage users to edit the wiki of that anime, create new forum topics, add images, or check to see if there are other videos related to the anime. It's a good way to bring some attention to the forms and wiki of whatever is on the frontpage.
  • For subscribers you have the ability to "embiggen" videos, download them, and create an HTML theater as long as your browser supports H.264
  • Use the Twitter and Facebook buttons. No really you have no idea how much traffic you create when you simply Twitter videos you like. It's one of the easiest ways to show your support for Anime Vice or any Whiskey Media Site.
  • Not a fan of videos auto playing when they complete? Just hit the "AUTO" button on the "Playing Next" tab on the right hand side of the video you are watching.
The Empty Circle Means a New Video WILL NOT Automatically Play Once Your Current Video Has Finished.
The Empty Circle Means a New Video WILL NOT Automatically Play Once Your Current Video Has Finished.
  • The "Random" button when watching videos is just that it plays any random video on Anime Vice. However you always see the default image of the next video you are about to view after your current video if you select the "Random" button and clicking it will queue up a different video if you don't want to see that particular video.
  • How do you get your stuff on the "Rad Stuff Made By Our Community" tab? Make something awesome and contact the same people you did when trying to get on the frontpage with the previous version; those people being Ethan & Daniel in particular. Reviews as well as blogs go here. Articles however will continue to be featured on the "Latest Stories" tab.
  • For articles I still personally find the "Grid View" easier to read and less cluttered than the "Headliner" view:
  • The "Get Started With Anime" is a new and improved anime Guide Directory.
  • In the "Videos" page you'll notice that you can easily search for videos. The video search engine is right under the "Recent Videos" directory which divides all the videos hosted on Anime Vice into categories. This directory is right below the featured video of the site. Right below the Directory is the video Search Engine. Here's a picture if you still can't find it:
The Video Directory and Video Search are Highlighted in red.
The Video Directory and Video Search are Highlighted in red.

So that's what I have discovered if you have any tips or tricks related to the face lift then feel free to post them here!

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And this isn't a new thing. There are literally thousands of videos on YouTube of people autotuning their animals (yo I guess people like animal videos that prove a point right?). But this one is probably the cutest:

You know I'm not one of those guys that's going to say that autotune is ruining music. Personally I actually like the sound of autotune in party music when I'm incredibly drunk, because that's the only conceivable way to enjoy party music in my opinion...man I can't stand party music. Where was I going with this? Oh yeah fellow mod Sweep got a pet kitten and this is what it looks like. It is a he by the way. He found out when his vet told him "I can feel his testicles!":

Cute animals are everywhere! What am I to do? Eh. Cats are all fun and games until they start pissing all over the place.

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Wordle is an interesting little application you can run on your computer. What you do is copy and paste a large body of text and creates a keyword cloud of that text. Words that are used more often than others appear larger. In this example I have removed all common words such as "the" as well as "and," because that would make the text cloud harder to read. Also the fun thing about Wordle is that you can customize the font and colors to your pleasing. That said I have always preferred sans serif fonts on Wordle over the alternatives...they just look better. Also I don't like Wordles with black backgrounds. Then again I use the white versions of every Whiskey media site (this one included) so maybe I'm just weird. For a good Wordle on a balck background check out the Wordle for the U.S. Constitution. Wow...I'm using the word "Wordle" as an adjective more than I feel comfortable with.

MOVING ON! So here is a half a dozen Wordles (damn it I did it again) of the more popular and detailed character pages on Anime Vice (some are better than others) for your enjoyment and speculation. Also feel free to use Wordle to turn any wiki entries into curious works of "art":


Available here.

Monkey D. Luffy

Available here.

Naruto Uzumaki

Available here.

Ash Ketchum

Available here.

Ichigo Kurosaki

Available here.

Kallen Kozuki

Available here. 
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Right now I am testing the new image and text editor on Giant Bomb. Right now this is what it is planned to look like across all Whiskey media sites:
Here are some notes for you guys to think about:
  • contenteditable, which are now using for our new editor isn't supported in iOS Safari, Opera Mini/Mobile or any version of Android
  • You will no longer be able to insert pictures or videos in spoilers. All spoiler tabs that are functional will continue to be functional even when the update rolls out. You simply will not be able to create the old spoiler tabs anymore.
  • We are going to start using paragraphs instead of linebreaks.
  •  Block level elements can only be inserted at the top level (with the exception of inserting into tables or lists). This means you can't insert an image into the middle of a paragraph, it will automatically be inserted before that paragraph.
  • All extraneous whitespace will be removed (extra linebreaks between paragraphs, extra spaces before/after content.
  • You will be able to move all inserted block level elements up and down a page. for example, after inserting an image you can move it below the next paragraph, or above the previous paragraph.
  • You will still be able to horizontally position (left, center, right) inserted images but the process is more seamless.  
  • You can now insert any of your user created lists seamlessly into your topics or form posts. Hence the new "List" button
  • When creating a table you are prompted how many columns and how many rows you want and then a table is immediately created for you. You can still add and edit this table as you see fit as well as turn off border or headers as you please. The prompts for tables look like this:
  • Nothing is set in stone.
If there's anything you would like me to test please feel free to ask. Mods feel free to talk about how things are working on your side of things.
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