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Battles » Father (FMA Brotherhood) vs Tobi (Naruto)

@MrASSH0LE: The 6 Paths are his other 6 bodys, he does not have them. Thats why Nagato was called the 6 Paths of Pain, he had 6 bodys each representing a different path. Hence why there will be no Biju Dama here. Or in laymans terms the only reason he can use the Biju Dama is because he used the bodys of Jinchuriki as his 6 paths, with out them he cant use it at all. He would still have be able to use the standard rinnegan powers, like Shinra Tensei and whatnot.

Tobi will be waiting a very long time for him to run out of power, need I remind you that he was fighting off an army of people when he was losing that number of souls. And Tobi's greatest feat of destruction is that of building level, without his 6 paths. Not to mention his durability is around the same. His attacks will make no significant change to his PS at all. Now while he does have the Rinnegan, the only real difference it could make to the combat side of this is Shinra Tensei, but once again he would need to be tangible to use it which would put him at the mercy of Father again. The only way they managed to kill him was Greed altering his skin to a more brittle substance and then Ed punched a hole through his chest allowing the Xerxesian Souls to escape. Unless tobi can replicate that I cant see him doing any damage to Father.

Father would sacrifice one or more of the souls in his PS to open the gate and either use it for transportation, or to learn the truth behind Tobi's dimension and a way to escape.

Strange, I watched the 2003 and version at least 3 times I dont remember him saying that (Could have just forgot), Ah well I can alter it. The PS allows him to bypass the laws of equivalence, allowing him to transmute any substance into another substance as long as he has the souls to do so. Air is a substance and is suceptiable to this.

Or this (pulled this off the wiki, since I thought it was worded better there) (And wow why did I not just say this in the first place lol)

Made of "pyrotex/ignition cloth" and embroidered with unique flame alchemy transmutation circles, these gloves create a spark when Roy rubs his fingers together and allow him to manipulate the concentration of oxygen in the air surrounding his target, raising its density to a level at which it becomes a volatile and flammable oxidizer, and creating narrow pathways of oxygen through which he can direct the ensuing flame that blossoms from the spark. The 'snap' sound is caused by the instantaneous speed at which the highly concentrated gases and sparks react together and pop (not his fingers actually 'snapping', to common belief.)

He has summoned Kurama, that much is true but, as we saw from the real Madara he cannot summon it unless its under his control, which it is not unless the OP allows it to be. Besides by the time his hand hits the ground to summon it, he would be impaled through the chest by the earth, which Father just transmuted.

Also some of the alchemists in FMA are above Tobi in some areas, given that he is not very destructive or durable. But he does beat them in speed and stamina of course.

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Battles » Father (FMA Brotherhood) vs Tobi (Naruto)

@MrASSH0LE: If you had read the rules of the match you would know this is Tobi on his own, there are no others fighting with him. The BFR wont work since Father could easily just use the Gate to get back ala PS.

Im not suggesting he can survive its power, I am saying a Biju Dama from a non Jinchuriki like Tobi is going to be difficult for him to create...

Mustang is able to alter the heat of the air in order to make girls pass out so he can run to their aid, more or less his chat up line. I am sure that the founder of modern alchemy is able to do the same.

Eventually, yes he would run out of souls. Against Tobi? Not a chance in hell. At most you could argue for a tie, but his power puts him far above the whole HST, given the fact that Tobi has nothing that can kill him, put him down, immobilize him or harm him in any fashion.

And why bring up no-limit fallacy? You have no reason to bring that up in conjunction with a Biju Dama since Tobi is unable to use them... so yeah what was the point of it?

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Battles » Father (FMA Brotherhood) vs Tobi (Naruto)

@MrASSH0LE: Avoiding his attacks is easier said than done, given that he is able to transmute all the air in the vicinity into a deadly substance combined with that fact that he can only remain intangible for up to 5 mins, leaves him unable to take any action against Father without getting himself killed one way or another. And his reaction time is not really a factor given that he has close to 1,000,000 souls in his PS, which would require him to die 1,000,000 times to be killed for good, and coupled with that fact the air is now a deadly substance of your choice, Tobi would only be killing himself anytime he wanted to attack Father.

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Ichigo Kurosaki » Is the Final Getsuga Tensho a technique or a mode?

Its widely regarded as a technique, more specificaly its his Zanpakutos technique in which Ichigo becomes the Getsuga itself, hence the wardrobe upgrade and long hair. Also given that it only enables him to use Mugetsu and nothing more it is safe to say that both Post Dangai and FGT Ichigo are the same stat wise, so both are Ichigos "Peak". Even Zangetsu refered to it as a technique when he was fighting Ichigo.

While it does give the user a new form (Cloaked in black raitsu) it only enables them to use the ultimate attack Mugetsu, and showed no augmentation to any of the wielders stats.

So Post Dangai would be Ichigo at his peak, and if he feels the need to he can use the FGT and enable himself to use Mugetsu, since the only difference between the 2 is that one allows him to use Mugetsu (A literal One Shot Attack), and the other does not.

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Battles » Father (FMA Brotherhood) vs Tobi (Naruto)

Fathers power puts him above the whole HST, Tobi included.

He is able to survive molecular deconstruction, and he is able to transmute anything that touches his body, or without moving for that matter. Not to mention he has over half a million souls in his philosophers stone. He will make Tobi his personal slave a few seconds into this fight, that or just add him to the stone.

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Battles » naruto vs ichigo vs luffy

@YouFinished: Jesus I ask you to explain Neptune and you explain how Mercury and Venus were formed? They are the only planets that would have the possiblity of being formed in that way due to their distance from the sun every planet past them is to far. Like I said the Sun has no play in how our planets are formed because its heat is not great enough given the distance WE are let alone the the planets past us. Once Large clumps of rock colide in space, and IF they get caught and pulled into another Star or Planets orbit then they will slowly pull passing rocks by. Build up over 1000's if not millions of years. The only heat used to help our planet form is from the initial impact of the 2 coliding rocks, where you got this idea that the suns heat is great enough at this distance to help melt rock is beyond me, never mind the other planets past us. Our planet, Earth is only here because of luck, 2 rocks managed to colide and then get caught in orbit around the sun, not too far from it and not to close to it, just the right distance so we could form over millions of years.

And I also see you havent listening in Geography because if you had you would know that Coal is a sedimentary rock type, making it a... *sigh* "A rock", Forget what its made of, its classification is a rock, and scientifically its a rock and geologicaly its ... a rock, no big speech from you will change this. Which I say once again... ... ... "How does that make my point moot?" I mean like I said befo... wow I have some serious deja vu so if you want to know what said before just look back becasue this will be the 3rd time I will have posted this now.

the + is an unspecified amount of destructive power greater than that of Town level but less than that of Mountain/City. Can you show me anything dispute this point? But whatever I said before it really shant matter anyway, since the fact that they both cause circular explosions, the fact they they are long range attacks and they fact that they have to be formed before they are fired makes they a good comparision for one another, This has nothing to do with their destructive potential.

Wow I never really want to post scans to prove someone wrong unless I have to but fine.

From the start of the formation of the Chibaku Tensei until naruto is physicaly caught in the main body, IN DESCENDING ORDER.

Ok as we can see in the 2nd to last image and in the last image, the gradient of the curve of the sphere is far to great at that point to constitute a good deep burial in the Jutsu and in the 2nd to last/last image we see that naruto was avoiding more debris until he was ultimately caught in the rock, and as we can see from the first few images naruto was not clearly affected by the gravity pull because he himself was not pulled or lifted towards the sphere, only the surrounding enviroment. So what we can gather from this is that the gravity pull got weaker over time until the sphere had formed fully (Last image), At which point Pain was holding the entire creation in place with, either his own power, or keeping a ligher gravity well in place to keep it suspended in the air. You can see naruto is not significantly affected by the gravity, which you claimed was acting down upon him making you point in that regard void.

As for the few hundred meters part, We can clearly see that the gradiant of the curve of the sphere in the last image is one of a near fully formed Chibaku Tensei, and Naruto was only trapped inside it on the 2nd to last panel on the last page making the last panel something that happened directly after when Naruto was contained, A fully formed Chibaku Tensei. As I have said so far it had more or less finished lifting and pulling debris into the sphere by the time Naruto was buried under in, and that once again is where I get 100 or less meters from. And I hate to repeat myself for the third time now but, at most he would have a hills level of soil and rock on him... not a mountains worth.

Ok and to finish off. The example is no different at all, if sufficent damage is done to a target not giving him time to repair the damage, subsequent attacks will weaken the target until it has been breached or destroyed. Same thing with Ichigo, while his Cloak will outright stand the blast of a mountain buster, it will take damage from his attacks. He will be attacking it so fast that it will have little time to react and repair the damage, via pouring more chakra into the cloak and then hardening it. Kurama will think he is being attacked from all sides at once, and while Ichigo will not be able to break through with his initial attack, subsequent attacks will keep denting him until he breaks through.

You make out like no matter how many ninja are attacking that cloak unless they have an attack capable of busting mountains in their midst then they will not break through AT ALL, no matter how many times they attack and no matter how power their attacks are, they will not break through at all, in fact they will not even dent the thing. That is just horrible judgement on you part, Ichigo's initial attack will weaken it, not destroy it, the subsequent attacks on the weakened area will destroy it since it has no time to repair given the speed of Ichigos attacks.

Not to mention you have yet to say how Naruto will trump Ichigo in a CQB situation given that Ichigo is more skilled at that type of confrontation and has fought enemies as large as the Cloak itself.

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Battles » naruto vs ichigo vs luffy

@sickVisionz said:

I keep seeing Pain's Chibaku Tensei brought up as an example that Naruto can tank mountain level attacks. This simply isn't what happened. Naruto was never in the center of that attack. It was already massive once he made contact with it and he was hit with hills or small mountains that had been reduced to small boulders. His feat there isn't really a good example of his durability, unless you you're talking about boulderized hills.

Ichigo, especially hollow Ichigo is a going to be a tough competitor if only because we have yet to see an upper limit to his power. He's never really been attacked during a fight. Ulquiorra was god mode Espada and was getting tossed around left and right and never even landed a hit on Ichigo and had his attacks either obliterated in a counter or were tanked. FGT Ichigo ate an attack that seemed to have a similar destructive force as Ulqu's arrows and it burned up his skin. At least with that we can say that an attack of that calibur does x damage (which was just burnt skin). Hollow Ichigo doesn't really have any examples of taking damage. He just beats everyone with ease and only goes away when Ichigo wills him to go away. Because of this, there's no telling if a Bijuu bomb would destroy him or if he could tank it with his bare hands.

Also, Ichigo is fast. So fast that it looks like he's teleporting when he moves and fast enough to disorient Ulquiorra during his fight. I'm not sure why he would even allow himself to get hit by a bijuu bomb to begin with.

My point exactly, Thank you.

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Battles » naruto vs ichigo vs luffy

@YouFinished: I never said that you said he was incase at the center I said "You make out like he is incased at the center" And mountains worth of rubble on top of him? please he is around 100 hundred meters (More than likely less give its size before he was encased) from the surface, at most he has a hills worth of debis directly onto of him not allowing him to move. Which would be easy for him to break out of if he transformed.

first of all, rocks can no be compressed into one whole object. where did you get that from? the planets formed because of the suns heat. i don't see how your coal example applies, since its dead plant matter that forms it and not bones, also the fact it takes millions of years makes your point moot.

First of all our planet was compressed into a sphere by its gravity field, and aside from its tectonic plates it one solid object. Same goes for our moon, Debris from Earth knocked into orbit and then compressed into a natural satilite that orbits our planet, and again it was compressed into one solid object created from many large rocks. If the gravity field or pressure on the object is strong enough then it will smooth out the object and form a structurally sound object. As for the coal I ment to say organic life, so that was my bad. But why do you believe that makes my point moot? I was trying to show you that when exposed to extreme pressure or gravity if will combine into one object, which I did... the fact that it takes millions years is irrelivent in this case since pain used gravity manipulation he would have been able to replicate the pressure that the organic matter was exposed to over those millions of years in the span of a few seconds. But whatever we will just go round in circles becasue of this anyway so I say we just leave it at that and save our wrists the possible RSI.

Hold on the planets formed because of the suns heat? lol that is funny, explain Neptune the furthest planet from the sun in our system? The planets formed because a Large Cump of rock got caught in orbit around the sun and started to develop a gravity field of its own pulling debris into it and forming a sphere, Like you see today. The Suns role in creating our planets was miniscule, It had a big role in POPULATING our planet but not forming it. The Sun is only there to give life, heat and keep the orbit of planets in line. Where you got that from I would love to know.

The Chibaku Tensei also collapsed when he lost control of it meaning all he had done is lift the ground around him and raise it into the air in the shape of a sphere nothing more (Nothing like the SOSP who created a full blown structure with a self sufficent gravity field of its own.) Which once again would have made it even easier to break out.

Town+ level means an attack greater than town level but less than City/Mountain level, nothing more. How you got an exact range to this rating of destruction I will never know. And once again I never said he was at mountain level I said he was close, and thats in regards to its place on the scale. It could be closer to Mountain level than you think, but there is no way to know for sure. unless you were at the center of the blast and can tell us the energy released?

But what does it even matter, the point was the 2 attacks are similar in their make-up and use which is why it would make sense to compare the 2.

And no I dont act like consecutive hits would build and add up. What is worse 1 strong punch in one second or 1,000,000 light punches in one second? Obviously the latter. Same applies for Ichigo, while he is not as destructive as Naruto he can hit more attacks in the time it takes naruto to use his most destructive attack. I would sooner spend 10 seconds hitting 100's of mid ranged attacks than I would spend those 10 seconds charging up a high level attack.

Same logic can be applied like this. A .50 BMG is not able to penatrate an M1A1 Abrams outright, but a second shot to the same location will go straight through, why? because it was weakened. You make out like Narutos Cloak cannot be broken by anything short of a mountain buster, no matter how many attacks are use against it, it will not weaken at all until it is met by a mountain busting attack. Each of Ichigos attack will weaken the defence he has and he will break through sooner or later. Its no different than susanoo (To is visual composition and look), it can be broken through if it is hit repeatedly with strong attacks, and while it might have mountain level durability (No I am not stating that susanoo has mountain level durability), enough strong attacks in a short period of time WILL take its toll on the cloak.

Fact is Ichigo is a faster, stronger and more skilled fighter than Naruto is, and Currently he wins this, until Naruto shows some more impressive skills with his new form. He will remain in close range effectively shutting down Narutos Biju Dama and then he must resort to close range fighting, which Ichigo will avoid with relitive ease, and all the while hacking away with his inferior Hill busting attacks until Naruto is out of his Cloak and gets stabbed through the chest with zangetsu ending the fight.

Unless you make a life changing point in Narutos favor (Or he gets some more showtime in his own manga series) I will only every believe that Ichigo can win this for reasons already stated.

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Battles » naruto vs ichigo vs luffy

@YouFinished: There is no evidence to suggest that naruto was at the center of the gravity well, he is in fact quite close to the surface of the Chibaku Tensei (Deep enough to render him immobile but no more) since it had already started to form before he joined the main sphere.

the 8 tails breaking through a mountains worth of rock is very impressive. and are you saying the 9 tails is bigger than sphere that dwarfs mountains? im sorry, but what the hell.

I am saying that his placement in the Chibaku Tensei makes the feat of him breaking out of it not impressive. You make out like he was contained at the very center of the Jutsu when he is infact very close to the surface. Hence why I said it is not all that impressive and why the 8 Tails easily broke free from it. The Nine Tails was equal in size (if not bigger) to the Hokage Monument which is once again why I said it would have had no problem breaking out of it.

Once again he is not at the center, or anywhere near for that matter. He is at best 100 meters below the surface which is why it is unimpressive.

It is not unreasonable to think that a beast of its size and power could not tank a mountain level attack. Even going by powerscaling his high tier forms should be able to tank such attacks. nagato did not want to kill him at all, he only wanted to contain him. He would never have used the Jutsu if he though it would kill him or cause incredible/deadly pain to his body. And that is why I do not see that as a suitable feat for his durability. The Jutsu was only used to contain him which is why i dont see that as a good durability feat (Since it was not used to inflict pain or harm upon his person). People can disagree with me of course, but I just dont see that as a durability feat, With that said I dont disagree with his mountain level durability in his High Tier forms, just with that piece of evidence to support it

As far as the the cracks go in the Chibaku Tensei you said

he cracks on surface are only there because its made up of different rocks, rocks are a dense solid they cant be full compressed together no matter how much pressure you put on them they just crack and break.

Well if enough pressure or gravity is exerted on rocks they would keep crushing until they form into one whole object, Like many of our planets and our moon. Even Coal is formed into a solid object after millions of years of compression from old bones. the reason I brought that up is beacuse the spheres structure is physicaly weak due to all of the visable cracks (And the cracks through the sphere itself), meaning that it would require less power to break free from it than it would if it was all one object, the fact that it is being held in place is irrelvent because it is obvious that the gravity ball peaked when it activated and then got weaker, meaning he had an even weaker hold over the sphere when naruto broke out, which also makes his escape less impressive in my eyes.

As far as the Uquiorra goes, I said it was Town+ level that could be anything below Mountain to anything above Town in terms of destruction (but that is besides the point). And when I said it is not far off, I ment on the scale since town is below mountain. Besides the attacks are similar in their makeup and use which is why I said it was a good comparison.

And as for why I believe ichigo can win, well its simple really. He can consisteltly put out hill busting attacks at an incredible pace, not to mention he is much faster than naruto and would be able to close the distance should naruto chose to try and make a Bijuu Dama and enable him to dodge with ease, he can fly and his strength is incredible (When he grabbed aizens blade with his hand and it destroyed the ground around him). Effectively Naruto only outclasses him in raw destructive power with the Bijuu Dama which he could fire off a few times a minute, whereas Ichigo can destroys Hill with each swing of his blade (Calced at Mach 28) is much faster and only has to avoide him for 5 minutes (Which he would be able to do with ease).

Think of it like this, Nauro has the Bijuu Dama (mountain level destruction) Ichigo has his Sword Swings (Hill Level). By the time Naruto has charged up his Bijuu Dama he has already be struck with multiple hill level blasts, Hell Ichigo could detonate the Bijuu Dama ala Getsuga Tensho before he fires it off and naruto would have to tank his own attack then (Sufficent force to the ball should cause it to explode, That is what happens when it collides with something causing the resulting explosion that you see.). The odds are stacked in ichigos favor since he can dish out very powerful attacks consistently where naruto can only dish out a few at a time, For all we know it takes 10-20 seconds to form and fire a Bijuu Dama, could be longer, But I will assume the shorter time span, During which time Ichigo would have already hit him with multiple attacks each at hill level.

Dont assume that because his attacks are less destructive that he is unable to break through, many Hill busting attacks in the span of a few seconds all add up and would break through eventually.

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Battles » naruto vs ichigo vs luffy

@YouFinished: The Chibaku Tensei is a glorified sealing technique, and has only ever been used as such. Pain even said that his mini version should be enough to CONTAIN naruto, but he could increase the size if anything occured, meaning that it was not ment to kill him.

The Jubi was also trapped inside a formation that was Chibaku Tensei induced, the moon, . You use the argument that because Kurohitsugi was not warping space-time noticably on the exterior at that moment then it was not doing it at all (Despite the fact we could not see inside at that time, for all we know Aizen was telling the truth, He only said it to make Ichigo's power all the more impressive. Hyperbole or not the feat is more impressive than anything I have seen Naruto do as of late), Well Chibaku Tensei was not used against naruto offensively (Only to capture him and contain his power) so he didnt "Tank" that attack since it was not used to attack him in the first place, there was nothing to tank.

His best feats of durability in Tailed Beast form could amount to Mountain level eventually butI would not use Chibaku Tensei as a durability feat since it was not used against naruto to inflict harm upon him. If pain wanted to kill him the entire attack on the village would have been counter-productive, which gives even more base the the fact that attack was not to harm or hurt naruto in any way, other than to immoblize and capture him. I personally would NOT use that as a durability feat since it was not used as an attack intended to inflict harm against him, but if life has taught me anything its that we all have different ideas and opinions and just have to respect them, because chances are I will not be able to turn people to my way of thing with one speach or post.

Bare in mind, I am not saying he is not Mountain level in his Tailed Beast forms, I am meerly saying that I would not use Chibaku Tensei as a measure of his durablilty.

As for the 8 Tails breaking out of Chibaku Tensei, Its really not all that impressive. Since the 8 Tails is equal in size to the 9 Tails it would have been bigger than the Sphere itself, and when it formed it only had one way to go and that was out. Besides the rocks were not compressed enough to make it solid (The cracks running all over the surface) so any sufficent amount Tailed Beast power released at the centre would have been enough to break out of it if the target was conscious when he/she was being trapped.

As for Ulquiorra's Lanza del Relampago in comparison to Las Noches. The size if Las Noches is not stated outright, but testimonies to its size were given many times, Like when Ichigo and his team were walking for hours and the Fortress never seemed to get closer, Nel said herself that it takes about three days to move from one side to the other. It is more than likely the biggest structure in the enitre verse, and its size is not far off, or could even equal that of the Seireitei. And Lanza del Relampago was calced at being Town+ in terms of destruction, which is not all that far off from mountain level so he is a good comparison for us to use.

Frankly until Naruto shows so new feats that could put him above Ichigo in his Dangai/FGT form, Ichigo destroys him and Luffy. I mean naruto has really only recently (by that I mean it has not been as long as the other 2) been a confirmed hypersonic character (I believe his sage mode was around mach 5-6), while the other 2 were hypersonic for years and even going up to hypersonic+. Ichigo's sword swings in his Dangai form were calced at mach 28, which is double if not triple what naruto is capiable of currently (I cant see him getting past the the low to mid teens (11-15 mach) in terms of speed with this new form, But I could always be wrong). And luffy was Hypersonic+ for a long time too before naruto was so they both out class him in speed. Frankly the only thing he really beats them in is sheer raw destructive power (and even that takes a few seconds to achieve).

Also breaking out of Kurohitsugi was not a strength feat, it was more a testimony to his spirit power, and the wave of his hand was him releasing copious amounts of it in order to "Crush" Kurohitsugi.

Like I said Ichigo wins until naruto shows something more impressive. I would say he could do it without the use of FGT, but it would be a much harder battle that way.

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Battles » Kid Goten vs Naruto

@tronboy: Haha good joke there my friend, good one indeed.

@othus12 said:

Gotta quoat this. Too good!

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Battles » Goku vs Porno Diane

@justanormalguy: Well it was actually Maths and Physics but that is besides the point.

Are you unable to read? You seem to have trouble reading a post before you reply to it claiming you are right are we are wrong or just saying something about ABC logic or hell just being downright condecending.

I explained to you that the Black Abyss had the same mass as a Galaxy in our Local Cluster, and he destroyed it, Ergo the reason he can destroy Galaxys. The more you reply the more idioitic you make yourself look:

"Didnt even read it" "TL;DR" or "I dont even know what you said"

I mean its all there in simplistic terms for you and you are unable to read it? That is just a terrible shame. Oh and in regards to the real world physics, The wirter must scale off something he knows and unless he says that the physics in the fictional universe is different from our own then we have no reason to believe otherwise. Hence the reason the narrator stated that the Black Abyss was "50 Million Solar Masses" what sun do you think he was talking about idiot? I dont even think the writer even knows the names of other Stars in our universe, and even if he did what reason would he have to state that it was the same as "50 Million Solar Masses" if not to make its destruction look all the more incredible?

Please, just because you keep replying does not make your hypothesis any less wrong. Do yourself a favor and dont even bother, your style of debating is weird and going off of speculation with no evidence to back up anything that comes out of your mouth. If you go to court you are asked to submit evidence to your claims or they wont believe they happened. Same thing in a debate, unless you have evidence to support it you are going to lose and then the more you fight for it them more you make yourself look like an idiot.

Well if thats the was we are debating now then I pose this next match, Me vs DBZ-verse!

Now be aware I can destroy Omniverses and also, I am faster than an Omnipresent being, not to mention I am also completely Immortal and I also have omnescience and omnipotence.

There you go because who would know more about myself than me! right???

Oh you want proof that I can do all that? Why should you disbelieve what I said, I mean you believe that Cell can destroy solar systems because he said he could right?

Quoating myself because that is your logic and reasoning behind a fight.

But this will all just go over your head and you will make another smart assed comment back. I implore you to AT least make it about the fight (and you on panel evidence to support your claims please), we have got off topic too much already.

Porno Diano wins simply because she is stronger. End of fight.

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Battles » Goku vs Porno Diane

@justanormalguy: Oh well that is fair enough I hit "C" instead of "S".

I see... and is that it? You made out like I spelt multiple words wrong and had improper grammar, spelling, and tenses all through my post, but that is the only thing that was incorrect in terms of my spelling...

Ok thats fair enough I asked you to point it out and you did so.

Oh and ellipsis have only three dots "..." not four "....". Oh and one word does not constitute a sentence either.

Also, I know you were rambling, so TL;DR. Yeah.

So yeah... (See its three instead of four)

Oh and just to school you in a different subject now (Physics and Maths incase you are wondering).

The mass of the Sun is roughly 2,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 kg. And the Black Abyss that was destroyed had the mass of "50 Million Solar Masses" (And that is me just using our sun(The fair method of doing things and more than likely what they ment when they brought it up), I could very well use VY Canis Majoris for this too but that would be VERY unfair considering it makes our sun look like a speck of dirt in size) which in turn works out at:

2,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 x 50,000,000 = 1.0 x 10^38

Now just to give you the scale of 10^38, 10^24 equates to 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (Or a Septillion which in computer memory would be equal to a Yottabyte or a Septillion bytes of space)

The best name value for 10^38 would be a "Duodecillion" (Which is 10^39) and the mass of one of our local group of galaxies (Triangulum Galaxy) has a mass of around 5x10^10 which would put it just below a trillion in mass.

Do you see what I am getting at yet?

That is far from ABC logic that is just logic at its finest. If he is able to destroy that then that would put him at Galaxy level in terms of destruction (Deja Vu??). And this all happened on panel too, funny enough. So I guess Cell can destroy a Solar System because he he done so on... Oh wait he did no such thing on panel, Well I guess we can go by Kid Buu destroying Galaxies because that happened on... Oh wait that didnt happen on panel either. So all we have to go by is what THEY said they can do?

Well if thats the was we are debating now then I pose this next match, Me vs DBZ-verse!

Now be aware I can destroy Omniverses and also, I am faster than an Omnipresent being, not to mention I am also completely Immortal and I also have omnescience and omnipotence.

There you go because who would know more about myself than me! right???

Oh you want proof that I can do all that? Why should you disbelieve what I said, I mean you believe that Cell can destroy solar systems because he said he could right?

That is a shame there and you were on such a roll too! You almost made me believe what you were saying was the truth haha.

EDIT: Also that TL;DR crap wont wash with me. If you cared about trying to debate with us, then you would read through our comments in full before you make a half assed reply to them. I will also apologise for the condescension in the post (As childish as it is you have been doing that since you started here, so I thought I would see how you like it), because nobody likes to be talked down to in a patronizing way.

Post by Yusuke52 (441 posts) See mini bio Level 15

Battles » Goku vs Porno Diane

@justanormalguy said:

I didn't even read your post. The second you began, I noticed improper grammar and spelling in your post. Reread your stuff next time. Lol. Man are you bad.

I would like you to point out my improper spelling please.

The only mistakes I made in that post were the double "on" in the second line, forgeting the "Is" on the third line, possible misuse (On no use) of punctuation marks (I should refer you to the last line on my previous post in regards to this) and a tendency to capitalize letters when they have no need of it (A problem of mine that I have had for the last 12 years so I am afraid that is out of my hands). There was no improper spelling or use of grammar in that post in any sence of the two words aside from what I mentioned previous. I would say for you to read the whole thing through and point out my spelling mistakes.

And I feel like myself and others have said this to you before but it is common courtesy to read what some said to you in full before you reply to them. If you choose not to, then do not bother to reply to something you have no idea about in the first place.

I believe my A grade at A-Level English Language would make me more than competent enough to make as few mistakes as possible in regards to grammar and spelling. And far above criticism from the likes of you, my "friend".

Like I said before, check your own posts before you criticise myself and Destinyhero on ours.

I believe that is what they call "Being Schooled"

But back on track, Darsh did destroy the Black Abyss in his fight with (Uriel and it was actually 50 Million Solar masses not my previous mistake of 5 million (Read it incorrectly it seems). So in regards to the people claiming that Darsh can destroy a galaxy... yes, yes he can. And like I said before, that is more proof than what DBZ (Manga or otherwise) gave to Cells statement in regards to his power.

And as for the fight, Porno Diano wins because she has Dispell Bound and Eternal Atoms and Goku would be unable to break through her Dispell Bound, let alone destroy her Eternal Atoms.

And she wins no question. Unlike Goku, she can use her abilities and cast spells by thinking the one she wants.

Also quoating this because I agree entirely. Goku has no chance at all.

Post by Yusuke52 (441 posts) See mini bio Level 15

Battles » Goku vs Porno Diane

@justanormalguy: Dark Schneider destroyed the Black Abyss (Supermassive Black Hole that was the entrance to hell at the center of a galaxy) which was 5 million solar masses just by colliding with Uriel's Gungnir, and that was on on panel and everything. That puts him at Galaxy level in terms of destruction, which is more proof than what DBZ (Manga or otherwise) gave to Cells statement about his own power.

And thats what called reading the manga my friend.

And now you are going to insult other peoples grammar and spelling online. Have you ever considered that some people here are not fluent in the english language, or that they have dyslexia, or that they just dont care about proper grammar and spelling online? ( not implying either just trying to make a point)

Oh and just to be an ass for you insulting Destiny and his use of the English language (And then trying to correct him on it) its claimED not claimS. You CLAIMED Goku was a galaxy buster so that is the correct tense in which to use the word). It should also be inside quotation marks, like so, "claimS" and "you ARE", to signify the importance of the word, But that is not mandatory. So you are trying to correct someone else even though you are wrong also. Besides you understood what he ment by it, so why did you feel the need to insult him in the first place?

I think you need to look at your own use of the english language before you start insulting others in their use of it.

Oh and Gotta means "Have got a.." or "Have got to.." so your last sentence makes no sence, You more or less said that YOU have got to write properly since you did not have a noun at the start.

Besides most people don't care much for their grammar and spelling online, but I do try to make an effort personally but sometimes I just don't care either way.

Post by Yusuke52 (441 posts) See mini bio Level 15

Battles » Who's Faster? Red Alien Ranger or The Flash

I dont get if this is a battle or a race since it has the layout of a battle and you even say "battle here".

You have equalised speed and you ask who's faster, really?

Neither since they both start the same distance away from what every they are running towards.

This is kinda derp tbh.

Besides this "Battle" has no anime characters anyway.

Post by Yusuke52 (441 posts) See mini bio Level 15

Battles » Danzo Shimura VS. Tsunade

@Phoenix_Wright: I can't see that doing much for her either, since Katsuyu is primarily a summon used for healing and the only real offensive attack she has is spiting acid which Danzo could dodge with augmented reactions via the sharingan or just let it collide with Izagani active and remain unaffected.

If anything it would take the heat off her for a short while but Danzo would be smart enough to just go straight for her anyway. It could split up into many slugs and overwhelm him, but I dont think they have any offensive traits in that form other than just being a pest and distributing chakra, so that would only slow him down and nothing more.

Post by Yusuke52 (441 posts) See mini bio Level 15

Battles » Danzo Shimura VS. Tsunade

I would give it to Danzo in both.

I can't see Shizune being helpful to Tsunade in any way other than healing, and even then... But other than that Izanagi will give him the overall advantage, since any attack he inflicts is fatal (And she has no real defence to block them, unlike Sasuke), and he is easily more versatile and skilled in combat than her. Not to mention he was able to track and take down multiple ANBU level assassins without the use of Izanagi (I am starting to think that the ANBU are not as good as they are made out to be). Also Baku would give him another advantage since Tsunade would have no way of putting it down. And he has Kotoamatsukami just to top it all off.

As far as her Byakugou goes, Im not all that impressed with it to be honest, it seems more like a plot device than anything just to keep her alive. Could she even heal from a fatal attack?

And I can't really see either doing much with prep.

Also I feel the need to ask, would Fuu and Torune be in the second round with Danzo? I cant see there being much difference, but, you never know.

Post by Yusuke52 (441 posts) See mini bio Level 15

Battles » Aang vs Kid Trunks

@Goku1fan: SSJ > Avatar State, Hell Base Trunks > Avatar State.

Why make this exactly? I mean you must have SOME understanding of each character and any sane person would know that Avatar is far far FAR beneath DBZ in terms of power (They are not even in the Naruto region in terms of power and speed (Could be challanged, but more than likely not very well)) so why did you decide to make a thread that was this one sided?

I am not trying to be mean, I just dont understand why you made this in the first place, or more appropriately, why is it so one sided? You are not even restricting Trunks's power, not that it would make a difference anyway, but still. If anything you done more damage to Aang considering his staff could be considered a weapon and you have taken that from him.

Post by Yusuke52 (441 posts) See mini bio Level 15

Battles » Doomsday is unleashed into the DBZ universe

@Destinyheroknight: Reign of Chaos Doomsday was capable of flight.

@Newdeath I would hardly call Doomsday "too slow" considering he is able to match Superman in speed and strength which would make him faster than the Z Fighters (But his speed is hard to judge since he does not have many speed feats worth noteing). His reactions were also impressive considering he caught the Flash while he was in motion at the time, And there was a time, long ago when he was faster than The Flash (Abite not a great feat for this day an age but impressive none the less), Many moons ago now. His Reactive Evolution could also play a part in making him faster since he could just adapt to their speed and increase his reaction time to fight on par with them or increase his own speed to become faster than them. But overall he should have very little trouble in that department.

@100Rings: He is non-canon, unless the OP is letting characters from the movies in.

Also what version of doomsday is being used? As far as I see it if he is in his strongest incarnation, they have nothing that can put him down permanently since he can just regenerate from it and come back even stronger due to his Reactive Evolution (which can also be used on the fly and does not require him dying IIRC), eventually making their Ki attacks worthless. He also displayed the ability to copy moves of opponents and recreate them in a stronger fashion that its former counterpart.

With that said however, All of them at once might be a bit too much for him. It would be better if it was done in rounds like 2 on 1 or 1 on 1, because that way he has a better chance of progressing.

But as it stands I would give this to the Z Fighters.

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