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So been watching angel beats a bit now and all most done with it, and it got me started thinking about what seems a perennial problem with anime. Either it is to long and ends up having a lot of useless filler (take any shonen anime) or it seems to be rushed either in one part or overall. C for example REALLY needed another season..I mean you are making metaphors about economics and economic down turns think you can do that in 12 episodes? Angel Beats suffers from the same problem. An interesting world some interesting characters with interesting problems..all solved to quickly. Yui for example has an incredibly moving story when you here all of it..but you hear about it and it is resolved the last fifteen minutes or so of one episode. This makes what could have incredibly effecting much less so especially when you combine it with the natural humor that her character always creates. It made me wonder as I finished up the show if it was based on a manga that took this more slowly. But that seems not to be the case. I could through in my favorite show (see my avatar) as an example of a show that is to short only in that it leaves you wanting more...though once you figure out the show you know it would just be more of the same and the repetition probably wouldn't work. But I expect that has gotten old I won't.

Still any other shows people can think of that suffer from the, this really needed to be longer?

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Ah eva how I missed you!  There is a great guide on this site about this show so I'm not going to do much introduction here.  The guide can be found here.
So lets dive right in shall we?  First the opening.  Unlike many other shows the opening song on this show not only fits the show but the animation gives several hints about the show itself.  That strange looking creature with the tentacles, the strange diagram looking thing with the circles and the lines?  Oh yes these are important very important.  If you recognize them then move yourself to the front of the class ((you well educated person in jewish and christian theology)) yup thats right these are christian symbols though not the most commonly recognizable ones.  Oddly unlike a lot of anime shows they actually get the Christianity here mostly right, by the end, though I'm still looking for giant robots in the bible haven't found them yet...
But more on that later (and no spoiling things in comments) we will come back to those and what they are and what they mean at a later date, several probably actually...
The first episode is your general standard setup episode.  Some people found the humor from Misato unnerving but I thought it showed well how people will always be people even in the most extreme circumstances we still crack jokes we still worry about our car and how many payments we have left on it.  Yes that was a nuclear explosion they survived no I don't know how far away they were and I expect it was a low power nuke of some sort but the point here was that the angels can not be destroyed by conventional weapons only the evas.
Shinji..ah shinji.  Either you are going to empathize with shinji or you are going to what to throw him up against a wall and beat the snot out of him.  I am able to empathize with him myself.  In fact I think it is a good example of what being a teenager and being told you are the only one who can save the world and having to do it without training would actually be like.  I don't think many people would be strong enough NOT to break down in that situation.  Shinjis dad is a jerk no way around that one, the telling line here is when he says that "another spare will be delivered soon"  The other characters we don't meet all that much yet more on them will be coming as we go along.
Inside the eva I thought was always a cool sequence, trying to teach him how to walk in a battlefield situation.  The alignment of the waves is also very important.  Again don't want to spoil things but they should look somewhat familiar...think of them in 2 rather than 3d.  The most important line in the show though is delivered near the end and is very easy to miss.  Misato tells shinji as he is deciding to pilot the eva or not "you have to face your father, you have to face yourself"  This is an incredibly important line, remember it.
On to episode 2 where the craziness begins!  This epsiode starts slow which I thought was a cool idea since it keeps you on the edge of your seat as you wait to find out what actually happened.  The tile here and how it was used I thought was very well done.  With everything else around him being so strange focusing on how even something as normal  as the ceiling was different was a good touch. 
What he saw inside the machine and what actually happened in the fight is the meat of this episode however, not to much is revealed yet but if you think about it I expect you can make some conclusions.  The waves were reversing right before he attacked, and we did see the machine move on its own in the first episode...
As far as I can tell the plug is not located inside the head cavity so when the head fell off it could very well have fallen beside him and the eye been at his level.  Of course where he saw the head from is not the most important thing here but what it potentially represents.
One more thing.  The scientist refers to the eva as a berzerker.  My dictionary defines this as an early norse warrior known for ferocity in battle.  Berzerks however were also know to almost enter a trance before battle.....and is said to have lead to a feebleness of mind that could last several days after-wards..sound familiar?
Well that's enough for today buckle up and come back later this week for more eva goodness!  Do be sure to buckle up though it is going to be a wild ride!
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One other thing I am going to do with this blog is talk about shows that fit the mind fuck mold and suggest what you should watch.  If you have not seen Le Chevalior De'on and you like these kind of shows you owe it to yourself to check this one out.  By far this is an absolutely wonderful show.  Everything about this show is great, from the artwork, the music and the story...oh my.  What can make the true history of a cross dressing spy even more interesting, how about zombies, how about fights between the old ideals and the new, how about the french revolution?  Next to Haibane-Renmei my favorite show of all time this is the best show I have ever seen. 
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Ok got this idea a couple days ago.  My favorite type of anime is what I like to call mind-fuck anime.  Anime that takes your brain out beats it up and then puts it back in.  Anime that opens you up to new ways of thinking, that you hadn't thought about before, or puts into words something you knew but didn't know you knew.  In an effort to bring back the popularity of this type of anime, and perhaps stop the flood of moe into the American market, I am going to be covering the best anime of this type from the past, rewatching many of them and explaining them here.  The first one I am going to tackle is the grand daddy of all mind fuck anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion.  Everyone likes to talk about how terrible the ending to this show was how hard it was to understand and honestly I didn't find it that way.  Now I didn't watch the movies as I found the ending of the show itself to be satisfying.  I am going to rewatch this over the next month or so, and post here explanations of the episodes as I go along.  Some episodes I will be lumping together some I will be talking about just one episode at a time.  The last episode may even go over more than one post.
I should also say I have not read anyone elses explanations of the show, this will be all my interpretation.  
So if you want to have eva explained, if you like anime that makes you go huh, then come back to this space and lets talk!  I will try to update this resonably regularly but I am not gong to commit to a post a day.  Amazingly, I do have a life outside of anime ;).
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