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Oh gosh I posted anime captions and someone immeaditly looked at my wall....*gleams*
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I'm not sure some will hate it because of the second quote disagree maybe (I don't but I know plenty of liberals who do and it is true to an extent that were you end up depends on where you start) but I like shows that I disagree with the central premise on all the time. Death Note for example - which can be seen as being very anti death ...
1 day, 16 hours ago
zaldar commented on AV_Staff's article BLEACH Ch. 609 Review.
I expect there is a religious element here also. It is part of western magical tradition in modern times that you know the true name of something to control it but I think it goes farther back in Japanese mythology in Shinto and such. Not sure will research if time allows - anyone who knows more about eastern religions than I do please feel free to chime in.
1 day, 16 hours ago
So which is rarer though the red bellied tusundre or the yellow haired baddass - someone needs to make a bunch of anime tropes into bird watching names now. Hmm do we have a cowardly sinvely bird for main characters like shinji in Eva ... ?
1 day, 16 hours ago
Hmm I may own this will have to check will watch it along with you if I do or catch up after back at my house after parents. Seen the first few from somewhere and remember it being cute ... wonder if we will get a collection of the manga now in a form less expensive ... I mean 26 years that is a lot of books!
1 day, 16 hours ago
hmmm I get nervous when anyone uses the words male gaze as I have had bad experiences with second wave feminism. This doesn't sound bad though. Not as good as the REAL miasakia (nothing is going to beat princess monokoya or ponyo have not seen wind also rises but do here it is somewhat of a misfire) but this might be interesting. Oddly (given they are incredibly worse than the ...
1 day, 16 hours ago
zaldar commented on AV_Staff's article BLEACH Ch. 608 Review.
Hmm what basis did they have for true black not existing in nature? Sounds a little like the guy that did Hanibai Renmei talking about how many colors the eye can see and getting the science terribly terribly wrong. When artists try to talk about science it usually doesn't go well ... but the night sky I would certainly call pure black.
1 week, 2 days ago
Can't talk about this show much except to say I don't mind worldbuilding and love lore. But then I read ... wheel of time, game of thrones, and such. And if as said above this is only seven episodes in then wow ... I mean yeah people have short attention spans now (though I thought you were better than this Tom ... doing three things at once maybe?) but wow ...
1 week, 2 days ago
I agree only legally streaming shows should be promoted. But wow .... Japan must have some really really good crack ... I mean how else do you come up with this stuff? I read odd crap but nothing this odd....
1 week, 2 days ago
CRYING out for an anime remake.My vote: you beat this?
1 week, 6 days ago
@Fehafare: Shouldn't THIS show mention that if true then? And shouldn't he not be able to say then that he can't disobey orders I mean he specifically says he can't do this. This kind of breaking of world building makes me stop watching a show.
2 weeks, 3 days ago
Pedo Kitty uses lick attack IT IS SUPER KAWAIII!
2 weeks, 3 days ago
Harry potter by far - as it actually had a story that didn't go on forever and get ridiculous (though the ending was bad it wasn't nearly as bad as Naruto) as who would "win" in a fight ... um who cares? The quality of the shows is what matter.
2 weeks, 5 days ago
SERIOUSLY PEOPLE? You are not out for blood on this????? ONCE AGAIN, Tom you are missing what GITS is about. This is a disgusting disservice to the anime which as I said elsewhere was not about pew pew. This is an atrocious waste of code and time and Nexon should be ashamed. I thought at least Marshal would be upset .... sigh.Secondly a more fun Dues Ex??? Are you freaking ...
3 weeks, 6 days ago
Tom tom tom, you are being taken in by the packaging on Ghost in the Shell. The problem is it ISN"T an action adventure crime fighting series or movie. Ghost in the Shell in the movie first or second and ESPECIALLY in the original manga wasn't about the action adventure or the crime fighting. This is a viechle (ug I hate not being able to spell after pulling an all ...
3 weeks, 6 days ago
Sooooo many jokes I could make with your title, but that would be against the spirit of the show and the post as GTS was always more about the ideas than say the oooo naked boobies!!! (Though looking at the opening of the first movie and not realizing it is about her becoming a robot and highlighting the can you be attracted to a robot is she still human you ...
3 weeks, 6 days ago
Since I don't know of any other way to send news to the site or to mods - the new GITS game is going to blow.
1 month ago
Now don't get to excited there Wraith ... Senpai's notice is fickle after all ...I wouldn't say symbiote is simply a nicer word for parasite. At least in biology a symbiote is helpful and not harmful ... exactly how begin the alien forms that seem begin here are remains to be seen I think.
1 month ago
We need a most otakuy thing you have ever done thread ... I mean where else can I talk about watching all of sailor moon in one day in an attempt to get laid ... and failing (to get laid I did watch all of it ... and go wait how does this time travel work by the end).
1 month ago
Ah finally I can see what the girls restroom looks like!(And I apologize in advance for this next one)(No really I do)(But it is what I first thought of when I saw the picture....and I expect I am not the only one)(Just Don't say you haven't been warned)Well someone had to take a very large crap didn't they? But this should be good fish bait at least!
1 month ago
Hmmm..... I don't know I like the big larger ideas does your laptop have a soul ... if you put your brain in a bird would it fly backwards...(name of one of my science fair experiments actually). Still, enjoying the first season of this and glad to see it is continuing to be good.
1 month, 1 week ago
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