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Oh gosh I posted anime captions and someone immeaditly looked at my wall....*gleams*
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Ok got this idea a couple days ago.  My favorite type of anime is what I like to call mind-fuck anime.  Anime that takes your brain out beats it up and then puts it back in.  Anime that opens you up to new ways of thinking, that you hadn't thought about before, or puts into words something you knew but didn't know you knew.  In an effort to bring back the popularity of this type of anime, and perhaps stop the flood of moe into the American market, I am going to be covering the best anime of this type from the past, rewatching many of them and explaining them here.  The first one I am going to tackle is the grand daddy of all mind fuck anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion.  Everyone likes to talk about how terrible the ending to this show was how hard it was to understand and honestly I didn't find it that way.  Now I didn't watch the movies as I found the ending of the show itself to be satisfying.  I am going to rewatch this over the next month or so, and post here explanations of the episodes as I go along.  Some episodes I will be lumping together some I will be talking about just one episode at a time.  The last episode may even go over more than one post.
I should also say I have not read anyone elses explanations of the show, this will be all my interpretation.  
So if you want to have eva explained, if you like anime that makes you go huh, then come back to this space and lets talk!  I will try to update this resonably regularly but I am not gong to commit to a post a day.  Amazingly, I do have a life outside of anime ;).
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