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Oh gosh I posted anime captions and someone immeaditly looked at my wall....*gleams*
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zaldar commented on No_name_here's article BLEACH Ch. 616 Review.
@FoxxFireArt: True it is a trope after all, but I love things that go beyond the tropes or subvert them. Madoka Magica for example did this very well. Even though I suppose you could say it had dues ex main character ....@Destinyheroknight: I suppose, story and theme are what are most important to me so my tastes run to other things usually.
18 hours, 23 minutes ago
zaldar commented on No_name_here's article BLEACH Ch. 616 Review.
ug Aizen ... sigh ... and yeah bleach is full of duex ex machina. One reason I stopped watching the series except for about every ten or so episodes years ago. Even with the lowered expectations I have for a long running adventure show, this just didn't do it for me. Maybe is age, but really haven't found a shonen anime that I like. Even JoJo got generic in later ...
21 hours, 9 minutes ago
Heh so manga has the chapter and season cliffhangers to? Shouldn't be surprising I suppose, but always interesting to see how the business side interacts with the artistic.
21 hours, 12 minutes ago
@YotaruVegeta: Moving way off topic now but as a scientist much of the bible especially the old testament I see as metaphor. Always seemed rather self centered to me, even as a child to say "we look like God". God quite possibly has larger concerns than just us. Though I call myself a Christian and attend a United Church of Christ church, many would likely call me a deist. But ...
21 hours, 16 minutes ago
Heh just bumped a five year old thread about the series. Ah we should get someone to license them, for academic purposes if nothing else.
21 hours, 19 minutes ago
so bumping an incredibly old thread now, but just found this based on a moderators post. So fifth grade, new girl who liked reading like I did in my class (I also remember her as being attractive but was fifth grade so what does that mean I have no real idea) talked about how she loved the secret garden. To try to get her to like me/date me (though again ...
21 hours, 21 minutes ago
@Dream: Really thanks! Been watching since 97 or so end of high school start of college and started with 80's shows at anime club, but never heard of these. Not at all an expert really (one reason I don't try to moderate or do wiki stuff much - though I really should work on from the new world wiki at some point damn good show more people need to know ...
21 hours, 40 minutes ago
@YotaruVegeta said:@Kino88: Say SHIT.Agreed ... this is not a seven year old friendly site.
1 day, 23 hours ago
@YotaruVegeta: HA! I wondered what kind of response I might get. Granted as a nominal Christian myself (I say nominal due to my scientific training and belief in the bible as metaphor) I agree arguing with the creator of the universe ... not smart. Just if you read closely the amount of human emotions Gods/Devils are given even in "modern" religions (as opposed to Greek and Roman religions as ancient ...
2 days, 3 hours ago
Hmm how I wish I had known about this as I could have given an interesting perspective being a fan since the 90s. Would say largest change is that we have more stuff brought over now, so rather than having the cream of the crop great stuff (eva, Ghost in the Shell, DBZ which is good for its genre) or the cheap exploitative high violence/sex (devil man et all) we ...
2 days, 3 hours ago
Oh hell yes deconstruct the shit that is power rangers now please. DO WANT!!!
3 days, 19 hours ago
I mean ... why does it have to be "made-up fantasy" for angels and demons to have petty squabbles ... I mean the whole Christian duology can be summed up as a petty squabble between Satan and God ...
3 days, 19 hours ago
The age gap being big is the reason it will likely happen ... I mean this is the country that gave us dead or alive after all ...I mean Marie Rose is 18 yeah uh huh ... just like the fact the vampire bund is a 300 year year old vampire so it is ok to lust after her ... yeah .... ... what is the begining of lez bear ...
3 days, 19 hours ago
@HighPriest: Would it not be hilarious though in a "lets change what all 500 previous episodes of this show mean" way if they ended it like that? All 500 innocent people could team up against conan and chase him around the world. and HEY he could go back in time and become Conan the barbarian to come back and fight them!...ok no that would be just stupid.
1 week, 3 days ago
When did yona come out? I get confused on what came out when. For me best had to be Barakamon. Don't have a worst as I don't watch things I don't think I am not going to like. To start a new category, most surprising (and continuing into 2015) had to be Aldonoah Zero - first three episodes are the best and does become somewhat generic after that but keeps ...
1 week, 4 days ago
Tom's face after I admit Psycho-Pass first season is better than Ghost in the Shell movies
1 week, 4 days ago
@EvilMegaCookie: Needs the music from Death Note ...Shaft he's one bad mother - *SHUT YOUR MOUTH* - I'm just talking about shaft. (yes I know I just aged myself ...) say while playing 70's blackploitation music for best results ...
1 week, 4 days ago
Wait wait so his skin only is invisible so you can see his organs and his flowing blood and such .... wow .... that is definitely dark ... I mean metropolis (the only work of his I know what did he have that was not dark?) wasn't all butterflies and light by any means but man ... it certainly was light years away from this.
2 weeks, 1 day ago
I expect this comes from the very Japanese especially after WWII philosophy that any killing is bad even in self defense or revenge so he would be seen as bad more in Japanese culture than in ours. I also don't share your hatred of irresolute endings as I mean life is pretty dang irresolute. These type of endings can be done badly sure but so can resolute ones.The not black ...
2 weeks, 1 day ago
SAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome back hope you are well. I was just about to get on you Kino88 as I thought you were calling Ghost in the Shell 90 harmless camp. Armitage is not nearly as good, but isn't really worse than 90's camp. It would be interesting to see this made though doesn't seem like it would be better than the more creative movie he got made. Which is the best ...
2 weeks, 1 day ago
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