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Battles » Frieza & Ginyu force(anime&movie) vs Saint Seiya Verse (Original)

@Destinyheroknight: Its not even the links that are bad, He has the audacity to copy + paste the same fight, but adding the Ginyu Force this time because he thinks it will make a difference to the outcome.

But we are right this will be locked regardless.

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Battles » Frieza & Ginyu force(anime&movie) vs Saint Seiya Verse (Original)

@The_original_goku10000: Your thread was not locked by an "Inept Mod" for a start, they are doing their job looking stupid threads like this one and that one. Not to mention it was against the rules and a major stomp in favor of Saint Seiya.

Let me be the first to tell you that this is the most idiotic thing I have seen so far. Making a thread with just Frieza againtst the SS Verse as a whole, and thinking it got locked because of the imcompetance of a Moderator. To then go a create another thread and thinking that the Ginyu force will make a difference.

You could put the whole DBZ against the Saint Seiya verse and they would still lose simply because of the immense power the SS verse has. Athena Exclamation would be a good example of an attack that would wipe out the DBZ verse with ease, not to mention the Olympian Gods such as Poseidon or Athena, or even the Titans like Chronos etc.

Those are some of the lowest showing possible for them, if you would have checked some of the higher showings then maybe you might not make threads such as this.

I can also tell you for free that this thread will be locked too, Incase you were wondering.

Oh I also forgot to tell you that in the first link on the next page, they break out...

The second link, I would direct you to Athena Exclamation.

Third link, yes that was an illusion, but they do have FTL feats for speed, and many of them.

Fifth link... They didnt die...

Sixth link, Refer to third link.

Oh Gold Saints are not Galaxy busters, With Athena Exclamation they can recreate the big bang making them universe busters ^_^

Yeah that was the main character, your point is? Goku was hurt by a rock and cut by glass.

As for the not hurting or tagging Frieza, he will be dead before he even realises what the hell is going on.

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Battles » Gotenks Vs. Wonder Woman

@Newdeath: Im not so sure that Gotenks would win regardless of the scenario, Given that Wonder Woman deflected the combined attack of multiple people (Some of which were Skyfather Level). Not to mention she is faster than Gotenks, and has the Godwave, which is nothing short of a Skyfather killer. She also tanked an attack from Nekron. And also took a point blank heat vision blast from Superman going all out (I believe he thought she was Doomsday), and we all know how powerful Supermans heat vision is.

She has various magical weapons such as her Tiara that was stated to cut almost anything, a good showing would be when she cut Superman with it. And her sword forged by Hephaestus which was able to shave the electrons off an atom.

Her combat speed and reaction speed were said to be in excess of Supermans so she would be able to dodge almost any attack he could through at her.

She also has a good durability feat when she was punched from the sun by Superman (Who also had gained power from the sun) flying FTL into the Earth and was only stunned for a few seconds.

I dont think her strength needs to be covered since she helped move the moon and earth with ease.

At the end of the day, with fights like this you would have people from both sides trying to one up the other (I will just assume I will be the only person defending Diana regardless of in character or not). So it really just depends on the way you view each character.

I personally think that Diana is more than capable of taking out Gotenks with one or two punches (Wont even need Godwave), But I respect your analysis all the same.

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Battles » Franken Stein Vs Kabuto Yakushi

@tronboy: And you are forgetting that Stein can sense souls.

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Battles » Frieza (anime/movies) Vs Saint Seiya Verse (original manga)

@The_original_goku10000: Most people from SS are FTL by a large margin, They have greater destructive feats, better durability and better abilitys not to mention 7th and 8th sense.

You tell me how Frieza can beat any SS character.

Let the drastic exaggerations of his power begin.

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Battles » Frieza (anime/movies) Vs Saint Seiya Verse (original manga)

@The_original_goku10000: I can tell you that this is a stupid thread and that he would be dead the second he appeared inside the SS Verse.

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Battles » Frieza (anime/movies) Vs Saint Seiya Verse (original manga)

@The_original_goku10000: What is he trying to refute? You posted a link to another thread to try and back up your opinion, poorly I might add since most people there seem to think Vegeta would get slaughtered anyway.

That website is none of our business and has nothing to do with this topic on another site, why should Destiny or myself try to refute what is on it?

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Battles » Vegeta (Ape form) Vs. Envy Vs. Gluttony

@Dream said:

Is this a joke? Vegeta slaughters the two Homunculi not only because of size advantage, but because he is much more powerful in stats than them. What has you thinking the two would even stand a chance against them?

That is the truth, Vegeta wins easy.

@mavfan626: Also why do you keep saying "BFR is off so your point is moot"? If he destroys the planet then the Homunculi will die in the resulting explosion that follows (They have never been shown to regenerate from a planet buster). BFR means to remove someone from the battlefield wherein they cannot return in an acceptable amount of time, if at all. Unless you are trying to say that they would be able to regenerate from the attack that just destroyed a planet in the cold dark vacuum of space? Which would be impossible from them. Their regen is impressive inside their own verse but dont big it up, I doubt they can regenerate from a planet busting attack.

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Battles » Madara Uchiha vs Whitebeard

@Hellos: Well a few years ago I would not have trusted anything on a wikipedia page, Naruto or otheriwse. But I believe that most wiki's nowadays are quite accurate with the information they contain (Mostly due to all the new rules in place that require them to contain accurate information), and Naruto's wiki page is quite accurate with most of its entries too. While there is still the "Fan" element to it I trust it enough to use it as a guideline for my argument.

Here is the thing, he was literally coughing up blood during the fight and visibly in pain. Simply fighting Sasuke was deteriorating his health tremendously, his eye sight going down the gutter while fighting wasn't helping either. You also have Zetsu's comments on Itachi's performance from the get go not being up to par with his usual speed.

Not going to disagree there, he was in a very bad state while fighting Sasuke. It really depends on how you would look at his death, frankly all 3 are contributing factors to his death, but the one that delt the biggest blow would be using his up his chakra via susanoo and keeping it up, putting tremendous strain on himself. At the end of the day all of them contributed to his death but it was putting himself through that towards the end that finished him off.

It was clear enough his eyesight was more or less gone by the end since his Sharingan only had the red coloured pupil with no design, and that was by the time he used Susanoo I believe.

While he did plan on dying going into the fight, He planed to kill himself rather than have sasuke have the burden.

I'm not sure where you read that.

He knew going into that fight that he would be dead by the end, since he had no intention of harming Sasuke beyond what he needed to do. I believe it was heavily hinted at by Tobi that Itachi didnt want Sasuke to kill him (Something to do with repeating the cycle of hate, since it would have just pushed Sasuke over the edge when he learned the truth about what Itachi sacrificed, and then realising he killed someone who cared deeply about him even at the end). With that said it didnt do much good anyway since Sasuke wants to destroy Konoha regardless of Itachi's intentions.

Honestly, I don't know why Itachi had so little faith in his ability to fight off Jiraiya. Sage Mode is largely the only threat and his ocular techniques are more than capable of taking him down before it becomes a problem. Unless using Tsukuyomi really took that much out of him(despite pulling it out again for Sasuke and then blasting a hole through the toad stomach wall with Amaterasu). Hell Kisame should have been able to put up a fight, assuming Jiraiya didn't use sage mode, which otherwise is Kisame's worse possible enemy. He used it at least three times in his first appearance though, putting Sasuke and Kakashi into a coma and escaping the toad wall.

Kisame is not all that skilled in my opinion (Despite him being one of my favourite Akatsuki members haha), what makes him a threat is Samehada. I dont think he would have put up much of a fight against Jiraiya even with Itachi there to back him up. Just lacks the skill to compete with him in a 1 vs 1 situation. As for Itachi, it is strange why he ran saying he could not fight him given how strong and skilled he was. I guess it would have to do with Jiraiya having a wider range of jutsu, greater summons, greater physical strength than himself, meaning he would have been unable to compete with him. I would say Tsukuyomi took alot out of him (Not visably mind you) and he didnt feel that he would be able to compete against him evenly with that handicap.

It was the latter 2 uses of his Mangekyo that left him exhausted, which incedently would be close to the time we could consider him at his "Peak" given he is around 18-19 I believe when he first appeared, and just a few years earlier he left the village having killed off the Uchiha Clan. So going from that he could never really use his Mangekyo exclusively in a fight like Sasuke has been doing.

I wouldn't put too much faith in the wiki, I've read these showings too and honestly Itachi wasn't really made out to have a short supply of chakra, just that the Mangekyou put a tremendous amount of strain on him in his latter life. I wouldn't say Sasuke doesn't have a plentiful amount himself, just Itachi's shouldn't be that far off given he was physically just as capable,

Like I said at the start I have gained faith in wiki entries due to all the rules in place now, so most if not all the information you find on them nowadays is accurate. The illness he had was never explained deeply enough to give us an idea on what it was doing to him. You could attribute the illness to destroying his organs, and making it harder for him to use chakra efficently in jutsu (Similar to Ichigo's lack of being able to use his spirit energy properly) or making his chakra less potent meaning he had to use more to activate jutsu (Meaning he had a large reserve of it but couldnt use it effectively, a reasonable guess too given all the times he has been seen "drained").

During the Kage Summit, along with almost every other time he's over used it he's required either someone else resupply his chakra or healing him in some way. Outside that, the Raikage nearly made him run out of juice, Killer Bee nearly finished him and after fighting Danzo he couldn't even keep Susanoo up(he could still go at it with Naruto for a bit though). Summoning the big fish summons don't seem to phase anyone. Naruto could potentially do it as a genin with his chakra alone without being completely tapped dry. Either way it seems like whoever wrote the wiki page is making a lot of assumptions, albiet based off their perception of events, it's just that Itachi's return heralds him as able to use the techniques casually.

I have grown to hate Sasuke over the years, simply because he is being protected by the plot in almost every fight he has been in since part 2 began (Now that I think about it, a good portion or Part 1 too). Deidara should have killed him but that didnt work due to plot, Danzo should have killed him too but the plot was there to save him, Killer Bee almost had the job finished until Jugo pulled a technique out his ass to save him yet again, and the 5 Kages should have destroyed him but the plot wouldnt let them, and Itachi should have been able to kill him easily but the plot demanded otherwise.

Now I know he is skilled, its the fact that he is saved by the plot so often that annoys me. He never seems to win due to his own skill (Could change in the upcoming fights but im not really holding my breath). Someone is always there to heal him, or the plot of the fight is going to work in his favor somehow. Terrible shame because I want to like him, but that makes it hard for me to do so.

I would say the reason he couldnt keep susanoo up was that he had just arrived from fighting the 5 Kages, only to be dropped into a fight with Danzo (Tobi places far to much faith in him lol). I must say I liked Danzo's concept, half senju with wood release and a strange face on his arm, and half uchiha with eyes on every appendage. Shame he had to die, but the plot called so he had to answer.

The entries on the wiki are taken at face value by the people who type them up, they dont look as far into it as we would. So as far as jutsu and such would go I would only use the entries to see what each technique would do and so on. For the characters backstories and such they give us a good view on the history of said character and are rarely wrong about what is said which is why I used them to support my post.

Can't say I disagree with the likely hood of Itachi hardly using it throughout the eyes without having an alternate choice, but given how potent his genjutsu is, he likely didn't have to fight too often. I'd actually say Itachi is probably on an entirely different level when it comes to thinking things out, he more or less knew Sasuke would run into Tobi and Naruto would eventually have to fight him with Itachi's eyes. In Sasuke's case he needed to use the ocular techniques or face death.

I would consider what he done something similar to what Aizen pulled off, thinking every move out and it all falling into place. He knew that with his death Tobi would start to use Sasuke for his gain, so he put measures in place to make sure it didn't happen (Sadly they failed). I believe he also knew that he would be revived later on since he also put measures in place to assist himself in breaking free(The Crow inside naruto). So he was clearly one of the most intelligent people in the shown.

As far as the Edo Tensei goes in regards to chakra, it seems to revive the target in a "Perfect state of existence" if you will. Given they have never shown to tire, need to eat, need to rest, feel pain, and so on. Going off that they possibly have no need for chakra anymore due to them being dead and that they no longer need chakra to survive, they could be drawing their power from somewhere else. That is just a theory of course but it could explain why none of the revived have shown any signs of using too much chakra in their attacks.

Izanami is a strange one indeed, since if left us on a cliffhanger at the end of the last chapter about what it was going to do, and then in the most recent chapter it seems they just forgot about it completely. Itachi said it would allow him to change destiny, I am having a hard time seeing how he would apply that in his fight other than the obvious uses. Saving himself from death, deactivating the Edo Tensei through some weird means, or saving Sasuke from death once again. (Im starting to think it is a plot device to save Sasuke once again and make him see the light at the end of his very long dark tunnel) Given how involved Sasuke is with the plot I can see it being the latter.

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Battles » Madara Uchiha vs Whitebeard

@Hellos: I am sorry for the wall of text, I did not realise how long it was till I was done. No doubt there are spelling mistakes in here somewhere, I have found and correct what I could see so I hope that is fine.

It is a well known fact that Itachi had a very small chakra reserve, given that he had to deactivate his sharingan entirely after using 1-2 of the ocular powers of his Mangekyo in part one of the series

Despite his mastery of the Mangekyō Sharingan, Itachi suffered greatly from its side effects. Each of the techniques bestowed by the Mangekyō Sharingan required vast amounts of chakra to perform, and they left Itachi fatigued afterwards, to the point of requiring him to deactivate his Sharingan altogether, something that he did not usually need, three uses of which seem to have been enough to bring him to this in Part I.

Pulled that off the wiki. Given his health in part 2 during his fight with Sasuke, it was clear that he is even weaker now than when he was in part 1. The reason he died was from over exertion with his Mangekyo, Susanoo put far too much strain on him by the end, and he succumbed to Chakra Exhaustion, and his illness did not help this fact. You also need to remember that by the time he used Susanoo his Mangekyo had lost most of its design (Meaning that he was almost completely blind), and that he used Tsukuyomi, followed by multiple Fire Release Techniques and Clones, not to mention Amaterasu 2-3 times and then finishing it off with a full blown Susanoo. He was more or less out of chakra by the time Susanoo was summoned (But he did keep enough to use a fuinjutsu on Sasuke), He kept it up, and himself alive by sheer willpower alone and the pain he was feeling by the end would have been more than enough to kill him had he given in.

While he did plan on dying going into the fight, He planed to kill himself rather than have sasuke have the burden

Despite his impressive abilities, he never underestimates his opponents, given his praise of Jiraiya, saying the best he could do against the Sannin was a stalemate. The only thing that Itachi was lacking was his chakra reserves, which were below average, presumably due to his fatal illness.

Another part pulled from the wiki in testament to his chakra. If anything that makes him even more impressive given that he could not just spam his attacks, he had to be smart and not end up killing himself.

Another thing to remember is that in the Kazekage Arc Itachi's clone had 30% of his Chakra and yet was unable to use any of his Mangekyo's jutsu (Let alone activate it), Could be he didn't want to use them, or that he couldn't at all... Just food for thought.

Another is that after using Amaterasu to break out of Jiraiya's Toad Mouth Bind summon he had to deactivate his sharingan entirely because it put too much strain on his chakra and eyes.

But everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I shall respect yours. I feel there is more evidence in regards to his depleted chakra reserves and strain on his body, than to him falling from his illness, and I believe I made a good argument in regards to it.

Due to having much larger chakra reserve than his elder brother, Sasuke can use the Mangekyō Sharingan techniques more than three times a day. While Itachi was critically exhausted after using Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu once each, and then Susanoo as a last resort technique that ultimately led to his death, Sasuke could maintain Susanoo for extended periods of time, on top of using the Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi several times a day along with some other chakra-consuming techniques like the Chidori. Regardless, like Itachi, using the Mangekyō Sharingan puts a great strain on Sasuke's body and eyes.

Pulled that off of the wiki too, Thought it added to the Chakra Reserve situation.

Now in testament to Sasukes Chakra to solidify my point. (I would remove the links like the last one but there are too many, and it is a hassel with this laptop)

Sasuke is shown possessing a high amount of chakra. At the age of 7, he already had enough chakra to use his clan's signature fire release technique, something Kakashi was very surprised, even when Sasuke performed it at age 12, as such techniques usually require more experience and development in chakra. In Part II, he was able to summon Manda, a high level summon, while in a weakened state to protect himself from Deidara's suicide-bomb technique (though this may be due to borrowing on Orochimaru's chakra). Sasuke was also able to use many highly chakra-consuming techniques several times a day, exampled by his reckless usage of all three of his Mangekyō Sharingan techniques against Danzō and the other Kage multiple times, among other techniques like the Chidori. Quality-wise, Sasuke's chakra is noted to be very foul and powerful. When Sasuke first arrived at the Land of Sound and gave Kabuto a frightening glare, both he and Orochimaru took note of Sasuke's exceptional chakra. Even Kurama, the Nine-Tails points out that Sasuke has the same foul chakra as Madara's, whose chakra was particularly strong even amongst the Uchiha. Karin has also mentioned that Sasuke's chakra, as he approached the point of manifesting Susanoo, had become even darker and colder than the corrupting influence of the Cursed Seal of Heaven in its second stage; it has since continued to grow even more potent along with the development of Susanoo.

As you can see he has always had a larger supply of chakra when compaired to his brother, which also made him more reckless with his attacks. One reason why his Mangekyo only lasted a week or two before he was in a near blind state (Time-scalling the period when he recieved it to when he first noticed his eyesight starting to go, purely speculation of course), Whereas Itachi kept his alive for many years because he did not use his techniques so recklessly due to his low Chakra and prefered to not use them at all unless he had no other choice.

Hence why Sasuke could spam his techniques, and Itachi could not. I guess you could say Itachi prefered to use his skill over his power, where Sasuke would be the anti-pole of that using his power rather than his skill. The attack on the 5 kages would be a prime example of this, where he used every technique the mangekyo had within the first few minutes of the fight which left him near blind, rather than assess their power and attack accordingly.

Now I am not saying that Sasuke is weak or unskilled, I am saying that he is very agressive and not very paitent with his attacks and would more than likely trade attacks blow for blow, whereas Itachi would sit back and avoid attacks to wait for an opening to strike.

Now I can understand an argument of him dying as a result of the strain of the use of ocular jutsus with the disease, not so much that he simply ran out of chakra and died. Since his resurrection he's been coasting off his ocular abilities just as easily as EMS Sasuke can, this is the best example of Itachi at peak since he no longer as an issue with an illness that is literally killing him. And it isn't like Sasuke's spam of the techniques didn't drain his chakra to boot, he was nearly out while fighting at the Kage Summit.

What killed him in the end was the strain he put on himself and the chakra he had used up, but the illness did not help this. So we are both right in one way or another (Depends on how you would rather look at it). Edo Tensei would negate the cost of Chakra for jutsu meaning he could freely spam them (Its the only logical infrence given that those revived never tire, never need to eat, never need to rest, and are immortal) with no adverse side effects. And as I said before in regards to Sasukes Chakra, he has a large reserve and can afford to waste it like that now, given he no longer has the side effect the ocular powers bring with them.

Itachi has had the illness since he was a child (Which one could atribute to his low chakra) so him at peak would be him at his best fighting form with a like new Mangekyo. Best guess for this would be around the time he killed off the Uchiha Clan, or in the years that followed.

A healthy Itachi is hard to scale since we never seen him go all out until his battle royal with Sasuke, So all we can guess is that would be him at his peak but in tip-top shape and healthy eyes, with a regressed form of his illness.

The EMS only grants permanent Healthy Eyesight and immunity from the effects of its subsequent jutsu, such as strain on the body and organs, and bleeding from the eyes or mouth. (Izanagi and possibly Izanami are the only 2 exceptions to this I believe) And also increasing the overall power of said jutsu.

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Battles » Madara Uchiha vs Whitebeard

@Hellos said:

@One_Piece_God said:

EMS does not allow you to spam techniques. He still has a set amount of chakra (Madara's chakra is said to be very large) so he can tire but he won't go blind.

It seemingly makes them at the very least cost next to nothing for chakra to boot. Sasuke was worn out every time he used his mangekyou, since the new pair of eyes it seemingly has next to no effort to pull out Amaterasu and his new Susanoo, hell even then he was spamming them without the EMS.

@ohgodwhy said:

Madara is different from the masked man, I don't think Madara has the ability to teleport or at least it hasn't been shown so far. I think Pein's soul jack must be quite a slow technique because he hasn't used it on any top tier characters thus far I believe.

Plot, albeit in both scenarios he needed Naruto to not be killed, but otherwise he wiped out an entire army with it's use.

Its not that they don't cost anything, the EMS just removes the strain that the techniques place on the body (Eyes, Heart etc). Sasuke could spam them because he had a very large chakra supply to begin with (Unlike Itachi who had a very low reserve of chakra and had to use his jutsu carefully and not squander their use) and could afford to do so, The reason why Itachi died was because he forced himself to use more chakra than he had (I believe he could use all 3 techniques in 1 Day but any more and he would deplete his chakra reserves thus killing him), and while a disease was killing him at the time, it was him using up all his chakra that ultimately killed him. It would have been the same even if he had an EMS, it would only remove the bleeding from the eyes and intense strain on the body.

With that said Madara does have an extraordinary amount of chakra and he could spam them if he felt it was needed, but he would run out of chakra soon enough if he was spaming attack left and right.

Yes and no to the next point, Its not plot its just that they are 2 different jutsu. The jutsu he used to take the souls of Danzo and Hanzo's forces was through the Gedo Mazo, and it left him near dead. His personal soul suck does take quite a bit longer and it would not be that practical in a combat situation since he mainly uses it to gather information, its more a side effect of learning everything the target knows.

As far as the fight goes I would still give this to Whitebeard since 1-2 good quakes to the chest should put Madara down.

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Battles » itachi vs ichigo and luffy

@tronboy: Just going to go Council member on you here and say

Ah yes "illusions", The immortal eye technique of untold power allegedly waiting in the darkest depths of an Uchiha's mind. We have dismissed this claim.

But really, it wont work too well since they will be moving far to fast for him to make direct eye contact with them. Also Ichigo has 3 personalities inside him, Zangetsu, Hollow Ichigo, and just Ichigo. I cannot see the Illusion working to well since another personality could just take over, or break him out of the illusion. As far as Luffy goes, I believe someone else said something about Haki, not sure myself if that would help much, but he is still moving far to fast for Itachi to make direct eye contact.

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Battles » naruto vs ichigo vs luffy

@tronboy: Lol, where do you get your facts from? Naruto became Hypersonic when he used Sage Mode for the first time (Mach 5-6 I believe), That took him a Time Skip to ALMOST achieve speeds that they have had in bleach since the start of the series itself, And Ichigo himself became Hypersonic+ when he first learned Bankai.

Now while his new mode is faster than Sage Mode, we can't tell how fast he is going since not much was shown, but I would say realistically we are looking at 10-15 Mach (so a possible double or triple from his Sage Mode). Now Ichigo on the other hand had some calcs for his Dangai Mode, one being that his sword swings were at Mach 28 (yes that is three/two times faster than Naruto's movement speed), And given that his Training in the Dangai clearly increased all his stats all around the board, his movement speed would be around the same.

So no, Naruto is not blitzing Ichigo, or Luffy for that matter.

naruto much faster than ichigo he will blitz him in seconds with the rasen shuriken

That's strange because every ninja in Konoha had trouble hitting Pain in his 5 second delay, given that most are supersonic that should have been no task at all (Even Naruto couldnt exploit it and he was FASTER than pain). Kinda wrote himself into a PIS moment there, A rather big one at that.

which paralyzes your cells hes done for

Ok lol where did you get this from? A fan wiki or something. At no point did the rasenshuriken "paralyze your cells" because that sounds made up (And you were the one who did it more than likely), it attacks you on a celular level, it does not paralyze you...

Also you still have to answer my question from last week, Since I would love to hear an answer from you. (Should be funny if nothing else)

@tronboy said:

naruto could recatch his rasenshuriken if some one dodges it and your wrong naruto faster because the sharigan sees light speed and can not see naruto

Ok so let me get this straight...

You believe that Haku was light speed (When it was obvious Hyperbole), Which is what you I assume you are using to base this off.

Which inadvertently makes Lee faster than light, because Sasuke's Unevolved Sharingan couldn't keep up with him at all.

Which also makes Killer Bee's MOVEMENTS faster than light+ because he couldn't keep track of his movements at all with an Evolved Sharingan.

And the Pièce de résistance, This would make Naruto FTL++ or Massively FTL, because he is MUCH faster than the others...

Just going to let that sink in there, and see if you realise how idiotic you sound with that statement.

Serious question, Do you really believe this?

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Battles » Majin vegeta vs Regular superman!

@All_StarSupes: I believe it to be post-crisis since he says "The one who fought Doomsday the first time" and even has a video at the end about the Death of Superman story arc. Which would still make it a stomp in Supermans favor but not as bad as pre-crisis era, given his speed and strength.

But then he mentions that "All he has seen is the cartoons" so he could be talking about an animated version who would be a much weaker version of him which would make this a stomp in Vegeta favor.

Or he could be talking about Smallville Superman for all I can make out, Unless Doomsday is in the movies? Not sure since I only watched two or three and didn't care much for them.

He then also mentions "I'm only talking about average earth superman!" which to me also means its Earth-One Superman. Now what I am not sure of is if he is pre or post-crisis, I done a bit of research and found him to be pre-crisis which would make you correct on the version being used and also correct too about the outcome, but if you know more about Superman than myself could you correct me if I am wrong.

He has so many pictures there I would say just pick your favourite and go with that, since he dosent seem intrested enough to reply to us regarding this. I doubt he means a comicbook version of Superman though, given his lack of knowledge in regards to him.

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Battles » Majin vegeta vs Regular superman!

@956ThrowDest: Ok no need to the caps or all the anger, considering all I said was that your post was messy, that it is not laid out like a normal battle on the fourms, and that there and many versions of superman that are not as weak as the one you put against Vegeta, and that they would beat DBZ. Superman also battled doomsday in the comics, and going by comic book standards Doomsday is a very powerful character in regards to DBZ. While he lacks the ability to fly which would be the main reason he loses he out-classes them in many other stats and if flying was disabled I dont see why he couldnt beat them into submission.

Doofus? I dont see how since the version you had there was post-crisis I believe, give that you are refrencing the comic storyline "Death of Superman" while saying that. And Post-Crisis Superman is still stronger than DBZ if I am correct, since his durability is far greater than anything they can dish out. Like I said before I cant vouch for any other versions aside from the Post/Pre Crisis versions of him.

@Destinyheroknight said:


Can you make a easier looking battle thread? It kind of all over the place, it confusing which Superman you talking about (since you put seven different superman there)

That is also true given you have a comic version, cartoon version, and a movie version there. I just assumed you used the cartoon version since you said that is what you have seen. In which case Vegeta wins easily since cartoon version superman is vastly inferior to his comic counterpart. Could you tell us what version you are using, and be accurate dont just say "The version that fought Doomsday".

As for all the insults, I cant see you lasting long in debates if after one of my more upbeat and helpful posts you start raging on me and calling me a "HEARLESS A55-HOLE" (Seriously why not just call me an asshole? is you mother or father monitoring your use of the internet? Most people here are old enough to have heard and used foul language before, also my hearing is perfectly fine thanks). I could have been more critical but I saw you were new and I thought I would help you out. Seems I wasted my time given your sudden hate for my assistance...

I would hate to see what you are like if I took your thread seriously and started saying that "You are using the comic book version post-crisis, and therefore vegeta gets mauled via heat-vision or by sheer strength." But that is a story for another time. Besides like Destinyheroknight said, giving us a version of the Superman you are putting up against Vegeta could mean he stomps or gets stomped. I just assumed it was the cartoon version, but feel free to correct me, because I could not make heads nor tails of your post in the first place due to all the images messing up the placement of the text.

Also why did you post on my wall with ellipsis? what was the point of that?

And also "Grow up kid"? Really? do you even know how old I am? You are the one using capslock in your reply, something prevelent in children or childish behaviour, If anything I should be telling you to grow up lol.

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Battles » Majin vegeta vs Regular superman!

Ok first of all, the excess of images is really not needed. They messed up the text and I had no idea where the next line was, if any. So if you are going to add pictures, just check over them to make sure they are not messing with anything else.

Second, this is not really a battle, this is more you saying that Vegeta would beat Doomsday and Superman (Will get to this in a minute). I have not seen many of these kind of topics so im not 100% on the rules for this kind of topic in the battle fourm. But if you mean for this to be a battle then you would need to lay it out like a battle. You can check the rules to see what you need to add at the link below.


And third, im not sure which version of superman you are pitting against Vegeta, since there are many. But if by regular you mean someone like pre-crisis Superman, then he destroys Vegeta easily. Most versions of Superman would defeat DBZ characters, some more easily than others. Due to their superior speed, strength, durability, skill, and abilitys.

From looking back you are only using the cartoon version I believe, which is a very weakened version, and nothing like his comic counterpart. And dont even get me started on the movie version. If you want to see a powerful Superman, check out the comics and you will see why Vegeta would lose to him.

Not sure on the New 52 Version of him, someone else here more knowledgeable than myself on Superman might be able to tell you more on the different versions. But from my knowledge most versions are above DBZ level.

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Battles » itachi vs ichigo and luffy

@tronboy: And I now direct you to my previous post disputing that "Hotter than the sun" claim.

As for Amaterasu, at no point did it show any indication that the black flames were as hot as the sun, because if they were Karin would be dead and A would be dead too given how long they were subject to the "suns heat". So that is untrue until its proven otherwise (More proof than Itachi's statement about it if you want to contradict the point please).

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Battles » itachi vs ichigo and luffy

@tronboy said:

your correct no move luffy and ichigo could do could affect susanoo and that the fact that the amateratsu is as hot as the sun and as soon as he gazzes tat you your caught in flames plus the izanami which could not be affected by the 5 senses

Tsunade nearly cracked a Prime Madara's Susanoo with little more than strength, Luffy and Ichigo are much more powerful than she could ever hope to be. And while Itachi's sussano did block a jutsu like Kirin (Apparent town buster, could be much less never checked) The combined attacks from both Ichigo and Luffy, augmented with their superior speed and strength from their peak versions, not to mention destructive feats, they should have little difficulty breaking through susanoo.

As for Amaterasu, at no point did it show any indication that the black flames were as hot as the sun, because if they were Karin would be dead and A would be dead too given how long they were subject to the "suns heat". So that is untrue until its proven otherwise (More proof than Itachi's statement about it if you want to contradict the point please).

And as for Izanami, what do you even mean with that last line? That makes no sense at all. What I think you ment to say was "Izanami is capable of affecting an opponent regardless of their five senses." While that is more than likely true, what does it even matter? We have yet to see what the jutsu can do, so until the next chapter comes out its little more than a cool named jutsu said by none other than Dr. Snakes brother.

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Battles » naruto vs ichigo vs luffy

@One_Piece_God: Yeah I know, but that was just far too silly to leave it there untouched.

@taichokage: And are you replying to me or tronboy?

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Battles » itachi vs ichigo and luffy

@Destinyheroknight: I would agree with you given that he wants a normal Itachi and not an immortal one.

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