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Anime and Concepts I Intend to Write Blogs About
I am by no means an expert on anime. However after being asked to become a Guest Author on Anime Vice at least a hundred blog ideas crossed my mind when I took the time to think about what I could do. However ideas are kind of like dreams in that if you don't write them down when they first cross your mind you'll probably lose them forever. So this list is here to remind me of any good ideas I have thought about but haven't yet written out in blog form.
And no I'm not taking suggestions for Drunk Blog. I seriously need to space those out better. Otherwise I'll become an alcoholic. Really Anime Vice I love you like a cousin but I'm not getting cirrhosis of the liver just to entertain you.
1. Eden of The East

This blog would be titled "I Don't Like Good Things" or "A Contrarian Opinion," where I voice why I don't like a beloved anime series. At first I thought about writing a review of why I didn't like Eden of the East but I feel like my emotions are better suited in the form of a blog.

2. Summer Wars

Same as the above. Summer Wars didn't sit well with me. It was too jittery and lack a certain level of brevity that I felt was genuine. Far less scathing than my opinion about Eden of the East.

3. Ghost in the Shell

I would like to write a blog about the importance of William Gibson's book Neuromancer and how it influenced Ghost in the Shell. William Gibson did create the cyberpunk genre after all...he deserves some credit.


I should probably write something about my blood phobia. You know so is that people don't just think that I'm some intolerant asshole or old fart when I complain that an anime has "too much blood" in it.

takashichea moderator on Aug. 23, 2011 at 7:16 p.m.

Where are your drunk blog topics on this list?

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