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Battles » Danzo Shimura VS. Tsunade

I would give it to Danzo in both.

I can't see Shizune being helpful to Tsunade in any way other than healing, and even then... But other than that Izanagi will give him the overall advantage, since any attack he inflicts is fatal (And she has no real defence to block them, unlike Sasuke), and he is easily more versatile and skilled in combat than her. Not to mention he was able to track and take down multiple ANBU level assassins without the use of Izanagi (I am starting to think that the ANBU are not as good as they are made out to be). Also Baku would give him another advantage since Tsunade would have no way of putting it down. And he has Kotoamatsukami just to top it all off.

As far as her Byakugou goes, Im not all that impressed with it to be honest, it seems more like a plot device than anything just to keep her alive. Could she even heal from a fatal attack?

And I can't really see either doing much with prep.

Also I feel the need to ask, would Fuu and Torune be in the second round with Danzo? I cant see there being much difference, but, you never know.

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Battles » Aang vs Kid Trunks

@Goku1fan: SSJ > Avatar State, Hell Base Trunks > Avatar State.

Why make this exactly? I mean you must have SOME understanding of each character and any sane person would know that Avatar is far far FAR beneath DBZ in terms of power (They are not even in the Naruto region in terms of power and speed (Could be challanged, but more than likely not very well)) so why did you decide to make a thread that was this one sided?

I am not trying to be mean, I just dont understand why you made this in the first place, or more appropriately, why is it so one sided? You are not even restricting Trunks's power, not that it would make a difference anyway, but still. If anything you done more damage to Aang considering his staff could be considered a weapon and you have taken that from him.

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Battles » Doomsday is unleashed into the DBZ universe

@Destinyheroknight: Reign of Chaos Doomsday was capable of flight.

@Newdeath I would hardly call Doomsday "too slow" considering he is able to match Superman in speed and strength which would make him faster than the Z Fighters (But his speed is hard to judge since he does not have many speed feats worth noteing). His reactions were also impressive considering he caught the Flash while he was in motion at the time, And there was a time, long ago when he was faster than The Flash (Abite not a great feat for this day an age but impressive none the less), Many moons ago now. His Reactive Evolution could also play a part in making him faster since he could just adapt to their speed and increase his reaction time to fight on par with them or increase his own speed to become faster than them. But overall he should have very little trouble in that department.

@100Rings: He is non-canon, unless the OP is letting characters from the movies in.

Also what version of doomsday is being used? As far as I see it if he is in his strongest incarnation, they have nothing that can put him down permanently since he can just regenerate from it and come back even stronger due to his Reactive Evolution (which can also be used on the fly and does not require him dying IIRC), eventually making their Ki attacks worthless. He also displayed the ability to copy moves of opponents and recreate them in a stronger fashion that its former counterpart.

With that said however, All of them at once might be a bit too much for him. It would be better if it was done in rounds like 2 on 1 or 1 on 1, because that way he has a better chance of progressing.

But as it stands I would give this to the Z Fighters.

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Battles » Suigetsu Hōzuki (Naruto) Vs Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach)

Ichigo easily. Kuro's right this is just spite.

I would ask for you to give what version of Ichigo we are using just for clarity in the thread but going by your previous threads you will not reply. All the same could you please add more info in your fights so we dont have to ask every time you make one.

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Battles » Rock Lee vs Toph(Avatar Last Airbender)

Its good to see a thread that has no DBZ in it.

But on topic Haofan is completely correct, She has no means to stop herself from being blitzed by Lee given that her movement speed is human and her bending speed is human (I could say peak for both but it would not make any difference). Whereas Lee was blitzing Sasuke W/ his sharingan active and he had no idea what was going on. Not to mention that despite losing the fight he got through gaaras Sand Shield with nothing more than speed and almost broke through with his strength alone just before hand.

By the time she manages to start bending the earth, She is already airborne and the Primary Lotus is in effect.

Just becasue she can feel his momements through the earth is nothing. She has no means to react to them in time before she is launched into the air where she is more than useless.

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Battles » Vegito Vs. Thanos

@justanormalguy: I have said this before to you and I guess I shall have to say it again.

You believe what he put in the Manga regardless of the context it was used in.

You believe that Buu can destroy a universe just because he said he could, you also believed that Yamamoto's Bankai could "Reduce all Creation to ash" because it was what he said to release his shikai, you also thought that cell could destroy a solar system because he said he could.

The pattern I see is that you believe with blind faith everything that has been written and everything said as the absolute word of god. Even if it was said through a character, you still believe it is the word of god.

The reason I use the 2 references from Star Wars and LoTR is because they are similar to these claims you believe are true in a sence that "They said it could do one thing and yet they/it was unable to do what they said it could"

I mean I could claim that I can fly unaided, but nobody would believe that unless I can show it. And why should they, just because I said it does not make it true.

I implore you to SHOW me Buu blowing up the universe and not say he can because he said so. If you can do that then by all means continue on you holy quest and I shall back up all the way.

And try not to come up with abother smart assed comment, put a bit of effort into it and dont go and do this

Stupid questions for 400, Alex.

"Kid Buu blowing up the universe."

What is the end of the series?


More stupid questions for 200, Alex.

"These are wanted by DBZ haters to try and prove a characters power."

What are unnecessary feats?


or this

We'll be right back with a stupid response of "blah blah blah DBZ is weak".

Because there is no need for it at all.

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Battles » Luke Skywalker Vs Sasuke

@paladin said:

@Anzendenai:Have you read EU?

Luke Skywalker can accelerate objects to lightspeed with his telekinesis, teleport objects inside people, BFR people via fold-space, generate entire illusionary fleets, exert telepathic influence galaxy-wide, destroy souls, absorb energy, turn temporally intangible or surivive as a Force Ghost even after his body would get destroyed.

His lightsaber also overpowered turbolasers. Said lasers are mountain level+ in terms of destructive capacity. He also bested someone who could destroy a city-sized area via telekinesis.

As for speed, Mace Windu could overrun blaster bolts. Said blaster bolts are hypersonic in speed to a somewhat unknown degree. And there are the above mentioned relativistic+ reaction feats.

No, Sasuke is getting throughly annihilated.

Couldn't have said it better myself.

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Battles » Vegito Vs. Thanos

Thanos wins

@justanormalguy: And you do this every thread when DBZ is up against someone vastly more powerful, and with better feats to back up said power.

Can you not understand that DBZ is not as powerful as you make them out to be. If I asked you to show me Buu destroying a universe you would be unable to because its not there, so you cant claim that he can just because he said he could.

The Trade Federation said their shields were impenetrable and we all know how that turned out for them, Theoden was certain that no army could breach the Deeping Wall and yet the Uruk Hai not only breached it, they blew the crap out of it. Dont take everything for the word of god because more often than not it is not true unless is is backed up by them actually doing it.

They are a strong verse dont get me wrong but when you put them up against top tiers from the likes of Marvel or DC (To mention a few) then they will be obliterated, and thats a fact.

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Battles » Hiei(Yu Yu Hakusho) Vs Barragan Louisenbarn(Bleach)

@taichokage: So you would say that Barragan would win all 3 rounds?

What I am trying to say in regards to power is that he is able to easily age attacks that can destroy buildings (, but the stronger the attack the longer it would take him to age it. An Example would be if Goku condensed a planet buster to fire like the kido Byakurai, I would doubt he could age it, considering the amount of energy the attack contains, or I what I should say is, he would be unable to age it enough to avoid damage from it.

A similar principle would work for the likes of Yamamoto, and Hiei given that their attacks are superior than what Soi Fon and Hachi can dish out.

But your choice is fine regardless, we shall just have to see what other people think in regards to his power so we can come to a decision.

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Battles » Hiei(Yu Yu Hakusho) Vs Barragan Louisenbarn(Bleach)

@Haofan123: Well it does say he is using Arrogante, but I just took that as he already had it realeased. But you do have a fair point, can the OP say wether on not Barragan is using his Resurreccion or not?

@taichokage: Its not really a bias, it is just the difference in power between the top tiers in Bleach and in Yu Yu Hakusho is very vast. The likes of EoS Yusuke or Kurama could slap around most of the bleach verse if not the whole verse casually, and Hiei is either equal to them or a step behind them in terms of power. His ageing is surely limited if its confronted with a force far greater than his own, if he was confronted by the likes of Byakuya, Yamamoto or another highly destructive captain then I doubt his powers would be highly effective, Soi-Fon is not a very powerful character in terms of destruction (She is more like a stealth based captain chosing agility over destruction and power) which is the main reason why I believe she would have been unable to win against him had Hachi not turned up to help, and the main reason why they had to use his own ability against him because they lacked the firepower to do some serious damage on their own (I am not saying they are weak, I am just saying that they were not suited to fight him). Had a more powerful captain fought him then I would say he would have been alot easier to kill.

The reason I am sideing with Hiei is because Hiei is the stronger and the faster of the 2, and I cant see Barragans ageing being helpful to him past the 1st round (Which I would still say Barragan wins in, due to hiei not being uber powerful in the DT)

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Battles » Hiei(Yu Yu Hakusho) Vs Barragan Louisenbarn(Bleach)

@Haofan123: I believe he is already in his realesed state in all 3 rounds. But I agree that Hiei could blitz him.

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Battles » Hiei(Yu Yu Hakusho) Vs Barragan Louisenbarn(Bleach)

Is Hiei not able to bind the likes of yusuke with a curse and use multiple Dragons in his jaganshi form, meaning he could easily overwhelm Barragan and surround him with the attack leaving him with no exit. And in the latter rounds with his even greater speed it would just be done with more efficiency.

I would agree that Barragan could win round 1 but Hiei is just to powerful even for Barragan in round 2 and 3

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Battles » Hiei(Yu Yu Hakusho) Vs Barragan Louisenbarn(Bleach)

@taichokage: Just quickly read over the chapters that I missed and did Hachi not say that he had to detonate her Bankai in an area where it could not reach him so as he would remain unscathed, due to him not being able to age attacks quick enough if they are too close to him and too fast. If Hiei got close enough (Which I can only see him doing in round 2 and 3 to be honest) without him realising then he could fire the Dragon directly at him thus leaving him no room to run and the attack would be too close for him to age it fast enough before it has done some serious damage.

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Battles » Hiei(Yu Yu Hakusho) Vs Barragan Louisenbarn(Bleach)

@Destinyheroknight:Ah thats good to know, I missed out on a few of the chapters around his fight and still never got round to reading them yet. I was only going off what my friends had told me about his power.

I would say Barragan could take round 1 then.

But I would say Hiei would be to strong and fast in the other 2 rounds for him to win them.

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Battles » Hiei(Yu Yu Hakusho) Vs Barragan Louisenbarn(Bleach)

Round 1. I am not sure about since both are about equal in speed (Since Barragan was keeping up with Soi-Fon, one of the fastest captains). The only thing that seperatates them is Barragan's broken Respira, and I would think Hiei would fall prey to it eventually.

That is unless Barragan's Respira is innefective to Hiei's Dragon of the Darkness Flame? (Would need clarification on what it can age exactly, But I was under the impression it is only physical matter like stone or flesh, Unless someone has more info)

Round 2 and 3. I would give to Hiei since he is leagues faster than Barragan in Chapter Black and Three Kings

Hiei has the potential to win all the rounds but I would need to know if Barragan can age flames and other substances such as that if anyone has more info on Respira.

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Battles » Luke Skywalker Vs Sasuke

@GIRUGAMESH: Yeah I believe that's called lightning judgement, but I call it emerald lightning for some reason.

Yeah I came across that while looking for those pieces of text. But he does win a few of those scenarios from what I saw.

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Battles » Luke Skywalker Vs Sasuke

@GIRUGAMESH: Sorry you're misunderstanding me (but that is because of my bad wording so no fault of your own). His Speed with the force is formidable but not hypersonic (That was my fault what I ment to say was his reaction speed was hypersonic and upwards), but his reactions are far above that. You asked for speed feats so thats what I went to get.

He has precognition (The ability to predict moves before they happen)

Through precognition he would predict every move sasuke could make, Luke has also shown (Calced at) nanosecond reaction speed, and his power with the force is second to none. He could mind fuck sasuke as soon as the match starts or rip him into pieces with TK.

Or he could release an omnidirectional Force based wave and destroy him like that

I just need to ask if you have any idea how powerful the EU is in star wars because you seem to be doubting Luke quite a bit?

I also found another fight with him in it on another fourm. Once again sorry but the link function is not working for me.


That is him soloing all of the HST at once. (Multiple scenairos)

His advantage comes from his precog and reaction speed not to mention superior skill and fighting ability.

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Battles » Who can stand against "D"?

@Dream: I am only doing what needs to be done lol.

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Battles » Luke Skywalker Vs Sasuke

@GIRUGAMESH: Unfortunatly I dont have scans at my disposal currently but I will keep looking, I do however have examples of his use with Force Speed and other force related speed feats.

1. Would be when he fought the Emperor and the duel was invisible to the naked eye, even Leia could not see them and she was force senstitive at the time. I believe this is from the DE Audiobook

Luke: "No! I made a mistake! I thought I had to save the galaxy alone. All by myself. But the way of the Jedi is not a solitary path."

Leia: "The holocron!! Luke, the holocron told me to “join with my brother!” "

Luke: "Yes. The Force binds us. Brings us together. Many people are fighting this war, together! Our ally is the Force! Through the strength of the Force, your shroud of evil has been lifted from my mind! "

<Lightsaber activating>

Emperor: "So be it. Through the power of the Force, you will die!"

<Sabers clashing>

Leia: "Be careful, Luke! The Force is strong... they’re both moving so fast, I can hardly see them... I feel waves of power... the Dark Side and the Light but I feel the Light... is winning!"

<sound of Luke landing a blow, cutting off Palpatines hand>

Emperor: "Argh~! My hand~! You've cut off my hand~!"

Luke: "Now, “Your Highness,” we will escort you to the Alliance base, where you will surrender the Galaxy to the New Republic!"

Another would be this.

A horizontal hail of energy bolts stabbed at Luke---The Force let him move faster than he thought possible, and he wove a defensive tapestry with his lightsaber that turned the hard rain away. Ricocheting beams hit and pierced walls, bounty hunters, the floor, the ceiling. It was dangerous to be here, no matter where you stood. Amazed as he was at his speed and skill, Luke knew it couldn't continue. He had to miss only one block and he would be a goner. Sooner or later, they'd get him.

And one more (There are more and I will try and find the very impressive ones unless someone beats me to it)

The Force. Let it work for you, Luke.Luke heard Ben's voice calling as if from a great distance, echoing across space and time. Yes. He managed a breath as Guri raised her hand, formed now into a blade instead of a fist, a grin of triumph lightingi her features---When he blew out his air, he blew his fear out with it. He had to trust the Force completely---Guri slowed, as if she were suddenly mired in thickened time. He saw her hand descending, saw it moving to smash him, but it was so incredibly slow, why, he could easily just roll aside and stand, before she ever reached him...He did so. He felt as if he were moving at normal speed, though there was a crackling feeling to his motion, a sound like a strong wind whistling about his ears.

He came up, pivoted, thrust his open palm against the descending chop, shoved it aside. He used his left leg, a sweep that caught Guri behind the right ankle. Her feet left the floor, still moving in slow motion, and she fell, floated down, hit flat on her back...Time speeded up. Leia's yell still echoed down the corridor. Guri hit the floor.

Not to mention his precog will just render Sasukes speed useless and his TK is unbelievely powerful.

Also its not uncommon for the EU versions of jedi or sith to be hypersonic and up in reactions (Reactions tend to be augmented by precog so they are more around lightspeed level or just under)

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Battles » Who can stand against "D"?

@ReiKai: American Heritage Dictionary on the English Language 4th Edition?

Really? I think I would take the word of Collins or Oxford over an American English Dictionary (No Offence intended) considering it is you know, an English establishment who wrote and all.


Pronunciation: /ˈsɔːdzmən/

noun (plural swordsmen)

  • a man who fights with a sword (typically with his level of skill specified): an expert swordsman


Taken straight from the Oxford Dictionary. (Here is the web page if you would rather look at it yourself (The link function wont work for me at the moment I think it may be a new plugin that installed today: http://oxforddictionaries.com/definition/swordsman?q=Swordsman )

You should have posted something from an English institute considering American English and Modern/Old English differ in different ways my friend (Mainly over spelling but quite a few definitions are altered between the two too, such as, I would say colour while you would spell it color etc. It was mainly due to your country breaking free from our rule and you wanted to disassociate America from the UK) , and I would rather take the original English over the American English simply because it is called English for a reason.

How many times do I have to keep knocking you down before you stop getting back up? Because I have alot of time on my hands currently.

Why dont you just concede and say "Yes fine he wins" and move on to the next one which seems to be "Tenchi Masaki"

@MisterShin: Good Choice btw I was going to post him today but you beat me to it haha.

Oh and also Resonable level of intelligence? I have an IQ of 131(Not really important but I thought I would add it in anyway) and I also have an A+ Grade in my English A Level (Not to mention 2 other grades but they are not important for this). And you're the one telling me about my language?

That is just silly.

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