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relax! =) catch up with anime
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Marvel Comics Anime Characters !
1. Kitty Pryde

Anime Kitty Pryde!

2. Storm

Anime Ororo Munroe!

3. Rogue

Anime Anna Marie Raven rocks!

4. Wolverine

Anime James Howletts!

5. Charles Xavier
6. Iceman

Bobby Drake!

7. Emma Frost

Anime Emma Frost!

8. Dazzler

Anime Dazzler

9. Black Panther

Anime Black Panther?!

10. Tigra

Anime Tigra?!

11. Wasp

Anime Wasp?!

12. Captain America

Anime Captain America?!

13. Cyclops

Anime Cyclops!

14. Jean Grey

Anime Jean Grey?

15. Beast

Anime Badass Beast!

16. Armor

Anime Armor?!?

17. Carol Danvers
18. Black Cat
19. Iron Maiden
20. Spider-Man
21. Daredevil
22. Thor
23. Spider-Woman
tramport99on March 20, 2012 at 11:21 a.m.

i like them all cuz there cool

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