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Cleaning up the last 200 odd Toriko images and then I will move on to Korras..
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Off-Topic » Death of OBD wiki 2 summer 2012

@Destinyheroknight said:

And why should we care?


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Battles » Thanos vs Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

The video is irrelevant when the databook states that it is 10 million light years tall. And sources online will confirm this, simply google "Gurren lagann 10 million light years" and you will find your answer. Any amount of trying to disprove it will not change what has been stated by the creators.

Didn't know we take some poor choices in artwork over the Word of God now.

I take it by your logic of "artwork supersedes offical statements" then anime Pain from Naruto is a shapeshifter and can have the bones in his face shattered and his eyes gouged out because the artwork potrayed this?

Always remeber that his pain is greater than yours.

yet it was scratched and touched by the Anti Spiral , and the crew felt those attacks.

And your point is what exactly? They formed it from Spiral Energy, it emanates Spiral Energy, and it is the physical manifestation of their Spiral Energy

and TTGL is at Galactus level?

If you had read anything that I posted you would not even need to ask this question.

actually the Anti Spiral was winning and the crew were about to die , but someone had to sacrifice himself in order to prevent that plus a good plot .

They stalemated the Infinity Big Bang Storm but could not overcome its power, unless you consider them holding the attack in their hands for a good length of time before it was intercepted by lazengan is not a feat. Lordgenome realised that destroying himself and turning the Infinity big Bang Story into spiral energy would allow the crew to completely overpower Granzeboma. the fact remains that it can output and tank multi-galaxy level attacks. Something which Thanos can't.

and again with the mindraping thing . they didn't do it by themselves , someone helped them .

Someone? You mean Kamina, one of the main characters who is refrenced in almost every episode after his death?

And yeah it's called their subconsious. It showed they have resistance to mind fucking and illusions. To say otherwise is to downplay the feat. Great resistance? Eh, but good resistance none the less.

that's why they were struggling and about to die when they fought the Anti Spiral and if it wasn't for the other robot which tanked the Anti Spiral attack they would have died . so much for unlimited power.

I clearly stated that their power is only as strong as their resolve, the fact that they were shocked by the Granzeboma's Infinity Big Bang Storms energy reading would obviously have lowered their power oiutput, this is even shown in the show when the spiral meter lowers when they block the attack.

Part of the reason the Anti Spirals are so effective are that they revolve around causing dispair in order to lower the spiral energy output of spiral beings. Lordgenome made the sacrifice in order to bring them back to reality. The fact that Lazengann tanked the Infinity Big Bang Storm and then Hijacked the energy is a feat in itself.

Movie wise after it absorbed the energy left by the drill it transformed into the Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Which was a hundred times larger and made of pure energy.

but TTGL is not Galactus and Galactus destroys that robot. and this battle has been done before , TTGL lost.

Why do you keep putting words in my mouth? At no point did I say the TTGL is like Galactus. I said that a Galaxy sized drill holding the energy equlivant of a big bang would be enough to break his shields when even a weakened Galactus was doing some heavy damage to him from a single blast.

I have also seen battles where Thanos lost to Dark Schneider and quite bad who was then in turn destroyed by the TTGL. Your point is?

after watching how the crew were struggling and suffering to beat the anti spiral , i must say they are simply humans

Yeah, Humans that can create a galaxy sized mech and drill from willpower alone, have probability altering attacks, can time manipulation, matter manipulation, teleportation etc.

Just look at Lordgenome for example, a human himself a few thousand years old fist fighting the Lagann and ripping it to pieces. I guess he was doped up on experimental steroids and some new immortality drug since he is only human after all and should have died long ago and would be unable to match a machine in combat. Not to mention controling the Lazengann without even moving.

Yeah they might as well be crippled.

the video again is clear , now if people continues believing otherwise ,well it's up to them.

So is the statemant from Gainax

If you have a problem believing Gainax when they stated the size of the mech then take it up with them, because nothing you say in regards to its size will change the fact that it will always be 10 million light years tall. No more, no less.

Distort the dimension as much as you want, that is one value that wont change no matter how much you wish it to.

like if that robot were about to do something to someone who can toy with powerful beings in their own realm.

You do realise that what you just described is exactly what the Gurren Lagann did? They entered a sealed dimension of the Anti Spirals and fought the collective consiousness of the Anti Spiral Race inside their own dimension that they created and sealed in order to purge themselves of spiral power.

Have I missed something where Thanos became so strong that he could teleport into rooms moving a few trillion times the speed of light and can match multi galaxy busting power? You seem to believe that Galactus was at full power when he was hitting Thanos in that scan.

I fully understand that Thanos is strong but I see nothing that can keep him in a prolonged battle with something this powerful and broken. when his only course of action is to either try and teleport inside one of the many cockpits that he somehow knows the location of and can do so with extreme pricision when they move at high speeds, or mind fuck them.

Outside of that he can't match it under his own power. he has no hope of dodging its attacks due to its sheer size without teleoprtation, which they can easily bypass thanks to probability altering missiles or time manipulating lasers that can hit him in the past, present and future.

He lacks the durability to take said attacks and his shields wont hold up for long against a Giga Drill Break or being bypassed completely with a probability altering missile.

He lacks the attacking power to damage the Gurren Lagann beyond their ability to repair it easily.

To say he can beat it any other way is to wank his power to levels far beyond anything he has ever shown.

Show him teleporting into a confined space that is moving a few trillion times the speed of light. I will conceed this point. And by confined I mean confined, he is going to have to teleport into Lagann to kill Simon and Nia.

Show him affecting someone with a mindfucking ability from across a few galaxies. I will conceed this point.

If you cant show me either then its clear that Gurren Lagann has more than enough raw power to win.

I guess this will be my last post now, As I see no point to debate with someone who despite correcting and having an offical source disprove to back me up. Still believes and goes so far as to try and say the the databook is wrong that what he say's holds more wind that what the creators of the show say simply based on a image of the Earth.

Always rememeber that no matter how large that Earth may appear, Nagato's pain is much greater than yours

This is just going to go downhill if we continue. Im ending it here, if you have anything relevant to say to my post pm me otherwise I wont be replying. (Why do people insist on replying anyway despite me saying this, I clearly say to pm me..)

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Battles » Thanos vs Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

@Kurohige: At first i thought it was just me only seeing the bad side of the battle forum so to speak, but after looking down a few pages I do notice that a large number of battles have characters from the Comic genre.

I agree with you that one reason can be due to the fact that most people would only see the mainstream anime and not really look further to see what else is out there. I was like this myself when I first started watching anime, but its surprising how much your tastes can change when you try out different styles.

It would also be due to the fact that trying to match 2 characters in an even fight from anime verses is very tough as the power levels between anime vary at extreme levels. Jojo's for example has very broken abilities so its hard to find them a good fight that would not be a stomp on either side. This is the reason I don't make topics myself.

Speaking of Jojo's anime, I have been meaning to watch it but I can't find a good quality version that is subbed, any recomendations? I was casually reading the manga for it on and off, but the version I had was not the greatest translation in the world so I stopped until I could come across something better.

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Battles » Thanos vs Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

@ReiKai: So because I don't agree with your views in my opening post of this topic you call mine absurd, and not only mine but in effect Kurohiges too? The internet has become a horrible place of hate I guess. It was not even directed at you anyway.

SilverGalford questioned the size I corrected him. It was also stated in the databook that it can infact exist in the physical universe.

I am fully aware of what the TTGL can do, and the fact that Lordgenome decided to block and absorb the attack means very little, given that Lazengan is part of the TTGL and they were stalmating the attack regardless, what the couldn't do was exceed the energy output. He block and converted it to "pave the way" for future spiral beings, giving them enough spiral power to exceed the power of the Granzeboma and overcome it.

Simon himself admits that even after absorbing the infinity Big Bang Storm, they were evolving and their power was growing with it.

Even still they held back the energy equlivant of the big bang for a long period of time before it was converted into spiral energy and absorbed by the main body of the TTGL in order to exceed Granzeboma.

Contrary to what you might believe, you are not the only person to have watched TTGL.

I assume you are refering to something like this when you say he can survive a single attack from Galactus

Yeah, Thanos did do a good job of blocking that attack, abite being heavily damaged and Galactus stating himself that a second attack would have more or less ended Thanos.

I wonder myself what a dirll bigger than the Milky Way would do to him when it's power is many times greater than the energy contained in the Infinity Big Bang Storm?

You make out like I condemed Thanos to death, I said myself that he would put up a fight as Thanos has fought with the best of them, I however believe that he will be unable to defeat something like TTGL as easily as teleporting inside the cockpit and taking out the pilots. Given that he does not know where to cockpit is located in the 10 million light years of mass, the entire thing is created from an energy he has never encountered before that the pilots could easily alter and reshape, and that when it moves its can easily traverse a galaxy in well under a second.

If he can teleport into a room no bigger than the bridge of the starship enterprise, which is moving at speeds well in the trillions of times FTL, and having no way of mapping the TTGL or having no knowledge of where the cockpit is located, that would make his feat of teleportation one of the greatest and luckiest I have seen.

I assume he teleports to energy signatures for a precise teleportation anyway. Might be tough for him to do given that the entire Mech is created from the energy of the pilots

If it was as easy as that the Anti Spiral would have done so the second they materialized the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

Need I remind you that Spiral Power fundamentally breaks the laws of reality (Which is why a Spiral Nemesis occurs) allowing the pilots to alter probability, create matter from nothing, and defy all laws of physics and conservation of energy, not to mention tearing holes in space time, dimensional teleportation such as entering the sealed universe of the Anti Spirals, decent time manipulation, speed which would make the Surfer on his board blush and so on and so forth?

Without a gem or the gauntlet itself he will be in for one hell of a fight, which I can't see him winning in all honesty.

My purpose of joining this thread was to make the correction on the size of the TTGL while adding in my brief views on the fight. I have done so, and I have no intention of taking this any further. Besides these threads with comic characters just turn into shitfests nowadays and I had no intention of taking this thread any further than a few posts.

Could not care less nowadays about debating for Marvel/DC character like I would have done not too long ago. This is for anime and manga, as to why there are so many comic vs anime battles on here is beyond me. Maybe I just get on at bad times...

I was never going to debate with you anyway beyond this post here since you take the fun out of the debating part with the way you act towards others. You don't try to understand the view points of others, you just instantly call them a troll or absurd. Shows how little compassion for others you have, when you can't even wait a few posts before insulting what they say.

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Battles » Thanos vs Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

@SilverGalford: It was confirmed in the databook that the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is 10 million light years tall (100 times the size of the milky way).

Hell it's even stated on the wiki present on this very site. At least do a search for these things before you post about how "100% Sure" you are that everyone else is wrong and only you are correct.


The fact that the Anti Spiral lost to them was due to the fact that it could not evolve to a higher level of power as the Anti Spirals had purged their spiral power in order to circumvent the eventual spiral nemisis. Spiral power throught the series was shown to grow with the persons will to win. Hence why the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is nothing more than the manifestation of pure spiral energy.

As for the mind raping, They escaped from an extradimensonal labyrinth that the Anti Spiral trapped their consiousness inside, which is an infinite series of alternate universes.

As for the unlimited power, its made a point in the series that the stronger the resolve of the chartacter the stronger his/her spiral power is and as a result, the stronger he/she is. This is also the reason the Anti Spirals purged their spiral energy, because they realised that if they continued to grow stronger they would bring about the Spiral Nemesis. Spiral Energy is only as strong as their resolve, and by the end their resolve was strong enough to break free from the sea of dispare which convereted used spiral energy into pressure, alter probability and create a galaxy sized mech from nothing. All in all a good days work, given that they are simply "humans".

As for that thread you posted, Galactus is stronger than TTGL in base so there is nothing stopping him from taking them out quickly before they can grow stronger.

I would say Thanos would likely put up a good fight but he cant compete with something of that size and power without a gem or the IG.

I understand where you are coming from but to say he wins with the utter ease you suggest he does is just wrong.

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Battles » Naruto vs Luffy vs Ichigo vs Tsuna

Since when did Senjutsu Chakra give you precognition? It heightens your reflexes, speed and strength and allows you to sense chakra over long distances. At no point did it give him Haki like precognition.

Kurama's Chakra allows him to sense negitive emotions so that does not serve as precognition either, where did you get the idea from that he can predict an attack before it happens.

If you have a scan of him forseeing an attack before it hits him then by all means post away, because clearly I have missed a chapter.

And Naruto has never shown the ability to "Spam" his Bijuu Dama, It has also never shown Multi-Mountain busting destruction so until it blows up an area of that size it's high end mountain level. I will conceed to this of course if you can show me an image of him spamming said attack with ease.

Im not going to say that Luffy will survive a direct hit from one as I would be lying to myself, but if Naruto, a physically weaker character (Comperable in strength currently) can move and defect Bijuu Dama's with a kick, I see no reason why Luffy, thanks to his Gomu Gomu no Mi, can't replicate this by slingshotting it into the air or off to the side. My only qualm about this tactic is would he be quick enough to act.

The gap in power between these guys is not as large as some people make it out to be, The only thing that Naruto has that put's him ahead of the pack is his Bijuu Dama, without that he goes back to being much weaker overall than the rest of them as Luffy and Ichigo have a much higher level of damage output than him, not to mention being a degree faster and more durable.

I know nothing about Tsuna as KHR never grabbed my attention, but assuming what people say is true my ranking would be

Tsuna -- Ichigo (Post Dangai, he could be lower than this currently but I will keep it like this till we get more information) -- Luffy -- Naruto

The reason I put Luffy ahead of Naruto is simple, the only thing that can put him ahead of Luffy can only be used sparingly (Until shown otherwise) and is only accessable during his 5 minute window, Neither Luffy or Ichigo have such limitations on their power and can consistently output high damage at a very fast pace, once Naruto comes out of his cloak he is getting beat down. With that said the gap between Naruto and Luffy thanks to the Bijuu Dama in this ranking is very small indeed.

What I dont understand is why people casually put Ichigo above Naruto. Everyone says "Luffys not gonna survive a Bijuu Dama", Thats true, he cant but neither can Ichigo. His durability threshold does not exceed High Town - Low City level, so a mountain buster is gonna mess him up too. He is not so fast that he can avoid one either If you are going to rank them according to damage output and durability the do it correctly as neither Luffy nor Ichigo is surviving a Bijuu Dama.

Some will say that ranged strikes will destroy the Bijuu Dama before its fired, yeah thats true. But both Ichigo and Luffy are more than capable of not even allowing Naruto the time or concentration required to form a complex attack that requires an exact 8:2 ratio else it detonates in his face by spamming Gattling/Storm or Getsuga Tensho at Naruto and forcing him to keep moving.

Kage Level Clones? Yeah thats great, but Ichigo and Luffy can easily put them down as they dont have the durability to tank any of their attacks, At a base they are still shadow clones. They are going down from one good hit, which Luffy or Ichigo can do with a punch or sword swing.

And once again if you have scans to prove that Naruto while under heavy continuous fire can form something as complex as a Bijuu Dama then please post them.

As I said before, I know nothing about Tsuna so I can't comment on a victor. I also dont intend to reply to anyone via the thread here as I will be busy for a good few days and I dont plan on bringing back a dead thread so to speak, so if you are going to reply to me do so through a PM and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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Just Anime » How gruesome is Hellsing?

@MarioRedfield: Sometimes the scenes blur up (Mostly because of action, nothing to do with censorship) so I just took 2 different fights and got a few screen shots from each. Mind you there are many more fights like these, but they just stick out most in my mind. These should also be about as high a quality as you can find (But dont hold me to this lol), since these are from the blu-ray.

From left to right in the order they appear. (Episodes 3 & 7)

When the guy's face is taken off by a vampire, that is during episode 7 when Seras kills Zorin Blitz. The battle is so bloody that her uniform changes colour from yellow to red.

The first 7 images are from episode 3 when Alucard gets attacked by a SWAT team in the hotel. During the first 2 images he is shot to hell, after that he butchers the SWAT team.

The final image is parts of Zorins head after Seras was grinding it up against the wall. I should have taken the screenshot a second before so it would look better but I only just realised myself.

Sorry if these are a bit too bloody or hardcore for you. They dont appear as bad as Elfen Lied but I attribute that to the appearance of the blood in both shows, and as you can see above Hellsing Ultimate loves to make its blood stand out.

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Just Anime » How gruesome is Hellsing?

@MarioRedfield: It's no hassle on my part, just need to go through the episodes and get the good screenshots.

If you want a few I can get some of the more gory scenes that I can recall just so you can see the difference.

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Just Anime » How gruesome is Hellsing?

Ultimate is much worse than Elfen Lied in my opinion.

I could get some screen shots if you want a taster, but it might take me an hour or so.

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Off-Topic » Debunking the Wank: Comic Feat Fact Check

I agree with , this should be on Comicvine. Let them look at it and see if you are correct.

Besides if it's as you say, and we all get our information for sites like that, why then would you come here and try to "debunk" all of this when you could just go to the source of the problems and spread the word there? It would be much more effective that way as the chance of it spreading from a site that is aimed at anime and manga fans is slim at best.

Could it be because you somehow feel that "because this is an anime site they wont know any better than to question me". Which would leave me to question the validity of your claims.

Bring this to Comicvine, if they feel its ok then good for you. As Destinyheroknight said this is for anime and manga, and this has nothing to do with either.

Post it in off-topic if anything, but you should really bring it to Comicvine if you want to sort it out.

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Battles » Starrk runs a Shichibukai gauntlet

Its fine, no hard feelings my good man. (^_^)

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Battles » Starrk runs a Shichibukai gauntlet

I thought you were just on your tablet because you didnt have access to a computer at the time, apologies I didn't realise.

I would rather resolve a debate with proof than with words, as words can be taken out of context and exaggerated. Scans are much harder to exaggerate as everyone can clearly see it for themselves and come to a consenus.

In all honestly most fight here now adays are stomps, so scans are hardly needed in that regard. (Hurts me to say this but it really is true for the most part.)

Going by logical powerscaling he is up there with the big guys in speed (I would find it very hard to believe he is not at least in the double digts), his cutting feat I showed above is all that needs to be said in regards to this as that alone is fast enough to slice most people.

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Battles » Starrk runs a Shichibukai gauntlet

I, at no point said it showed movement speed you are putting words into my mouth now, I said it showed his speed. Which is true, except for if you believe that unless its with your feet its not speed.

The fact the he activated his Room, drew his blade, made a full horizontal cut, resheathed his blade and placed it on his back then switched the canon ball before it could even move shows fast combat and cutting speed that is far more quantifiable than Starrks feat, given that there is no visable cut either means that Starrk wont even try to dodge, he will just believe him to be taking out his sword. That is assuming that he can even keep up with the movement of the sword.

He was focused on his heart as the kick was connecting with him, did you expect him to drop it take the damage it would deal to him when it bounced off the floor and counter his kick? if anything that shows that Vice Admiral Vergo has some admirable speed of his own.

The movement that occured was him activating his room, drawing his blade to make the slash motion and then resheathing it and then moving the sheathed blades position on his person and then begin moving his hands to activate shambles. This was before the canon ball even moved from its position.

So you cant prove any of what you are saying with scans or show me quantifiable qualities in the scans I asked for?

Is there any real point in taking this debate between us any further since you can't post scans to back up your argument. I could post them myself but what is the point of the debate if I am helping out the opposition by giving them the stuff they should be giving me?

I guess we can agree to disagree, But I will maintain that he will never make it past Law.

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Battles » Starrk runs a Shichibukai gauntlet

His speed feat was activating his room, drawing his blade, making a full cut across, sheathing his blade again, moving it into his other hand and placing it on his back, then activating shambles before canon ball that was 4 feet infront of him moved an inch.

Starrk running back to Las Noches? Yeah that was impressive, can you please just for for clarity show me the time frame in which he moved from Ichigo and Kenpachi's location to Las Noches? Because if I recall correctly no time frame was given at all, it could have taken anything between 1 second to 30 minutes. You could say Orihime was shocked by the speed, you could also say that she was shocked that she was once again before Aizen.

You yourself admited in your post that Law has teleportation inside his room via switching with objects in its area of infulence, that alone gives him the advantage in speed, couple that with his cutting speed and nothing Starrk does will effect the outcome of the battle in the slightest.

Room activates Starrk begins to attack via wolves, Law switches himself with a pebble behind him slices his head and arms off and that was a good game.

Faster than Ichigo? Yes, Ichigo, contrary to what you might think is not leagues faster than everyone else in the HST.

You paint the picture that Ichigo is nigh untouchable by anyone save Kizaru while in his post dangai form, he is impressive but top tiers from One Piece (I would say Naruto too but to be honest Naruto is really the only one who can come close to or match his speed, i also would say other shows but I will keep this strictly HST) can still put him down with no effort of their part. Hell even Naruto is likely to be on par with him now.

Bleach gives the impression of insanely high speed, this is simply because Kubo refuses to draw backgrounds or give time frames. Back in reality they are not all that great. Fast? Sure, but nowhere near as fast as you claim them to be.

The only thing that seperates him in that from for the 3 now is he has the most sustanable destructive potential (By this I mean that he can consistently output strong attacks at high speed), Speed wise they are more or less all equal now.

If you can quantify Starrks speed then by all means go ahead. Hate to tell you but unlike Law who actually has something we can scale his speed from, Starrk has nothing.

Until then Room, Slice, and Shambles ends him at 4.

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Battles » Starrk runs a Shichibukai gauntlet

He got it back, and directly after he caught it he was kicked in the face. I would like to think his attention was on his heart right there. Hardly reason to downplay his fighting ability.

Starrks speed is at best, slightly slower than Ichigo who was mach 11 post-dangai. Law is calced at mach 13+ pre-timeskip, He is the faster one here.

Speed and his hax ends Starrk. He might put up a decent fight thanks to being already released, but he is not getting past Law's Room.

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Battles » Starrk runs a Shichibukai gauntlet

He wont make it past Law, given that once Room is active there is nothing Starrk can do to stop him.

There is a reason Law is considered one of the more powerful characters in the HST, and its because his "Room" is beyond broken.

@solesamurai: Slicing a frozen Tsunami in half at long range and tagging luffy with a wind blade at long range with his eyes closed. Nothing special given that he is never really pushed to his limits, even during Marineford he suffered little to no fatigue and took no damage despite fighting some powerful people.

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Bleach » Going out on a limb and gonna say...

I hope they have a good story behind it, as I feel giving him new powers just for the sake of giving him new powers seems like a rather pitiful way to end Bleach.

But I like your assessment of how he has Quincy powers now, I think it's a good place to start at least. Might also explain how Isshin can get along so well with Ryuken despite the animosity between Shinigami and Quincy, for all we know she could somehow be related to Ryuken, I think that would make a nice subplot if it happens to be true.

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Battles » Tsunade vs Mei Terumi

@taichokage: I can agree with this, she does have a high tollerance of pain and her regen is impressive by Naruto standards. But its more to do with her being subjected to constant regeneration through prolonged damage, in that she is essentially healing herself only to be destroyed again with no break between the regeneration and destruction, I can't see many people being able to stand up to this level of pain, not to mention that if she wants to hit Mei should would have to go into the acid to land an attack.

The worst kind of pain after all is extended and lengthy pain.

I also keep forgetting about her water release for some reason, which is weird because she is the Mizukage after all haha.

That proved to be rather "forceful" where she was able to force Madara into the air for Tsunade to attack him, and counter his Great Fire Destruction herself when it took a number of standard shinobi's combined efforts to stop his Great Fire Annihilation, she could likely use these to keep the Distance between them and keep her acid active to wear her down until she passed out from chakra exhaustion or just from the pain.

I agree that either could take out the other with their attacks, but I can see Mei pulling it off more often.

Your thoughts?

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Battles » Tsunade vs Mei Terumi

@taichokage: I thought the same myself, but I never found her regen to be useful against powerful prolonged AoE attacks. Mei's corssive mist was strong enough to casually melt through Susanoos ribs in a matter of seconds and her lava is also able to do the same. I believe Mei also said that she can control the potentency of her acid, so its unlikely that Tsunade's regen would be quick enough to completely negate the damage that is being delt, She also still feels pain while her regen is active, and I doubt she would be able to to remain consious having her body continusly melted by acid and lava.

Defence wise I would agree with you to some extent. Tsunade is not very durable herself, she relies on her regen to get her through a tough fight, which can be a "bad" thing in all honesty.

While I agree that all Tsunade needs to do is land one punch to end this, I would say they are evenly matched in speed and reactions and either of them could dodge the others physical attacks. Mei's attacks however have a larger range and a wider area of effect, which is why I say she has the advantage over Tsunade.

The gap of 26 feet between them also makes a big difference in my eyes.

She also is able to use Hidden Mist if im not mistaken, so Tsunade would have a hard time landing a direct hit through that.

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Battles » Tsunade vs Mei Terumi

Mei rather easily in my eyes, she is much more versitle thanks to her Kekkei Genkai and her attacks pack enough power to put Tsunade down.

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