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As some of you may be aware I LOVE Conservapedia "The Trustworthy Encyclopedia." In fact I think I have gone on the record multiple times on saying that Conservapedia is one of the greatest webites on the internet. Imean how can you read this and not laugh:
 Well I'm SORRY for thinking Underwear is Everyday Clothing!
 Well I'm SORRY for thinking Underwear is Everyday Clothing!
This time they have shown that even baseball isn't capable of avoiding political manipulation:
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As if Californian politics couldn't have gotten any weirder...it seems that the staff for Meg Whitman's Twitter have committed a hilarious gaffe involving cosplayers. Recently in attacking her major opponent Jerry Brown for being soft on crime her staff posted this as her official Twitter post:

The problem is that the link they provided directed users to this video:
  Yup...that's pretty hilarious.
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 Best name for a political party ever. Also the guy running for Governor of NY for the party has the best facial hair I have ever seen from a modern American politician ever. This is legendary:
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Dude guys really?

I realize other game sites are on TV and tropes but still...this is crazy....
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