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That was a long wait for very little Kubo. 4 pages spent recapping the last page of the previous chapter, 1 page serving as just a cover, a few more pages with pointless banter that didn’t mean anything and then some “ok” exposition.
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Off-Topic » Riddles

@UltimateHero0406: Frost

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Battles » Yoko Kurama vs Naruto Uzumaki

Kurama obliterates Naruto, as would any S class Demon.

Not much more needs to be said.

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Battles » Shichibukai Vs 13 Court Guard Squads Captains only

@SMXLR8: Very strong.

His Devil Fruit, Nikyu Nikyu no Mi, allows him to repel or push anything he touches at very high speeds (They made claims it was lightspeed but its considered hyperbole). This includes intangible stuff like air. With one touch he can BFR someone by repelling them to another far away location, I can't actuall remember the limits of this but I think he is able to send them anywhere in the world due to it having the greatest "range" of any Devil Fruit displayed so far.

He is able to repel almost any physical attack away from himself, but he can only do this by actually intercepting the attack with his hand. He also can "repel" himself around the battlefield so fast that its considered teleportation (iirc it was Luffy who thought he was teleporting as it was so fast he was not able to keep track of his movements).

He also has an attack called Ursus Shock, its a small bomb made from compressed air that has quite a large blast radius and deals sizable damage to anything it hits.

He is a Cyborg too, that gives him extra benifits such as increased durability etc. Worth nothing that he has a laser in his mouth that was based on Kizaru's Pika Pika no Mi Devil Fruit and I think it can melt steel easy enough.

All in all one of the more powerful people in One Piece.


One Piece equivalent of Bear Grylls right there. Without all the... you know... drinking his own urine and what have you haha.

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Battles » Shichibukai Vs 13 Court Guard Squads Captains only

@All_StarSupes: Problem there is that they need to visably see the release (Since its the first time they are being effected by it) to fall under its infulence. Kuma could teleport to him and BFR or spam some attacks and steal his blade. Base Aizen is not really a big problem overall, he is strong but as I said Blackbeard or Kuma could take him out before he does anything serious.

Kido could be considered a problem but Bakudo are not going to do anything outside of level 90+ long enough to make any real difference. Hado could give an edge against the weaker members of the group, but most should be able to dodge.

@Ikki_Minami_: Also that raises another point, Aizen was never really a part of the Gotei 13 to begin with. Should he be here given that his main powerups and what have you were aquired long after he defected?

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Battles » UltimateHero's Swordmaster Tournament

@UltimateHero0406: No thanks man.

I'm more of a spectator in these scenarios. But if I change my mind anytime soon I will PM you.

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Battles » Shichibukai Vs 13 Court Guard Squads Captains only

@SMXLR8: He is the tall guy in the top right of the image.

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Battles » Shichibukai Vs 13 Court Guard Squads Captains only

@SMXLR8: Haha No...

Blackbeard can one shot any of the captains one on one thanks to the Gura Gura.

All of them together is more difficult, but assuming Blackbeard and Kuma take out the heavy hitters first, which they are more than able to do they can win after a good hard battle.

Yeah they are outnumbered but bar Yama, Shunsui and Aizen, almost everyone else is just "there", they cant really do anything against Kuma and Blackbeard. Unohana might make up for that but until a few more chapters come out there is no way to tell.

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Battles » Kazuma Kuwabara VS Toshiro Hitsugaya

Kuwabara loses round 1 and stomps in round 2 and 3.

His speed is equal to that of a bloodlusted Hiei when they were following Sensui through into the Makai, he kept pace with both him and Kurama. In otherwords, faster than anything shown in Bleach.

Speedblitz followed by Jigen To in round 2 and 3.

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Off-Topic » I was considering getting a PS3...

The first 2 questions require you to have one of the "fat" models. The one with the best playback of PS2 and PS1 games is the 60GB version which is the one I own, it creates its own PS2 and PS1 "memory card" on the HDD to store those save files.

But unless you are going to buy a used one from ebay (or Amazon), it makes those questions unimportant as the only model(s) still in production has no playback for PS2 and PS1 games.

As for the third question, I cant tell you the difference between the slim versions but I can tell you that 20 dollars more for an extra 70GB is a good enough deal. Unless you are getting added extras with the "Super Slim" bundle then I would just go with the "Slim" bundle.

As for the PS4, there will likely be an offical announcement later on this year as Microsoft is ment to be announcing their new xbox before or around E3. What I can say about the PS4 is that while the online could be free, they are investing into technology that they "MAY" implement into the PS4 which makes playback of "used" (This also covers rentals and lending a game to a friend) games impossible. So no more sharing games between friends and no more buying cheap used games from stores. A move I think is utterly stupid as that will destroy their market entirely.

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Battles » Naruto Uzuamki vs Fire Lord Ozai

@UltimateHero0406: And a bald 12 year old monk with a curtain for an outfit and arrows for tattoos is not goofy looking? Ozai has been put into a battle with a kid the same age as Aang, he knows what Aang managed to do to him despite his age and lack of training. Naruto will be treated no different in his eyes. (More indepth down below)

And he could have been on the gound but he had more room to let loose in the open air. But this is a different situation.

No its not, in fact the setting makes it more likely that he will take to the air given he is fighting in a forest. Taking to the air will give him more room, you answered your own point right there no need for me to continue on that.

It is not specified so it is assumed that both fighters start on the ground at a good distance from one another.

You're right its not specified, but at what point did I say he stated off in the air? I said that as soon as the fight starts its in his nature to take to the air and send fire everywhere, I at no point changed the rules to make him start in the air.

But I'm not seeing why Ozai would not simply think to waist Naruto in one move instead of going through all the trouble to burn down the area.

Ok lets say he does remain on the ground, his charged blast takes 3 seconds to charge, it has more than enough range to hit naruto even if he decides to run and has the spread to make it next to impossible to dodge. Trained jounin were unable to dodge Madaras wide spread fire jutsu (Not the same but spread and range are similar) I find it unlikely that Naruto back in his "silly" days will be able to trump them.

Naruto on the other hand will resort to his clones almost instantly, as is his nature. That or tighten his headband and the say "believe it!".

2 seconds have pased, now he is either going to run at him, not dash, just run. Or he is going to charge rasengan. At this point Ozai has already charged and fired his attack, Naruto lacks the speed to dodge it at this point and gets hit. While his odds of winning while Ozai is standing on Earth are slightly higher, he sill suffers from his "Take it slow" attitude and it wont make any noticable difference to the outcome. If you want to follow this path I would say Ozai wins 6 out of10 times, with the 4 times being when he gets smart and blitzes him before he can fire off his attack.

The burning down of the area is a side effect of his attack, not his actual goal. The point of firebending is to devastate a wide area, if you want precision you go with lightning or water.

In the series he was destroying the forest to conquere the Earth kingdom and he wanted to kill Aang so he was wanted to use everything he has. Just because the comet is going over doesn't mean that he wants to burn trees for no reason.

You have seen the show right? I only ask because you seem to not understand his motives for attacking the Earth Kingdom the way he did.

He was going to fly over the entire Earth Kingdom and burn it to dust, His focused attack was going to be used by all of the airships and he would go over the nation like the Covenant turning the ground to ash and destroying everything they passed over.

He didnt go there to burn down a forest beside the water and then start a ground invasion he was litteraly going over the nation with the intent of glassing the entire kingdom.

The comet went over and he wanted to burn the WHOLE KINGDOM, that was the point of his invasion. He would turn everything in the Earth Kingdom to ash with the power boost from Sozins Comet.

Honestly, did you not watch the show or something because this was made VERY clear when he pronounced himself Phoenix King Ozai.

His plan was to turn the Earth Kingdom to ash in one day, That gives him a reason to not waste the power that he is not being amped by.

He has no reason to assume Naruto can do anything more than cry for his mommy which leaves him open for a counter attack. And then theres the fact that he has no motive here.

He had no real motive to fight Zuko in an Agni-Kai when he was about 8-9 years old, yet he done so anyway and not only that he gave him a scar. And this was before he became a crazed warlord with a minor god complex thanks to Sozins Comet

Your argument is based on Ozai having some form of compassion to children who he feels are beneath him.


He is a cold hearted son of a bitch who is willing to harm his son for speaking during a council meeting. Not even for fighting him, just for speaking. Not only that he banished him from the fire kingdom after it was done.

He cares little for his own children what makes you think he will hold back against Naruto?

His motive is the same as Naruto's, This is a fight between them, If his son got his face burned off during a normal day from just speaking to him what do you think this psycopath is going to do when he is amped by the power Sozins Comet (Something which changes him mindset completely as he loses what little compassion he had left anyway) giving him some form of a god complex after hearing Naruto scream "Im gonna beat you because im the next Hokage. BELIEVE IT!".

If I was him I would want to burn this mother into ashes too.

He will show no compassion to Naruto given that he knows the 2 of them are fighting since its not a random encounter. To say he will go easy on Naruto because he is a kid who he may think to be weaker is moot when he did not hold back against his own son.

Like I said before on the ground 6-10 in Ozai's Favor

In the air its an almost guarenteed win for Ozai so his only chance is to get smart and blitz from the get go not giving him a chance. A mentality which based on past experience is not in his favor. 7-10 in Ozai's favor in this scenario.

Of course I accept if you want to believe that Naruto wins but I am just putting it out there that Naruto being in character gives Ozai more than a fair chance to actually win this.

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Battles » Naruto Uzuamki vs Fire Lord Ozai

@UltimateHero0406: The same argument could be made, if he had toyed around at the start of his fight, but he done so when the Avatar resorted to a straight up cheap and defensive move right in his face. Before hand he was going straight for the kill, this much is clear with his outright abuse of Lightning Bending against Aang.

Your character argument would be valid, if Ozai had exhibited these tendencies from the start of his battle. But it was evident from the begining that he was out to kill him, and only when he had cornered the Avatar into a small ball of earth did he begin his taunts. As I said previous his reckless use of lightning compliments this point.

He believed himself stronger than the Avatar and decided to fight him while flying so that argument is moot.

He was burning down the forest because he outright said to his daughter and all of his forces that on the day of Sozins Comet I will burn the Earth Kingdom to the ground.

The reason he went into combat with the Avatar was because of pride, he had been trying to find him for years like all the other Fire Lords before him, its only natural that you would want to fight someone of such power yourself if you had been looking for them for as long as he did. He also engaged him because Aang was the only thing standing between his airships and the mainland, had he left him unchecked Aang could have just destroyed all his airships in a few minutes and put a stop to his invasion long before Sokka, Suki and Toph had the chance to. Aang had damaged his airship so pride and arrogance pushed him into his battle with Aang.

Taking him head on from the ground despite fighting Aang in the air for the majority of his battle? You could say that, if he fought the majority of the battle while actually standing on the ground, expect he prefered to exhibit flying during his battle thanks to the power Sozins Comet gave him. If he prefers to fight in the air, which is what we seen him do predominantly then he will, Its also not like he didnt have the choice to fight him while standing on the ground, it was there and he outright ignored it anyway.

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Battles » Naruto Uzuamki vs Fire Lord Ozai

@Destinyheroknight: Thats what im saying lol.

Even as a bloodlusted character Naruto would be hard pressed for the win but I would change it to 7 out of 10 in his favor. The 3 times being when Ozai was able to get into the air and rain hell down on him.

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Battles » Naruto Uzuamki vs Fire Lord Ozai

@UltimateHero0406: The spread and reach of his firebending is not up for question since the second he began his battle with aang he sent out a multi directional attack just by punching the ground. The range and spread of his fire is up to him and saying he wont have the time to form his focused and enhanced fire blast in mid air is more or less saying that Naruto has some way to counter him while he is in the air. Can you tell me how he will hit someone in mid air while in character given that all of his personal attack are based on close quarters combat until late into shuppuden?

As for the charging time I once again ask how Naruto is able to counter someone who can fly? Once he is in the air he can take as much time as needed to form that attack that took all of 3 seconds to charge and has the range, spread and speed to easily catch naruto before he can escape it.

The reason he didn't make a blast of such magnatuide during his battle was because the Avatar was able to effectively keep him on his toes and stop him for focusing thanks to his ranged attacks and air bending. Common knowledge that focus leads to stronger bending. Both of these traits, Naruto lacks at this point in his timeline.

As for the rock shield, Ozai was using simple blasts while taunting him, and when he did get serious with his attacks he turned the shield to dust in an instant and caused his air shield to collapse with it. That attack paled in comparasion to what his focused attacks can do. Iroh was able to superheat his handcuffs with just a breath, im certain that under Sozins comet Ozai is able to do even greater feats. Iroh was able to blast through the walls of Ba Sing Se with a focused blast that took 2-3 seconds for him to charge, and we all know how thick those wall are. Im sure his stronger brother is able to replicate such power.

Like I said can you show me how naruto will be able to counter him when he is 70-80 feet in the air?

Narutos biggest weakness here aside from his in character mentality is that he cant do anything to someone who is airborne and can output attacks that can destroy him. I will say that it will not be an easy battle for Ozai to win, but for people to say Naruto wins instantly is a severe underestimation of what Ozai is able to do.

His attacks have greater range, he has more experience and is not an "idiot" (I use the word loosely as Naruto can be smart when the time calls for it but he acts like a fool in battle for the most part), he has greater firepower, he has flight and he has a more destructive and driven mindset inside combat. These are the qualities that get him the win, people focus too much on the speed aspect of pre time skip Naruto here and forget that he does not utilize his speed in a battle the way he should or could.

If Naruto was bloodlusted you can say he would blitz with a rasengan (I would still say it would be tough for him to pull this off, but the favor would shift into Narutos realm none the less), but he is in character and that gives the advantage to Ozai.

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Battles » Naruto Uzuamki vs Fire Lord Ozai

Pre Time Skip Sasuke's Fire Jutsu =/= Ozai's Comet enhanced flames. He was incinerating and leveling a country with his flames so his chakra cloak is not going to help him much. Besides I have already covered the likelihood of him getting emotional enough to access his fox mode is highly unlikely as there is no factors present in this fight to warrent such an emotional response from him. (See below for this)

Actually the video makes a fair point in Ozai's favor. When I first looked at this I though that Naruto would stomp, but having stepped back and looked at both of them more in depth, he has more than enough feats to get him a win against a Pre Time Skip Naruto with the help of Sozins Comet.

At best Pre Time Skip Naruto can be called supersonic, no more no less. Naruto's in character mindset will severely inhibit this advantage he has and his overall speed anyway so this does not matter much.

Firepower wise, Ozai is multi block busting under the comet, Naruto needs clones to boost his power but on his own he should be large building level with his rasengan. But its not really important based on the next stat.

Durability wise, neither of them can tank the others attacks so this is a non factor.

Range of attacks, Ozai wins this hand down.

What Ozai can do that Naruto has no way to counter in his Pre Time Skip form is flight. You could say clones can counter that but anyone with half a brain knows that his clones were only good for one thing back then and thats distractions, they might as well have been made of paper for all the durability they had. And for them to be viable as a distraction at all is dependant on the opponent not having any large scale AoE attacks, Ozai has the AoE attacks needed to take them out from a height or on the ground so they won't work.

Now you say he will go fox mode and own him. What people forget here is that he is in character and the only way he is going to be able to enter that mode is to become so angry that he can't control himself anymore. Unfortunately for this argument, there is nothing present in this battle that could make him angry enough. What you might say now is that "if Naruto is losing he will be angry." Well that is not true at all, he never gets so emotional from just a loss that could make him weaken his seal, so that wont fly with me.

Also in character Naruto does not outright dash towards his opponents as fast as his power allows him to, he generally starts off his battles by summoning his clones or saying some "witty" catchphrase or just being a general dumbass. Something which takes just enough time for Ozai to go into the air. Naruto gets his act together the longer the fight goes on, something Ozai can capitalize on since he gets straight to business from the get go.

As for the KO parameter, that is something Ozai can do with lightning. Causing fires and explosions over the forest will knock Naruto around quite a bit to rough him up enough for a direct hit from his lightning.

The scope, power and range of Ozai's attacks are too great for Pre Time Skip Naruto to deal with and counter.

With all this said, Ozai can win with mid (Possible High) difficulty. He should win 7 times out of 10 if I was to give it a numerical value. the other 3 times is when naruto actually starts off with his brain at 100% productivity and decides that a blitz is a good thing to start with. Even should that moment arise it would need to be a rasengan to put him down as Ozai is more than able to take a few of his punches without too much trouble.

Essentially he would need to blitz him with a rasengan to win this, something which his In Character mindset would be working against.

You equal speed on this and Naruto is getting cooked every time.

Of course this is with Sozins comet, without he would lose by default as he has next to no feats without it.

As for the melting rocks part of Sasuke's Fire Jutsu, Ozai was for lack of a better word, glassing a continent with a few members of his army with enough range to cover a few city blocks at a time and with enough heat to melt metal and break down 5-6 meter thick walls. Like I said before

Sasuke's Fireball Jutsu =/= Ozai's comet enhanced flames.

An in character naruto will not blitz with a rasengan from the start of this battle, because

A. he never utilizes his speed to its fullest during a battle let alone at the start of one.

And B. he takes his sweet time form a rasengan.

If you have scans that disprove this then by all means post them. It would have to be at the start of a battle and must be consistent over the majority of his battles for it to warrent as "in character". If you cant do this then tell me again how Naruto can win against a guy who can fly?

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Battles » Yusuke vs. Inuyasha vs. Ichigo vs. Naruto

@Fehafare said:

Yusuke rapes this thread casually. Then Naruto, then Ichigo and on the last place Inuyasha.

This right here.

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Battles » YYH Elemental team VS Team Avatar

@SMXLR8:You want them to fight 4 vs 1, with limits on their power?

Seem rather unfair, you should not limit people that much just to try and make a fight even. The best way to make this fair is to use the Dark Tournament version of these guys as only 2 people here who could have a somewhat fair fight against them is Zeru and Risho.

If you use the DT guys, equalise speed, and restrict the Avatar state then you could have much better fight, but then we run into the problem of all the advantages you are giving them such as Sozins Comet and the Full moon. If you keep all the limits and remove all the advantages each team has then in a much more even fight, but in the end I see the YYH crew winning since they have better attacking methods and all round better fighting skills, not to mention durability which would allow them to tank their attacks without too many problems. They only problems they could have are with Iroh (I would say Bumi but I never found him all that impressive when stood next to Iroh) since he is likely the strongest person here even without Sozins Comet.

The Aatar verse can dish out more powerful attacks than they can take, unfortunately for them these guys can take most of the attacks they dish out.

The second you hit B class demons the Avatar verse is going to have some problems. Anything higher than that and they can't hope to even stop the destruction that will follow in the demons wake.

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Battles » Goku, Vegeta, & Trunks SSJ4 verses Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

@GIRUGAMESH: @MarioRedfield: They would never endanger a world of people just to get in the attack, assuming they are not Anti-Spirals or the enemy. But it's not like that matters when they can fire lasers with such power and precision that they were able to wipe out the Ashtanga warships who were jumping back and forward in time to try and avoid them with a single shot each, going through time and bypassing their probability altering shields which turns all attacks that hit it to 0%.

Besides this is "In Space", which given the TTGLs size must be a nice big open void of nothing. I don't think either side will have to worry about taking out planets or galaxies.

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Battles » YYH Elemental team VS Team Avatar

@SMXLR8: Their aura alone will be enough to fry everyone on the Avatar team, not to mention cause the island to collapse under their feet.

While true they wont kill them right off the bat (IC Jin anyway, can't speak for Toya as I can't remember his mindset), you also forget that Aang the strongest person on the team won't try to kill them full stop. What can anyone on team Avatar do to take out people who can take and dish out city-mountain level punches and attacks. This is a mismatch, they are hundreds of times faster not to mention many times stronger and many times more durable, and while they many not go straight into mountain busters to say it will not be easy for them to finish this is like saying a Toyota Prius has a chance against an M1A1 Abrams tank in an "how thick is your armor?" contest. A single held back punch from either of them will completely cave in their ribcage and break every bone in that area, never mind about the internal damage of that punch such as the broken bones cutting through every organ in that area. At that point what can they even do to stand up let alone fight back?

A single low ranked S class demon is able to run through the whole Avatar verse on his own with no trouble, 2 middle S class demons should breeze through this with no effort.

Blood bending won't change anything since through sheer strength and will alone Amon was able to break his brothers hold on him, I'm certain 2 S class demons can break blood bending just by breathing.

Lightning would open them up even more than they would already be so that will be pointless not to mention a wasted attack since it won't do anything.

Their attacks don't pack anywhere near enough power to make these guys care.

You can draw out the match as much as you wish, but a single attack from either of them is enough to put them all down. That does not make this hard for them, it just means this match will go on far longer than it actually needs to since they could end it in 2-3 seconds if they were serious about it.

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Battles » YYH Elemental team VS Team Avatar

2 middle S ranked demons at their strongest against this team? The Avatar verse is not exactly equipped to be fighting demons this highly ranked. EoS Jin or Toya should able to solo the whole verse never mind the team but anyway.

They get blitzed by Jin or Toya. Equalizing speed won't do much since given their rank they should be at least around mountain level so a casual attack in their direction should be more than enough to take them all out before they have the time to counter, not that they could really do anything to hurt them anyway.

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Battles » Destructor asura vs. Gogeta super saiyan 4

trillions of times faster than light and multi universe buster so he might win this, i just want your opinions.

Yeah, no.

Asura should win if what I am told about his power is correct.

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