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Cleaning up the last 200 odd Toriko images and then I will move on to Korras..
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In my eyes piracy is born out of neglect. The less you care about the people, the more piracy you have.

What I mean by that is if you make something easily accessible to all for reasonable prices and high of a high enough quality that the people see you put good honest hard work into it with no favouritism you will notice that less people will go and pirate something.

The only notable companies that share this view with me are game development/distribution companies like CDProjektRED, the development company that makes The Witcher games and also has a site where they sell games without any DRM for reasonable prices, and Steam, notorious for its sales every few months which drop games down to virtually nothing.

CDProjektRED even did a survey on piracy of The Witcher 2 with and without DRM, and they noticed a very large decrease in piracy when they released it again without DRM, the same will go for The Witcher 3 which launches with no piracy and CDProjektRED even has it on sale right now on their site, you get a bigger discount if you already own 1 and 2 which is great.

They drove the price of games up over here from the normal £40 (which was already criminal given the quality of some of these supposed "AAA" games) to around £55/60. Not exactly accessible when the minimum wage is much lower than it should be, and the overall quality of these games does not warrant such a price tag. That and then you get places like Australia which have the living hell censored out of their games to the point where they are just shells of what they were originally.

Look at Destiny for a Triple-A game that was disappointing as hell considering the money that went into its creation and the hype it was generating. $500 MILLION, and yet it’s story was borderline criminal and they admitted about a week ago that most of the end game content (Where they say the game actually begins ironically enough) is either “Doesn’t work as intended” or “is actually broken”.

To me piracy is less of a crime and more of an eye opener for both companies and people, and should be seen as a place to improve. If people are pirating it means it's either costing them too much to buy, impossible to get a hold of, or simply too low quality to even warrant spending your hard earned money on. But it's mostly just old men in the boardrooms these days so out of touch with the modern world that they only see it as a loss in income and that anyone who is withholding money from them should be sent straight to jail. That’s why places like Netflix are doing so well, it's a tiny payment of a few pounds every month and you get unlimited access to as much TV and Movie stuff as you want, great value for money and it's accessible for literally everything these days so that's another point in its court. The only thing holding it back over here in all honesty is the fact that it's library is woefully under stocked compared to the American one, if they sort that out them I might re-subscribe, I enjoyed binge watching some stuff on Netflix while doing work. For anyone who does pirate, it’s a chance to see if this product is actually worth spending money on.

Radical view in the eyes of most people I’m sure but I stick by it.

Football and Soaps are huge over here, we have one that has been broadcasting a couple of times weekly since the 60s, and it's got more than 8450 episodes currently. If you don't like one or the other you are considered somewhat strange in most people’s eyes because you are either really into it them or not at all. I don't like football at all, never been my sport so I don't mix well with the football fanatics. I think people over here still see anime as a "children’s show" given that to most it would look similar to the likes of a children’s cartoon, but most wouldn't even sit down and watch it to see if it's anything more than that. That's what annoys me more than anything, people who judge something without giving it a chance. I would never bring up Anime in public around where I live unless someone else brought it up first, or I was with friends, just not worth any hassle you might get for it.

For Korra, I think it's because each arc, unlike The Last Airbender, stands alone for the most part with only the bare minimum of connections to the last arc to still warrant calling it “The Legend of Korra”. Aangs story felt more "complete" not to mention it was actually longer anyway. My worry is that with only 13 episodes to finish this I hope they give it something great and not something that make people think that they should of had more time to flesh it out. That’s the problem with shows when they only have 10 or so episodes to work something out, you have to cut little details that enrich the story, or entire scenes because it's running too long. Game of Thrones is a good example of this as it cuts out parts that would really enhance the story simply because they either don't have the time or don't see the need for them in the first place.

I just hope they give it a satisfying end and leave it open for maybe another venture into the Avatar world at a later date, I have been hearing rumours lately that they might actually close the ending for any possible sequel story, which is saddening considering the possibility of the universe they have created.

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They might have been at a convention I went too about 2-3 years ago as the logo looks familiar, but I can't say for sure. They could do with making it easier to watch Anime or just worldwide TV in general over here, best we get as far as legal anime goes is I think Crunchyroll, but I’m not sure how many shows are on that currently, when I was last on it had the big stuff like Naruto and Bleach and a few other shows that escape my memory, but that was about it. Our Netflix was even worse if memory serves, it had exactly 7 anime related media, and I think 4 of them were movies so yeah.

I remember about 8 to 9 years ago there were about 2 channels out of 999 that would broadcast anime at about 9 PM to around 6 AM, but they got shutdown after a year or so because of low interest.

It's big to the people who enjoy it over here but to the vast majority it's still seen as odd I guess you could say. Essentially it’s not something you would talk about outside of close friends and in a private or semi-private setting, at least around where I live. Buying it's somewhat easier now but a lot of the good stuff still needs to be imported because it's either far too slow to release or it just doesn't get licensed for release at all, which means you end up paying a lot more that you really should.

As for Korra, it should be a good watch, just going to be a shame to see it end so soon.

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Yeah we don't get Hulu either unfortunately, I think we get Crunchyroll but it's nothing special. I think I told you before that Toriko never even came out on our version of it. Toonami I think is on our Digital TV channels over here but I don't pay for the service so I wouldn't know, we get a very good Freeview service over here for the most part so there is no need to pay extra.

It's the same thing with our Netflix, we essentially get a very watered down version of the American Netflix with something like a third of the shows and movies.

It's funny because the American Netflix has up to date BBC shows that even our Netflix is not allowed to stream, very odd laws indeed.

You can get past that with little addons for Mozilla that trick Netflix into thinking you are from the US and it allows you access to the full library, but you still have to have a paying account in Netflix’s case. I used it for a while until I cancelled my membership about a year or so back since I wasn't watching it as much as I used too (Binged Breaking Bad over the course of something like a week and then I lost interest haha).

As for the Korra info, I think it was just breaking apart the trailer and then taking information from that. I checked the avatar wikia and it has little trivia notes at the bottom of the Book 4: Balance that state a few of those things too. It also has a direct link to what I assume is the trailer that has the information in it so you could use that link to maybe see what’s up. I will link the page below and you can give it a read over.


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Yeah IGN do reviews for TV, like Korra, and Technology, like the iPhone now too, they branched out about a year or so back from just games. When they announced the clip I just assumed it was a sort of "update" and that I could find it on YouTube but it was a legitimate exclusive for them.

Kotaku should report on Korra too if memory serves, but I can't say for sure since I don't go on it often. I think it's because Korra is getting a game in the next few months developed by Platinum Games, who are best known for Bayonetta and Metal Gear Rising. So there is a lot of hype behind that right now for it to be a good game.

It's coming out on October 21st oddly enough, and on PC thankfully so I can pick it up at some point and give it a go. I could maybe do a blog post about it and let you know what it's like.

But that stuff about Kuvira is just speculation right now as I can't find the original statement about her involvement in Book 4 as it's on the nick.com site and it's completely region locked, and Korra doesn't even get promoted over here on the site or on TV (We just got book two about a month ago, and since they don't post shows on the site over here we are likely never going to see Book 4) I have to settle with what news I can find elsewhere. But I do know that she plays a "big" role in Book 4 and that Zuko's daughter also appears at some point.

Should be interesting to see, as I imagine they will do a double feature tomorrow for the premier as they always do. But we will know a lot more tomorrow about whats going on. Just thankful Jinora no longer looks like Aang 2.0, got kinda creepy when I saw that for the first time.

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Sorry for the late reply, I missed the PM for some reason.

Yeah sucks the series is ending just when it started to get some good traction. I think the three year time skip would have something I do with them taking down the Red Lotus agents around the globe (Kind of similar to The Winter Soldier/Avengers Age of Ultron and HYDRA). But that's the only thing I could think of that would warrant such a long skip anyway.

And yeah the villain, based on what we saw in the trailer anyway, is Kuvira who is the city guard’s captain in Zaofu, and we see her in season 3 around episode 8 or so. I think they mentioned somewhere that’s this book is mostly about her rise to power in the earth kingdom, but I don't know if the source for that is legitimate or not.

There was also an exclusive 2 minute clip released on the IGN site (Thought it would be on YouTube too but I couldn't find it), of the opening scenes of episode one. I will link it below if you want to check that out, no spoilers or nothing.


I'm unsure if the "uk." prefix will affect the link for anyone not in the UK, but unfortunately it will automatically link me to that regardless of if I remove it or not. But if not, you can always use Google to find the correct page on IGN if it does.

Just Google "Legend of Korra exclusive clip IGN" or something of that nature and you should find it.

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Book 4 trailer for Korras final season was released a few hours ago if anyone hasn't seen it yet..

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Yeah I don't eat much of anything special myself, mostly just simple dishes. I personally eat out of necessity rather than enjoyment. so my picks below are just going to be somewhat normal

That said this was a tough one to fill out anyway as I rarely eat fish, soups, or deserts. But I threw in some choices that I have on a rare occasion.

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Editing & Tools » Major Wiki Proposal: Omnibus

I have personally only ever seen two omnibus collections in person, and only one of those was for a manga series. The manga related one was a Highschool of the Dead Omnibus (Link to the amazon page, but there are not many images for it which is a shame). I only had a brief look at it but that thing was quite the collection, it came in full hardback, full colour, special artwork pages, huge page size, high quality glossy paper, and it was 704 pages in total based on the amazon listing above.

I think most omnibus collections tend to roll the boat out to get the best possible quality (Final edits to scenes and such, adding in special pages for artwork or whatever, bonus stories and chapters etc.), I know that tends to be the case with some of the comic omnibus collections a few of my friends own. Based on that some omnibus collections could benifit from having their own pages which could have some positive side effects for the site.

My question is would having these as separate pages really negatively impact the site or the wiki portion of it?

If no then I personally don't really see a problem having some of the higher quality collections at the very least listed as their own page assuming they are all linked up correctly. It would give you more freedom to work as opposed to having them all listed on a single page. My only real concern would be if you are going to have these pages you would need to actually set them apart from the others, else you would run into the problem of "why do we need them if they are essentially the same thing just condensed into a single page" like you mentioned above, they would need to have a certain standard.

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@takashichea: Yeah the first three episodes were much stronger than I thought they were going to be, so I hope they keep this tone for the rest of the season and based on what I saw I think that’s what’s going to happen.

And I believe the leak was actually caused by the Mexican branch of Nickelodeon (MundoNick I think they are called). If I read the story correctly, they messed up and accidently posted episodes four, five and six on their site with the audio dubbed in Spanish, and then some people translated those episodes, subbed them and put them up on torrent sites.

I actually think that the leak is the main reason of the sudden announcement of the premier, as they only announced the official release date a couple of days ago before they were broadcast to my knowledge.

I guess they sort of hand their hand forced with the leak of that many episodes and the reveal of important plot details.

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@takashichea: They actually broadcast the first three episodes yesterday, and I think the third one was slated as some kind of “special episode” that was broadcast straight after the premier of the first two.

It was likely done because of the leaked episodes two weeks ago (episodes four, five and six).

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#Anime Vice Discussion Threads » Toriko Discussion (Anime)

@takashichea: Well I changed the bad link on the franchise page to correctly link the new Coco page there now, so that's working again at least.

Thanks for recreating that for me also.

My question is, how can we change the Kanji and Romanji for a new character if you get the "invalidEntry" field for the birthday when you try to save it? Is there a way to get around that or has it been fixed already.

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Battles » Madara uchiha vs Dangai ichigo

Yes it was sand. We can calculate how much energy is required to raise the sand to that height. OBD calculated lanza's potency as 1.05 MT, which is city+.

Incorrect, that is the lowest possible level to be classed city level at all.

The correct calc for Lanza is 15 MT which is still low city level.


The Bijuu Dama are right there on low end of small Island level with Naruto and Bee's combined Bijuu Dama being up there at high end of Island level (Right at the top).

Madara's Swing is there at 132 MT.

Fragor was calced at 7MT in that blog for the accepted calcs. It also has one at 17MT or thereabouts if I remember correctly but I can't find the blog for it, or more specifically I just could not be bothered to look for it, use the higher value if you want too, and let it never be said that I constricted Bleach to low end values.

Mugetsu, Ichigos strongest attack packs a total of 40 MT when last I checked. Nowhere near enough to break Susanoo or harm Kurama in the slightest.

And his swings... are not even worth mentioning in this regard since they will do jack to Madara.

All of these were created to avoid pointless debates like "Country level Ichigo" and "Aizen can survive planet level attacks" and "Well he looks faster so he must be."

They are completely unbias despite what people like to think given that they only calc what is present there to calc, they have multiple people from different ethnic and social backgrounds looking over said calcs to see if it could be done any better or if anything was wrong. Actually helping one another make the calc as good as it can be.

All of them have different tastes and most of them hate Naruto and Bleach anyway.

Saying calcs are stupid just because you dont like them or you think the numbers are too high is utterly pointless as they were done in the fairest way possible to get the best results from the evidence given.

I dont like the fact that NASA calculates how much fuel is needed for certain ships to leave this planet, I dont like the fact that people calculate the yield of explosives based on a theortical work, yet both occurances have a very high rate of sucess and yield definitive results which we are confident enough to use in the real world.

Why exactly should we not use calcs that have resonable figures given to get a fair result? They give us clear results to something that is otherwise just impossible to guess, and if the battle fourms have been reduced to guess work then what is the point of having a debate at all.

To debate means to give resonable evidence, I have provided you with calcs to get resonable numbers for the feats displayed within them. You dont get more resonable than that.

Bleach is all flash when it comes to feats, in reality they lack alot of things that could actually increase their power. That is due to Kubo refusing to show what the attacks in question DO (Unohana, Yamamoto, Shunsui, most of their Bankai/Shikai are still shrouded in mystery and nobody can say with complete certainty that they know exactly what they do and how powerful they are)

Yamamoto's shikai (ennetsu jigoku) was stated to have enough power to destroy an area exponentially larger than karakura town (making it multi city level).

"Exponentially" is not a stadardized unit of measure or size, It could mean twice the size, it could me 20 times the size, it could mean 100 times the size, it could mean 3000 times the size, We don't know. Completely unquantifable beyond the obvious fact that Karakura Town was going to be destroyed.

Second, it's not multi city level, there is no such thing when debating destructive power, If anything it's on the upper end of City level.

And yama tanked it.

Yamamoto compressed its power to levels we dont know, a good portion of that energy was likely absorbed back into his body without any ill effects, the rest of it hit him. Unquantifiable is another word to describe it. Besides he has City level durability by powerscalling anyway and thats what he would have for tanking the attack.

So I'd say aizen's fragor is easily multi mountain by this powerscaling

And I say there is obviously something wrong with your version of "Powerscaling". It's on the low end of city level tanks to the feats it displayed.

As for this speed advantage people keep saying Ichigo has, it does not exist to any level that makes it worth pointing out.

Mach 20 Naruto to Mach 23 Bleach.

3 Mach is not a "speed advantage" unless they are within breathing distance or a few feet of one another and the other person cant react for shit. And definitely not an advantage against someone who HAS multiple long range attacks and is at a distance of 200 meters on the back of a large beast in very rocky and uneven terrain..

Reaction wise Madara is perfectly scalable to Hashirama who, at the lowest of low estimates, is around mach 30-40 odd in reactions thanks to his reaction feat against a Bijuu Dama, so Ichigo is not blitzing him even if he somehow does cross 200 meters before Madara (A man who sensed Hashirama from across a country) notices him doing so.

As for attacking power, Ichigo lacks anything that can break Susanoo or harm Kurama, there is no debate to be had in this regard. And to say it's not in Madara's nature to use Susanoo is like saying it's not in a humans nature to want to live. Virtually every instance bar a select few we have seen him in, he has some form of Susanoo active, hell even when using Kurama he though "Rolling with a Bijuu, might as well pimp this ride out and slap on Susanoo for the lolz."

The second this battle starts Bijuu Dama will be fired and Susanoo will be activated to protect not only himself but Kurama from any damage he may take. He is not stupid enough to leave himself exposed to attacks outside of Edo and he has no reason to not use and abuse Susanoo.

"A massive boost in power and defence which takes no toll on my body nor does it use up my chakra at increased rates and gives me an unbreakable defence and strong as hell offence? I will take one of those."

Thats like a solider not using their gun because they are worried they might run out of ammo. Who gives a shit, it's easy to use and does not physically drain me while firing it. I might as well use it since its counter productive for me to not use it.

He has an advantage that costs him very little to exploit, and people are trying to say that he won't go ahead and exploit it when he is shown to do just that? Just no.

Ichigo himself is not one for dodging attacks to begin with, he either blocks them or tries to overcome them. This tactic will not do him any good against Madara, who packs more than enough power to put him down and make him stay down.

If the distance is closed then he has to deal with Ninjutsu and Genjutsu as well as avoiding the constant Bijuu Dama spam and sword swings which contain more energy per swing than Mugetsu's best showing of destruction and have range well beyond the distance stated in the OP.

Not to mention the Gumbai, which he was skilled enough with to perfectly block Naruto's super mini Bijuu Dama. Not only does it block the attack, it also reflects it back at the attacker. If Ichigo wants to try some swordplay with Madara outside of Susanoo, then he is just going to be eating his own shockwaves because the mini Bijuu Dama is far more powerful than his swings and by effect his Gumbai is more than able to block and repel them if he needs it to.

And flight as an advantage to Ichigo? Maybe certain Captains and Vice Captains, but Ichigo?

Do I need to point out the obvious and say that virtually everything he does is in close quarters, he has two attacks that have any decent level of range in this form, one of which is useless at 200 meters due to its rather slow travel time and low energy output and was not even displayed at all, and the other reduces him to a husk of his former self after a single use.

Sure he can go into the sky, but what exactly will that achieve for him? Not a single thing, If anything he makes it worse since he has just removed himself from his own area of comfort as he never fights at long range, he only ever fights in CQC.

On the off chance he is at range, he closes the distance after he fires a Getsuga Tenshou or he just tries to close the gap straight away to engage head to head. Something which wont work out well for him given he is fighting an ethreal warrior with 4 arms and as many blades as it needs, that's hundreds of times his size and moves at impeccable speed despite it's size. Not to mention the thing wearing it like armor is also firing out Bijuu Dama constantly and slapping the landscape into dust with it's tails.

For his feats.

First Image (From this point, it's image set one) is showing the superior power of Susanoo, a feat that by rights is better than anything Ichigo displayed by a large margin. This feat however is not where the 132 MT calc comes from, that comes from his battle with the 4th division. Obviously this is superior yet I wont go as far as to make a number up, unlike some people here who just "wing it" when it comes to Bleach feats.

The second set of images (2,3,4) is the reaction feat. Hashirama, while in mid air, reacts to the enhanced Bijuu Dama, turns and lands, bites his finger and spreads the blood over his hand, and then hits his hands off the ground with plenty of time left for the summoning and a brief moment before the Bijuu Dama impacts. The speed comes from one of 2 things.

a) The dust cloud around the Rashmon Gates is still thick and is just rising over the gates by the time it reaches the other side of the lake, you can see this clearly. It would had to have happened very quickly since dust rises rather fast when its kicked up by such force.

b) Look at the trail it left in the water, the bay where it left is still visibly disturbed by the time its crossed the distance and exploded. Another indication of extreme speeds.

Not to mention that is enhanced with a blade from Susanoo so naturally its going to move faster and cause more damage.

It's calced well into the triple digits, if you dont like that the lowest speeds they have around mach 30-40 odd, so still beyond Ichigo regardless which makes a blitz all but impossible no matter what the distance is.

Madara, having eyes that increase his reaction time should, at the very least, be in this range for reactions too. No amount of downplaying alters the fact he still remains one of the strongest people present in Naruto by a decent margin in every stat, speed included

If Nagato gets mach 20 scaling then Madara is sure as hell getting it too.

The thrid set of images (5,6,7) Display the speed at which Susanoo was able to move its body and arms to place blades into every one of those Bijuu Dama at speeds fast enough where the spread between each Bijuu Dama is only a few feet at most. To say that Susanoo lacks speed is overlooking this key fact that it's more or less as fast, if not faster, than Madara is despite being larger. Similar to Kokujo Tengen Myo'o in this regard without the horrible side effect that comes with it.

It also displays the same level of power Ichigo will never produce in Dangai or FGT form to break through Susanoo.

The final image there is the perfect way of decerning how powerful an attack is. We have a clear depth of the valley that was formed, the only thing we dont have is the length, which can be estimated easy enough in other scans.

Bleach rarely gets things as clear as this for destruction and speed feats, hence why they have very small boosts in power compaired to Naruto and One Piece. If they every get any good feats then sure, use them all you want, if they ever get anything that can break through Susanoo then by all means go right ahead and use it.

Im not so egotistical that I won't conceed something that is blatantly obvious.

Yet as it stands right now they don't, and given Ichigo was at his absolute peak in Dangai form he will likely never have anything that can make him a match for Naruto top tiers such as Madara. I have been wrong before of course so only time will tell.

Madara alone has enough skill and power to take this, Kurama just ensures that this victory is absolute. The terrain itself works against Ichigo as he has less room to attempt to dodge such wide scale AoE attacks.

And I swear to god if I hear any BS about Kurohitsugi and it's "warping time and space" crap I am going to punch a dog in the face.

@othus12: @SpeedForceSpider: Hope that suffices if you can get through it all.

Likely won't change much given no matter how flawless this is, it wont change the fact that Bleach is just Bleach, and people think it's more powerful than it actually is.

I only go by what is resonable and fair. If I didn't I would not have bothered to point out that Lanza is 15 MT and not 1 MT.

Just adding that in before someone claims I am "Wanking" Naruto for whatever reason, when most people here know I dont really "like" any HST series that much to actually put in the time and the effort to find vague feats and wank them to increase power. To be honest they are all equal in my eyes and I could drop all of them today and not a single fuck will be given by myself.

But everything has been said now, and there is nothing more to be said. The only thing left if for someone to start saying Ichigo is a planet buster at which point we should all just GTFO. Dont expect any replies out of me as I have alot of work to finish up before im officially done, and being on here gets me no closer to finishing it.

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Off-Topic » The Speed of Lightning.

@Dream: Yeah I fully understand, he is known to exaggerate.

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Off-Topic » The Speed of Lightning.

@Dream: Yes, it's dealt with very strictly given the abundance of lasers in "weaker" fictional verses (Kizaru in One Piece for example). Same thing with "Black Holes" in this regard. I think it's mostly to do with how technologically advanced the Nobility are in VHD (From what I have read the technology they have is very advanced), they have some very powerful stuff when it comes to the technological side of things.

I will see about reading these books myself, just so I can gauge these feats. The guy sounds very interesting none the less.

You could ask Fang or Kage no Yume (I think they are the VHD buffs over at the OBD, but I'm not 100% on that) about the feat and get a much more refined version from them, and most likely exact numbers too.


That's his profile there. They have him down somewhere between quadruple to quintuple mach in reactions.

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Off-Topic » The Speed of Lightning.

@Dream: Laser just stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. So most lasers should be relativistic at least, I think the type of laser effects it's speed but my knowledge on the exact workings of lasers is very limited.


The OBD have it worded nicely there. You can read that and get a better understanding of how lasers work.

Him cutting the decending leader is MHS. Had he have cut the Return stroke (Like I said this is the part that is actually visible to us, which is the proper discharge from the cloud/ground. I dont know how one would go about cutting a completed ionized path through the air anyway, but if you can figure that out then let me know) then you could give him that 1/3 lightspeed stuff.

The laser feat i'm unsure of as I don't read the novels, I just know some of his feats. It's normally accepted to be relativistic from what I have seen, but as I said I don't know to what level exactly.

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Off-Topic » The Speed of Lightning.

@Dream: Yeah I saw that. It was bad enough he tried to lecture Oxford on English.

I will say he is not wrong with the speed, the return stroke can average speeds around 1/3 the speed of light. But only the return stroke can get to those speeds, the leader is much slower.

The feat in question sounds more like D is cutting a decending leader rather than the return stroke. But I think he deflected lasers at some point in a later novel, which would give him relativistic reactions at best. To what level that is i'm not sure.

Not lightspeed or FTL in any case based on that feat alone.

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Off-Topic » The Speed of Lightning.

@Dream: Yeah the stepped leader is the actual bolt in most cases, the return stroke only happens when the leader has found a suitable path through the air.

In the slow mo videos you can see the leader(s) branching out to find the best path to the ground.

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Off-Topic » The Speed of Lightning.

@Dream: The higher speed that people bring up is the Return Stroke which happens directly after the Leader has plotted a path to the ground. Simply put its the bright flash we all see during a lightning storm.

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Battles » 100 Homunculus Mannequinn Soldiers vs 100 Others

The White Walkers, assuming we are talking about the actual White Walkers and not the Wrights.

They are faster than the Mannequins and have a higher level of intelligence, not to mention actual fighting skill and the fact that Mannequins dont have the destructive power to get rid of them or Dragonglass (Obsidian for anyone who watches the show)/Fire/Dragonsteel (Valyrian Steel for anyone who watches the show, I also can't remember if this has actually worked on them but I do remember Sam saying that Dragonsteel can kill them. Been awhile since I read the books so my knowledge is sketchy on the finer details) to exploit their only known weaknesses.

Might require chopping them into pieces but the White Walkers should finish this up without too much trouble.

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