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Battles » naruto vs ichigo vs luffy

@YouFinished: The Chibaku Tensei is a glorified sealing technique, and has only ever been used as such. Pain even said that his mini version should be enough to CONTAIN naruto, but he could increase the size if anything occured, meaning that it was not ment to kill him.

The Jubi was also trapped inside a formation that was Chibaku Tensei induced, the moon, . You use the argument that because Kurohitsugi was not warping space-time noticably on the exterior at that moment then it was not doing it at all (Despite the fact we could not see inside at that time, for all we know Aizen was telling the truth, He only said it to make Ichigo's power all the more impressive. Hyperbole or not the feat is more impressive than anything I have seen Naruto do as of late), Well Chibaku Tensei was not used against naruto offensively (Only to capture him and contain his power) so he didnt "Tank" that attack since it was not used to attack him in the first place, there was nothing to tank.

His best feats of durability in Tailed Beast form could amount to Mountain level eventually butI would not use Chibaku Tensei as a durability feat since it was not used against naruto to inflict harm upon him. If pain wanted to kill him the entire attack on the village would have been counter-productive, which gives even more base the the fact that attack was not to harm or hurt naruto in any way, other than to immoblize and capture him. I personally would NOT use that as a durability feat since it was not used as an attack intended to inflict harm against him, but if life has taught me anything its that we all have different ideas and opinions and just have to respect them, because chances are I will not be able to turn people to my way of thing with one speach or post.

Bare in mind, I am not saying he is not Mountain level in his Tailed Beast forms, I am meerly saying that I would not use Chibaku Tensei as a measure of his durablilty.

As for the 8 Tails breaking out of Chibaku Tensei, Its really not all that impressive. Since the 8 Tails is equal in size to the 9 Tails it would have been bigger than the Sphere itself, and when it formed it only had one way to go and that was out. Besides the rocks were not compressed enough to make it solid (The cracks running all over the surface) so any sufficent amount Tailed Beast power released at the centre would have been enough to break out of it if the target was conscious when he/she was being trapped.

As for Ulquiorra's Lanza del Relampago in comparison to Las Noches. The size if Las Noches is not stated outright, but testimonies to its size were given many times, Like when Ichigo and his team were walking for hours and the Fortress never seemed to get closer, Nel said herself that it takes about three days to move from one side to the other. It is more than likely the biggest structure in the enitre verse, and its size is not far off, or could even equal that of the Seireitei. And Lanza del Relampago was calced at being Town+ in terms of destruction, which is not all that far off from mountain level so he is a good comparison for us to use.

Frankly until Naruto shows so new feats that could put him above Ichigo in his Dangai/FGT form, Ichigo destroys him and Luffy. I mean naruto has really only recently (by that I mean it has not been as long as the other 2) been a confirmed hypersonic character (I believe his sage mode was around mach 5-6), while the other 2 were hypersonic for years and even going up to hypersonic+. Ichigo's sword swings in his Dangai form were calced at mach 28, which is double if not triple what naruto is capiable of currently (I cant see him getting past the the low to mid teens (11-15 mach) in terms of speed with this new form, But I could always be wrong). And luffy was Hypersonic+ for a long time too before naruto was so they both out class him in speed. Frankly the only thing he really beats them in is sheer raw destructive power (and even that takes a few seconds to achieve).

Also breaking out of Kurohitsugi was not a strength feat, it was more a testimony to his spirit power, and the wave of his hand was him releasing copious amounts of it in order to "Crush" Kurohitsugi.

Like I said Ichigo wins until naruto shows something more impressive. I would say he could do it without the use of FGT, but it would be a much harder battle that way.

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Battles » Kid Goten vs Naruto

@tronboy: Haha good joke there my friend, good one indeed.

@othus12 said:

Gotta quoat this. Too good!

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Battles » Goku vs Porno Diane

@justanormalguy: Well it was actually Maths and Physics but that is besides the point.

Are you unable to read? You seem to have trouble reading a post before you reply to it claiming you are right are we are wrong or just saying something about ABC logic or hell just being downright condecending.

I explained to you that the Black Abyss had the same mass as a Galaxy in our Local Cluster, and he destroyed it, Ergo the reason he can destroy Galaxys. The more you reply the more idioitic you make yourself look:

"Didnt even read it" "TL;DR" or "I dont even know what you said"

I mean its all there in simplistic terms for you and you are unable to read it? That is just a terrible shame. Oh and in regards to the real world physics, The wirter must scale off something he knows and unless he says that the physics in the fictional universe is different from our own then we have no reason to believe otherwise. Hence the reason the narrator stated that the Black Abyss was "50 Million Solar Masses" what sun do you think he was talking about idiot? I dont even think the writer even knows the names of other Stars in our universe, and even if he did what reason would he have to state that it was the same as "50 Million Solar Masses" if not to make its destruction look all the more incredible?

Please, just because you keep replying does not make your hypothesis any less wrong. Do yourself a favor and dont even bother, your style of debating is weird and going off of speculation with no evidence to back up anything that comes out of your mouth. If you go to court you are asked to submit evidence to your claims or they wont believe they happened. Same thing in a debate, unless you have evidence to support it you are going to lose and then the more you fight for it them more you make yourself look like an idiot.

Well if thats the was we are debating now then I pose this next match, Me vs DBZ-verse!

Now be aware I can destroy Omniverses and also, I am faster than an Omnipresent being, not to mention I am also completely Immortal and I also have omnescience and omnipotence.

There you go because who would know more about myself than me! right???

Oh you want proof that I can do all that? Why should you disbelieve what I said, I mean you believe that Cell can destroy solar systems because he said he could right?

Quoating myself because that is your logic and reasoning behind a fight.

But this will all just go over your head and you will make another smart assed comment back. I implore you to AT least make it about the fight (and you on panel evidence to support your claims please), we have got off topic too much already.

Porno Diano wins simply because she is stronger. End of fight.

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Battles » Goku vs Porno Diane

@justanormalguy: Oh well that is fair enough I hit "C" instead of "S".

I see... and is that it? You made out like I spelt multiple words wrong and had improper grammar, spelling, and tenses all through my post, but that is the only thing that was incorrect in terms of my spelling...

Ok thats fair enough I asked you to point it out and you did so.

Oh and ellipsis have only three dots "..." not four "....". Oh and one word does not constitute a sentence either.

Also, I know you were rambling, so TL;DR. Yeah.

So yeah... (See its three instead of four)

Oh and just to school you in a different subject now (Physics and Maths incase you are wondering).

The mass of the Sun is roughly 2,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 kg. And the Black Abyss that was destroyed had the mass of "50 Million Solar Masses" (And that is me just using our sun(The fair method of doing things and more than likely what they ment when they brought it up), I could very well use VY Canis Majoris for this too but that would be VERY unfair considering it makes our sun look like a speck of dirt in size) which in turn works out at:

2,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 x 50,000,000 = 1.0 x 10^38

Now just to give you the scale of 10^38, 10^24 equates to 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (Or a Septillion which in computer memory would be equal to a Yottabyte or a Septillion bytes of space)

The best name value for 10^38 would be a "Duodecillion" (Which is 10^39) and the mass of one of our local group of galaxies (Triangulum Galaxy) has a mass of around 5x10^10 which would put it just below a trillion in mass.

Do you see what I am getting at yet?

That is far from ABC logic that is just logic at its finest. If he is able to destroy that then that would put him at Galaxy level in terms of destruction (Deja Vu??). And this all happened on panel too, funny enough. So I guess Cell can destroy a Solar System because he he done so on... Oh wait he did no such thing on panel, Well I guess we can go by Kid Buu destroying Galaxies because that happened on... Oh wait that didnt happen on panel either. So all we have to go by is what THEY said they can do?

Well if thats the was we are debating now then I pose this next match, Me vs DBZ-verse!

Now be aware I can destroy Omniverses and also, I am faster than an Omnipresent being, not to mention I am also completely Immortal and I also have omnescience and omnipotence.

There you go because who would know more about myself than me! right???

Oh you want proof that I can do all that? Why should you disbelieve what I said, I mean you believe that Cell can destroy solar systems because he said he could right?

That is a shame there and you were on such a roll too! You almost made me believe what you were saying was the truth haha.

EDIT: Also that TL;DR crap wont wash with me. If you cared about trying to debate with us, then you would read through our comments in full before you make a half assed reply to them. I will also apologise for the condescension in the post (As childish as it is you have been doing that since you started here, so I thought I would see how you like it), because nobody likes to be talked down to in a patronizing way.

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Battles » Goku vs Porno Diane

@justanormalguy said:

I didn't even read your post. The second you began, I noticed improper grammar and spelling in your post. Reread your stuff next time. Lol. Man are you bad.

I would like you to point out my improper spelling please.

The only mistakes I made in that post were the double "on" in the second line, forgeting the "Is" on the third line, possible misuse (On no use) of punctuation marks (I should refer you to the last line on my previous post in regards to this) and a tendency to capitalize letters when they have no need of it (A problem of mine that I have had for the last 12 years so I am afraid that is out of my hands). There was no improper spelling or use of grammar in that post in any sence of the two words aside from what I mentioned previous. I would say for you to read the whole thing through and point out my spelling mistakes.

And I feel like myself and others have said this to you before but it is common courtesy to read what some said to you in full before you reply to them. If you choose not to, then do not bother to reply to something you have no idea about in the first place.

I believe my A grade at A-Level English Language would make me more than competent enough to make as few mistakes as possible in regards to grammar and spelling. And far above criticism from the likes of you, my "friend".

Like I said before, check your own posts before you criticise myself and Destinyhero on ours.

I believe that is what they call "Being Schooled"

But back on track, Darsh did destroy the Black Abyss in his fight with (Uriel and it was actually 50 Million Solar masses not my previous mistake of 5 million (Read it incorrectly it seems). So in regards to the people claiming that Darsh can destroy a galaxy... yes, yes he can. And like I said before, that is more proof than what DBZ (Manga or otherwise) gave to Cells statement in regards to his power.

And as for the fight, Porno Diano wins because she has Dispell Bound and Eternal Atoms and Goku would be unable to break through her Dispell Bound, let alone destroy her Eternal Atoms.

And she wins no question. Unlike Goku, she can use her abilities and cast spells by thinking the one she wants.

Also quoating this because I agree entirely. Goku has no chance at all.

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Battles » Goku vs Porno Diane

@justanormalguy: Dark Schneider destroyed the Black Abyss (Supermassive Black Hole that was the entrance to hell at the center of a galaxy) which was 5 million solar masses just by colliding with Uriel's Gungnir, and that was on on panel and everything. That puts him at Galaxy level in terms of destruction, which is more proof than what DBZ (Manga or otherwise) gave to Cells statement about his own power.

And thats what called reading the manga my friend.

And now you are going to insult other peoples grammar and spelling online. Have you ever considered that some people here are not fluent in the english language, or that they have dyslexia, or that they just dont care about proper grammar and spelling online? ( not implying either just trying to make a point)

Oh and just to be an ass for you insulting Destiny and his use of the English language (And then trying to correct him on it) its claimED not claimS. You CLAIMED Goku was a galaxy buster so that is the correct tense in which to use the word). It should also be inside quotation marks, like so, "claimS" and "you ARE", to signify the importance of the word, But that is not mandatory. So you are trying to correct someone else even though you are wrong also. Besides you understood what he ment by it, so why did you feel the need to insult him in the first place?

I think you need to look at your own use of the english language before you start insulting others in their use of it.

Oh and Gotta means "Have got a.." or "Have got to.." so your last sentence makes no sence, You more or less said that YOU have got to write properly since you did not have a noun at the start.

Besides most people don't care much for their grammar and spelling online, but I do try to make an effort personally but sometimes I just don't care either way.

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Battles » Who's Faster? Red Alien Ranger or The Flash

I dont get if this is a battle or a race since it has the layout of a battle and you even say "battle here".

You have equalised speed and you ask who's faster, really?

Neither since they both start the same distance away from what every they are running towards.

This is kinda derp tbh.

Besides this "Battle" has no anime characters anyway.

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Battles » Danzo Shimura VS. Tsunade

@Phoenix_Wright: I can't see that doing much for her either, since Katsuyu is primarily a summon used for healing and the only real offensive attack she has is spiting acid which Danzo could dodge with augmented reactions via the sharingan or just let it collide with Izagani active and remain unaffected.

If anything it would take the heat off her for a short while but Danzo would be smart enough to just go straight for her anyway. It could split up into many slugs and overwhelm him, but I dont think they have any offensive traits in that form other than just being a pest and distributing chakra, so that would only slow him down and nothing more.

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Battles » Danzo Shimura VS. Tsunade

I would give it to Danzo in both.

I can't see Shizune being helpful to Tsunade in any way other than healing, and even then... But other than that Izanagi will give him the overall advantage, since any attack he inflicts is fatal (And she has no real defence to block them, unlike Sasuke), and he is easily more versatile and skilled in combat than her. Not to mention he was able to track and take down multiple ANBU level assassins without the use of Izanagi (I am starting to think that the ANBU are not as good as they are made out to be). Also Baku would give him another advantage since Tsunade would have no way of putting it down. And he has Kotoamatsukami just to top it all off.

As far as her Byakugou goes, Im not all that impressed with it to be honest, it seems more like a plot device than anything just to keep her alive. Could she even heal from a fatal attack?

And I can't really see either doing much with prep.

Also I feel the need to ask, would Fuu and Torune be in the second round with Danzo? I cant see there being much difference, but, you never know.

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Battles » Aang vs Kid Trunks

@Goku1fan: SSJ > Avatar State, Hell Base Trunks > Avatar State.

Why make this exactly? I mean you must have SOME understanding of each character and any sane person would know that Avatar is far far FAR beneath DBZ in terms of power (They are not even in the Naruto region in terms of power and speed (Could be challanged, but more than likely not very well)) so why did you decide to make a thread that was this one sided?

I am not trying to be mean, I just dont understand why you made this in the first place, or more appropriately, why is it so one sided? You are not even restricting Trunks's power, not that it would make a difference anyway, but still. If anything you done more damage to Aang considering his staff could be considered a weapon and you have taken that from him.

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Battles » Doomsday is unleashed into the DBZ universe

@Destinyheroknight: Reign of Chaos Doomsday was capable of flight.

@Newdeath I would hardly call Doomsday "too slow" considering he is able to match Superman in speed and strength which would make him faster than the Z Fighters (But his speed is hard to judge since he does not have many speed feats worth noteing). His reactions were also impressive considering he caught the Flash while he was in motion at the time, And there was a time, long ago when he was faster than The Flash (Abite not a great feat for this day an age but impressive none the less), Many moons ago now. His Reactive Evolution could also play a part in making him faster since he could just adapt to their speed and increase his reaction time to fight on par with them or increase his own speed to become faster than them. But overall he should have very little trouble in that department.

@100Rings: He is non-canon, unless the OP is letting characters from the movies in.

Also what version of doomsday is being used? As far as I see it if he is in his strongest incarnation, they have nothing that can put him down permanently since he can just regenerate from it and come back even stronger due to his Reactive Evolution (which can also be used on the fly and does not require him dying IIRC), eventually making their Ki attacks worthless. He also displayed the ability to copy moves of opponents and recreate them in a stronger fashion that its former counterpart.

With that said however, All of them at once might be a bit too much for him. It would be better if it was done in rounds like 2 on 1 or 1 on 1, because that way he has a better chance of progressing.

But as it stands I would give this to the Z Fighters.

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Battles » Suigetsu Hōzuki (Naruto) Vs Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach)

Ichigo easily. Kuro's right this is just spite.

I would ask for you to give what version of Ichigo we are using just for clarity in the thread but going by your previous threads you will not reply. All the same could you please add more info in your fights so we dont have to ask every time you make one.

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Battles » Rock Lee vs Toph(Avatar Last Airbender)

Its good to see a thread that has no DBZ in it.

But on topic Haofan is completely correct, She has no means to stop herself from being blitzed by Lee given that her movement speed is human and her bending speed is human (I could say peak for both but it would not make any difference). Whereas Lee was blitzing Sasuke W/ his sharingan active and he had no idea what was going on. Not to mention that despite losing the fight he got through gaaras Sand Shield with nothing more than speed and almost broke through with his strength alone just before hand.

By the time she manages to start bending the earth, She is already airborne and the Primary Lotus is in effect.

Just becasue she can feel his momements through the earth is nothing. She has no means to react to them in time before she is launched into the air where she is more than useless.

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Battles » Vegito Vs. Thanos

@justanormalguy: I have said this before to you and I guess I shall have to say it again.

You believe what he put in the Manga regardless of the context it was used in.

You believe that Buu can destroy a universe just because he said he could, you also believed that Yamamoto's Bankai could "Reduce all Creation to ash" because it was what he said to release his shikai, you also thought that cell could destroy a solar system because he said he could.

The pattern I see is that you believe with blind faith everything that has been written and everything said as the absolute word of god. Even if it was said through a character, you still believe it is the word of god.

The reason I use the 2 references from Star Wars and LoTR is because they are similar to these claims you believe are true in a sence that "They said it could do one thing and yet they/it was unable to do what they said it could"

I mean I could claim that I can fly unaided, but nobody would believe that unless I can show it. And why should they, just because I said it does not make it true.

I implore you to SHOW me Buu blowing up the universe and not say he can because he said so. If you can do that then by all means continue on you holy quest and I shall back up all the way.

And try not to come up with abother smart assed comment, put a bit of effort into it and dont go and do this

Stupid questions for 400, Alex.

"Kid Buu blowing up the universe."

What is the end of the series?


More stupid questions for 200, Alex.

"These are wanted by DBZ haters to try and prove a characters power."

What are unnecessary feats?


or this

We'll be right back with a stupid response of "blah blah blah DBZ is weak".

Because there is no need for it at all.

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Battles » Luke Skywalker Vs Sasuke

@paladin said:

@Anzendenai:Have you read EU?

Luke Skywalker can accelerate objects to lightspeed with his telekinesis, teleport objects inside people, BFR people via fold-space, generate entire illusionary fleets, exert telepathic influence galaxy-wide, destroy souls, absorb energy, turn temporally intangible or surivive as a Force Ghost even after his body would get destroyed.

His lightsaber also overpowered turbolasers. Said lasers are mountain level+ in terms of destructive capacity. He also bested someone who could destroy a city-sized area via telekinesis.

As for speed, Mace Windu could overrun blaster bolts. Said blaster bolts are hypersonic in speed to a somewhat unknown degree. And there are the above mentioned relativistic+ reaction feats.

No, Sasuke is getting throughly annihilated.

Couldn't have said it better myself.

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Battles » Vegito Vs. Thanos

Thanos wins

@justanormalguy: And you do this every thread when DBZ is up against someone vastly more powerful, and with better feats to back up said power.

Can you not understand that DBZ is not as powerful as you make them out to be. If I asked you to show me Buu destroying a universe you would be unable to because its not there, so you cant claim that he can just because he said he could.

The Trade Federation said their shields were impenetrable and we all know how that turned out for them, Theoden was certain that no army could breach the Deeping Wall and yet the Uruk Hai not only breached it, they blew the crap out of it. Dont take everything for the word of god because more often than not it is not true unless is is backed up by them actually doing it.

They are a strong verse dont get me wrong but when you put them up against top tiers from the likes of Marvel or DC (To mention a few) then they will be obliterated, and thats a fact.

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Battles » Hiei(Yu Yu Hakusho) Vs Barragan Louisenbarn(Bleach)

@taichokage: So you would say that Barragan would win all 3 rounds?

What I am trying to say in regards to power is that he is able to easily age attacks that can destroy buildings (, but the stronger the attack the longer it would take him to age it. An Example would be if Goku condensed a planet buster to fire like the kido Byakurai, I would doubt he could age it, considering the amount of energy the attack contains, or I what I should say is, he would be unable to age it enough to avoid damage from it.

A similar principle would work for the likes of Yamamoto, and Hiei given that their attacks are superior than what Soi Fon and Hachi can dish out.

But your choice is fine regardless, we shall just have to see what other people think in regards to his power so we can come to a decision.

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Battles » Hiei(Yu Yu Hakusho) Vs Barragan Louisenbarn(Bleach)

@Haofan123: Well it does say he is using Arrogante, but I just took that as he already had it realeased. But you do have a fair point, can the OP say wether on not Barragan is using his Resurreccion or not?

@taichokage: Its not really a bias, it is just the difference in power between the top tiers in Bleach and in Yu Yu Hakusho is very vast. The likes of EoS Yusuke or Kurama could slap around most of the bleach verse if not the whole verse casually, and Hiei is either equal to them or a step behind them in terms of power. His ageing is surely limited if its confronted with a force far greater than his own, if he was confronted by the likes of Byakuya, Yamamoto or another highly destructive captain then I doubt his powers would be highly effective, Soi-Fon is not a very powerful character in terms of destruction (She is more like a stealth based captain chosing agility over destruction and power) which is the main reason why I believe she would have been unable to win against him had Hachi not turned up to help, and the main reason why they had to use his own ability against him because they lacked the firepower to do some serious damage on their own (I am not saying they are weak, I am just saying that they were not suited to fight him). Had a more powerful captain fought him then I would say he would have been alot easier to kill.

The reason I am sideing with Hiei is because Hiei is the stronger and the faster of the 2, and I cant see Barragans ageing being helpful to him past the 1st round (Which I would still say Barragan wins in, due to hiei not being uber powerful in the DT)

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Battles » Hiei(Yu Yu Hakusho) Vs Barragan Louisenbarn(Bleach)

@Haofan123: I believe he is already in his realesed state in all 3 rounds. But I agree that Hiei could blitz him.

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Battles » Hiei(Yu Yu Hakusho) Vs Barragan Louisenbarn(Bleach)

Is Hiei not able to bind the likes of yusuke with a curse and use multiple Dragons in his jaganshi form, meaning he could easily overwhelm Barragan and surround him with the attack leaving him with no exit. And in the latter rounds with his even greater speed it would just be done with more efficiency.

I would agree that Barragan could win round 1 but Hiei is just to powerful even for Barragan in round 2 and 3

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