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That's right Bryan MOTHERFUCKING Cranston use to be a second rate animation voice actor during the dark days of English dubs. It has been, how do I say this, well documented that the English dubs for everything anime during the 80's and 90's were...less than satisfactory. The most common excuse was to blame executive meddling with the source material, but hot damn did the actors sound as if they couldn't care less about what they were reading off. This is turn has led to the assessment that most actors who were involved in dubbing during this time lacked...well acting skills.

As to why this was the case most anime fans blame unskilled or untalented actors unfamiliar with the medium during the 1990's with a few exceptions here and there. Maybe that's the case here. I don't really care. What I care about is that Walter motherfucking White is in anime. That's right the bald meth making menace is voicing a cocky full of himself Macross pilot. Oh yeah and to any who wish to say that Bryan Cranston lacks talent he is the one who knocks:


Beyond these curiosities here's the list of all of Bryan Cranston's voice acting credits for anime dubbing:

YearMovie or Television TitleRole
1987Royal Space Force: The Wing of HonneamiseMatti Tohn
1987Ramayana: The Legend of Prince RamaRam
1993MoldiverAdditional Voices
1993Super Dimension Century Orguss 02Imperial Officer
1994Armitage IIIEddie Borrows
1994Macross Plus: International EditionIsamu Alva Dyson
1994Tekkaman BladeSgt. Miles O'Rourke
1997Armitage III: Poly-MatrixEddie Borrows
For FunsiesMighty Morphin Power RangersSnizard and Twinman

So yeah...that happened. Why doesn't anyone know about this? Well it turns out that Mr. Cranston operated under the stage name "Lee Stone" whenever he did voice work for anime. Not that he didn't want anyone to be able to tie his career to his voice work it's just what his agent told him to do it at the time. But MAN is this disorienting! Maybe there's something to this voice acting thing that most people like myself overlook. I mean Bryan Cranston has won three Emmy Awards consecutively. The only other actor to replicate this feat is Bill Cosby. In fact after you win three Emmy Awards consecutively you are disqualified from further awards for that same performance. That's right Bryan Cranston is so good the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences disqualified him from further awards for a whole year.

Did I mention that Breaking Bad is a fucking amazing show?

Well it doesn't seem like my brain has imploded on itself. I mean it's not like Bryan Cranston played a lovable father in a family friendly sitcom.

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He wins the award for most sarcastically passive aggressive governor in the entire United States:

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J-List is a weird weird fucking place, and the people who know what I'm talking about...know what I'm talking about. I swear I only check the site every blue moon but every time I do I lose a little bit of faith in humanity. Anyways onto my second point! Anime themed mouse-pads can be really really wrong, and the people who know what I'm talking about...know what I'm talking about. Now anime themed mouse pads usually coincide with big releases or productions people are excited about. So Tiger & Bunny is popular right? And people would like creepy mouse pads for the characters of Tiger & Bunny correct?

So a couple of things. This thing is "sculpted" so you can play grab ass on Kotetsu as much as you heart desires. Secondly it's $95 which should come as no surprise because J-List is not about affordable prices...it's about cutting the middle man and shipping anime related merchandise to the States.Anywhoodles if you actually wanted to BUY this...piece of art then I have the link.

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No I know a lot of you have wonder about if Anime Vice made music what genre of music would make. Now your question has been answered! Many thanks to Psycosis from Giant Bomb for finding this musical group:

As if that wasn't hilarious enough the Production studio that Anami Vice works with is called Whiskaye Films.... Is this a funny coincidence? Ethan's attempt to make Anime Vice viral to increase profits? Or is it Anime Vice's version of Game Bomb? I go with the Game Bomb theory.

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Dr. Pepper is a weird soft drink. Legally it isn't a "cola," and instead is apart of the "pepper" category of soft drinks due to its hard to explain and unique taste. Dr. Pepper like Miracle Whip prides itself on its uniqueness in its marketing and branding. However that unique flavor has come at a cost for its distributors (usually Coca Cola) where it just doesn't sell all that well overseas. In Asian market in particular Dr. Pepper isn't that popular meaning that it is a rare beverage to come by in Southeast Asia and only reasonably available in South Korea and Japan. That said it still struggles amidst a great amount of competition in Japan.

So in comes Steins;Gate with a very visible beverage called "DK Pepper!" Oddly enough DK Pepper is NOT a form of product placement. The name "DK Pepper" was purposefully titled that to avoiding copyright infringement suits. Despite this fans of the Steins;Gate games and now the anime are buying the beverage as seen on the Amazon.jp recommend products tab with the connect between the two rather clear:

All of the Non-Dr. Pepper Stuff is Steins;Gate Related
All of the Non-Dr. Pepper Stuff is Steins;Gate Related
Regular Ass Dr. Pepper (Top Result) is Now Sold Out
Regular Ass Dr. Pepper (Top Result) is Now Sold Out

It's not just Amazon.jp that's seeing this. Kotaku and Japanator are reporting that Dr. Pepper is selling better in Japan thanks to the show. So how do fans of the show feel about this newly discovered beverage? It's good but takes some getting use to.

So where does this place our new anime originally based on an Xbox 360 exclusive text adventure? Oddly enough it is making an impact in markets some never even anticipated.

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