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Battles » Dalek vs Pacifista

@ohgodwhy: A Dalek is very powerful given that the Gunstick is able to kill sentient lifeforms instantly (Very few can survive one shot). The Daleks shields should also be able to stand up to multiple direct hits from the Pacifista Beam, it is capable of utterly destroying a bullet the second it touches the shield (The Dalekanium metal is also highly resistant to lasers and other forms of damage).

Also Dalek Sec of the Cult of Skaro bragged about how "We would destroy the entire Cyberman army with ONE Dalek" and that army was 5 million strong, He also went on to say that the Cybermen were superior in only one aspect, and that was "They were better at dying".

But you are correct that they are VERY slow, But they make up for that with their ability to fly. And with that it could simply fly well above the earth and rain hell down upon the Pacifista.

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Battles » Luffy vs Ichigo vs Naruto (New Scenario)

@Sinister_Noob: Ah yes inadvertently calling me stupid are we? Lower yourself to my level? You are already there my friend, dont try to big yourself up. I think you mean fighting my "intellect with your stupidity", and yes I can see you haven't had to do it in years because I can't see many people being as stupid as you.

This coming from the guy who claimed that Naruto would "Jump above the island and blow it to bits" even though I made no such outlandish comment in regards to anyone elses power.

This coming from a guy who calls other people morons, even when what they said (Or replied to) were true.

This coming from a guy who thinks that "No-Limits" constitutes "Unlinited Chakra, Reiatsu etc", Even though the correct term would be something along the lines of "Nothing is limiting their power in anyway" and when last I checked Chakra does not limit a ninjas power, In fact it increases their power overall (Who would have thought that?!?). Of course looking at that from a less intelligent stand point I can see where you got this idea from (I believe you are the only one here to even mention Unlimited Chakra or Energy... What does that tell you?), so it could mean that for all I know. Frankly it would have been easier to say "Unlimited Energy".

This coming from a guy who thinks that Tobi's army is going tie against WWH.

This also coming from a guy who said he could not find a refrence to Ichigo's Mach 28 feat (Even going as far as to atribute the feat to "Fillers", even though it happend in his final fight with Aizen), which after reading your reply I typed into google "Ichigo Mach 28 Sword Swing" and it was the first result... (Didn't look at all did you?)

Yeah but I can see your point, im the stupid one.

I have given numbers, feats and so on for all three characters (Ichigo and Luffy mostly), you have yet to give me anything that constitutes a proper debate other than calling me stupid (Or more accurately my comment), calling another guy a moron, and claiming that all Naruto has to do is jump above the island and blow it up.

Oh and just for the record even if naruto had unlimited chakra his BM cloak would still run out after 5 mins (I can't see him losing all his chakra when it runs out, that would make Tobi's job very easy indeed not to mention he would be dead because of it), and he would be left to the mercy of 2 significently faster stronger and more durable opponents. What YOU would like is "Unlimited Cloak" not "Unlimited Chakra".

But I am not one to insult people (Unlike yourself) unless they deserve it (You kinda do), so I will apologise if you took offence by anything I said here. (If you did I more than likely won't lose sleep over it anyway.)

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Battles » Luffy vs Ichigo vs Naruto (New Scenario)

@Sinister_Noob: If you are not going to read the whole post then why reply in the first place? At least read the post before you reply, it's common courtesy.

100% speculation? umm no its not, in fact they go quite in depth into the feat.

Also Naruto does not have the "Full" power of the Nine Tail's since Minato brought half of Kurama's power with him to the grave. I have no idea what the 4 tails combined has to do with this... Yes it is big, that also makes it a bigger target, and "Anyone who touches it will burn?" When did this happen? If that was the case then Kakashi and Guy would be slowly roasting to a crisps right now.

Luffy's strength is in excess of 5,000 Tonnes at any one time (Likely more, just cant put a definitive number on it). I you think he can't lift Naruto then something is very wrong here, As for Ichigo. He casually destroyed hills with nothing more than strength, so he would also be able to simply "Push" naruto and his big ass cloak straight into the volcano, like he did with Aizens face. Aizen, a man who blitzed 4 captains at once, one of which was Soi-Fon who was regarded as one of the top tiers in Bleach for speed, was shocked when Ichigo suddenly grabbed him by the face and brought him to the outskirts of Karakura Town to face plant him into the ground in the span of a few seconds. Ichigo's Post Dangai incarnation is all about strength, Virtually every feat he has in that form is strength based. So dont tell me that they won't be able to overpower Naruto physically.

Ichigo had so much reiatsu that Aizen in his third from could not even feel it, what is your point exactly? His Chakra is not directly tied to how long he can remain in his BM cloak, he only has 5 minutes in which to overpower faster and all round stronger characters before he loses the only thing that puts him ahead of both. Frankly he might be able to take out Luffy (I have made a case against that earlier in the thread) but for him to take out both before his cloak runs out is impractical, unethical and frankly impossible. Naruto can keep charging up his bombs until the sky turns red, Ichigo can just detonate them in his face with a sword swing, or dare I say it? A wave of his hand. And yes we are thinking of the same Naruto, considering he only has 4 forms its not too hard to discern the difference between them.

anyways, good luck with getting a reply from the OP, i'll be waiting, and please for the love of god, just PM me about it, dont throw it in a fucking debate.

Is that not the point of this thread? I mean it is a debate, and I am trying to clear a situation up for your own good. What good would it do if I sent it to you via PM? Nobody else would be able to see it then. Lol I think you might have stumbled into the wrong section...

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Battles » Luffy vs Ichigo vs Naruto (New Scenario)

@Sinister_Noob: That is also what Rukia thought, not just the enemy (I also would say that Yukio would have no reason to say "Even I cant shut it down" if he didnt mean it, as that would be directly aimed at Ichigo's next feat of power. Im sure that with the combined knowledge of Byakuya, Hitsugaya, and Kenpachi If they thought they could break through it they would have tried. The fact is they didnt, which could only mean they didnt think there would be any point.

I got those numbers because, Ichigo's sword swings were calced at mach 28 (Look it up), and Naruto in his Sage mode was cacled at mach 5.5, I would say logically he is around 3 times faster than that now (And that is very generous indeed I might add). And hence where I "Got the fucking numbers" as you so kindly put it.

What I see in that quoat is that, they are both fighting at peak strength, Which they are. They have no limits holding them back from full power (Alucard and his seals, Edo Tensei and the personality seal etc), which they dont. And that Movie attacks are acceptable, which they are. How exactly did you get "Naruto wins" from this?

Unless you see the "No Limits" as that their energy has no limits and therefore will never run out? Quite a far jump from the conventional meaning of that phrase, but just for clarity I shall PM the OP and find out the meaning in detail.

Also in defence to that I also bring you to the OP and say that the Volcano in the center of the Island is indestructible and Ichigo and Luffy could easily use that as a shield against Naruto's Bijuu Dama. Not to mention that Ichigo or Luffy could very easily pick up, and throw Naruto (Cloak and all) into the Magma which is an instant kill (No exceptions). We have already came to the desision that Ichigo and Luffy are much faster than Naruto (He did get a speed boost just not a big enough one, what he wins in is raw destructive power not speed) so dodging his close range attacks would be little trouble, and the only other attack he seems to be able to use while that cloak is up is the Bijuu Dama, which as I have said they could very easily block via the Volcano and then throw him into it.

If I were you I would not say something along the lines of "Naruto could throw them into it" becasue that is not the case given how weak he is physically compaired to Ichigo, let alone Luffy.

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Battles » Luffy vs Ichigo vs Naruto (New Scenario)

@Sinister_Noob: How does that make him a moron? Yes, Ichigo Destroyed a pocket dimension, or to be specific about it Yukio's Invaders Must Die Fullbring pocket dimension Chapter 475 - page 4: Even with all the Captains present launching a combined attack on the exterior of the pocket dimension they would have been unable to break it. A few pages after that Ichigo completely destroys it by releasing his newly acquired bankai.

Naruto's Bijuu Dama do take time to charge up (And require alot of chakra to form so I would also say he is limited on the number he can use in that regard too), While Ichigo on the other hand can destroy Craigs (More or less hills) with just a swing of his sword, and that was calced at mach 28, Logically twice the speed of Naruto.

That is what Korohitsugi does so there is nothing wrong with that either.

And yes, Aizen used his Fragor which created a mushroom cloud and sent out a shockwave which could be seen and felt for miles.

While Naruto does have the destructive advantage with his Bijuu Dama, Ichigo has consistency behind his attacks. Which means that while Naruto will run out of chakra and his cloak, which enables him to use the only technique that puts him above the HST in terms of destructive power, Ichigo can just keep swinging his sword. I also need to point out that he done all that with nothing more than strength (Breaking out of Korohitsugi is debatable but for the arguments sake I will side with the others).

So I ask again, how does siding with a well thought out reply make him a moron?

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Battles » who in naruto could beat darth vader

@DBZ_universe: Im not sure on his movement speed but his reaction speed is near relativistic with his precog.

@tronboy: Because you have so heavily handicapped the Naruto verse by taking out anyone who had a chance at killing him (Naruto, A, Mu etc) they have no hope in hell of killing Vader, let alone Obi-Wan and Vader at the same time. He will Force Choke the life out of all of them while Obi-Wan wanders around looking for something else to do. Vader and Obi-Wan are not getting blitzed by a bunch of sound speed ninjas.

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Battles » itachi vs ryu and akuma

@tronboy said:

itachi has access to all his abilities including izanami and immortality

sharigan: the sharigan is able to track light speed with two tomeo so imagine three

and is capable of using genjutsu.

Already I see fail in this OP.

For one immortatility wont do jack shit against Akuma since he can directly attack the soul and destroy it.

And second, the Sharingan cannot track "Light speed" with any amount of tomes. Show me physical proof of this (Hint. Haku was bullshitting about his claim, have fun with that), because if it could Sasuke would not have had any trouble against Killer B at all, Or Kakashi for that matter when he struggled to dodge the Arrows from Sasuke's Susanoo, Or Sasuke again when he fough pre-time skip Naruto and could not keep up with a change in his cloak (Would have been simple for him to dodge if what you are saying is true since he would have seen the chakra alter its shape at such a slow pace it makes watching the Room fly by.

And honestly why do you feel the need to bump your threads? If someone wanted to reply to them they would have. I count no less than 4 of your own threads bumped by yourself in the last 20 minutes. Now im not sure if there is a rule against that but I consider it spam myself. You even have a double post in one of those threads with the same text (Kabuto wins).

As for the fight, im not sure entirely. Im more inclined to lean towards Akuma and Ryu.

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Battles » Luffy vs Ichigo vs Naruto (New Scenario)

It would be a task for Luffy to survive for 5 minutes since both have Cutting attacks (Ichigo's is in abundance with them and Naruto has Fuuton Rasenshuriken). Ichigo has Durability around mid Town+ Level (Given him tanking Aizens Fragor with no visable damage to himself. And Naruto would be mountain level (Funny thing is Naruto has yet to tank an attack in the BM, so we dont know if his durability is mountain level in this form feats wise, but given that his subsequent tailed forms had mountain level durability it would be safe to assume that his BM is the same.). And Luffy would be Mid-High Town+ Level for Blunt Force, and no lower than City Block+ Level for Cutting Force (Lowest estimate but it is more than likely higher).

The problem for Luffy is his durability against cutting forces is lack luster considering both Naruto and Ichigo have cutting attacks (The latter uses them almost exclusively).

Whether Luffy can survive for 5 minutes depends on who engages who first out of Ichigo and Naruto.

After re-reading the OP, Luffy can use the volcano to his advantage (Such as blocking the Bijuu Dama from Naruto), And if Naruto decides to engage Ichigo first under the pretense that he can sense the evil in his heart (His hollow self), then Luffy would get a good idea of what the Bijuu Dama can do (And all following attack for that matter) and work to avoid it using the volcano. The good thing about this stragety is that Luffy, while not directly in the thick of the battle can still use his Gomu Gomu to attack them from a distance with powerful attacks while they are fighting one another. Using this strategy Luffy would outlast Naruto in BM and kill him.

Also it is possible for Luffy to maybe pull a win out of this too (But the likelyhood would be high indeed), given that the magma instantly kills anything that touches it. I already covered Luffys strength so if he was able to push or throw Ichigo into the magma (Ichigo, while strong would not be able to counter Luffy in the strength department and its entirely possible that this could happen, but unlikely) and he would secure himself a well fought and hard earned victory. This presents its own problems as one attack from Ichigo would end this train of thought, so speed would be a defining factor (That or a stealth attack) but Ichigo did react to Aizen's teleportation and was exceeding his already termendous speed even in his Third Form.

That would be an unlikely scenario but also entierly possible that Luffy could come up with that plan. Its up to you if you feel he could pull this off since I was just putting an idea out there based on the actual battlefield.

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Battles » Tobi's army v. World War Hulk

@taichokage: Tobi's Intangibility is not time manipluation, its space-time manipulation. The main difference between the two is that Space time is represented in 4 dimensions. What it means is that empty space is filled with particles which are massless and therefore not affected by relative time, but when you introduce mass to this relative time takes over. Hence why its is shown as a flat graph that curves around the earth.

Anything that has mass will "Curve" in the graph, all tobi is doing is "Flattening" himself out and existing in space and time simultaniously. Effectively removing his mass, which is why attacks pass though him. Similar to what light particles do, In the same moment they are born, they are destroyed because relative time does not affect them.

Really strange explanation which I believe to be right, in laymans terms anyway.

His energy is still there which is a plausable explanation as to why we can still see him, which means that the Hulk can still hit him. Be has destroyed planatery energys before with strength so Tobi will be no different.

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Battles » Luffy vs Ichigo vs Naruto (New Scenario)

@SpeedForceSpider: As far as im aware his base attacking strength in conjunction with his Haki is multi city block level. And then by using his Gears w/ combo attacks he is Town+ level. As for the lifting feats and such, I myself cannot remember if he was using his gears when doing them. If I said no then it would just be all out hell when he uses his gears, I would say his base strength CURRENTLY (As far as lifing goes anyway) is well over 5,000 tonnes (Safe estimate on my part) easily, since in the first Saga he lifted and threw a sea creature that was calced at around 1,000 tonnes in weight for a distance of 60-70 meters I believe. I would need to do a bit more digging to find out a correct number but that is something to go off for now. If nothing else its no less than 1,000 tonnes. Naturally his striking strength would be equal to or greater than this.

I believe that Naruto and Ichigo are ment to be in the 200-500 tonne range which is still impressive, but nothing like Luffy.

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Battles » Luffy vs Ichigo vs Naruto (New Scenario)


I'm not entirely sure how heavy bijou bombs are to begin with, so I can't comment on it. But it isn't surprising that Naruto can move them in the least given Bijous have already shown the ability to handle their bombs without even actively touching them, it's tough for me to see Naruto's split second deflection of the bijou bombs as a strength feat though.

Which time are you referring to? Naruto vs Pein?

As far as I remember, Naruto's deflection showing is the first time anyone has actually physically(in a sense, Kurama is a giant chakra monster and all we saw was a brief glimpse of speed sending these bombs away) touched a beast bomb to move it. Outside that it's usually levitating some distance away from their user and being moved in that manner and when it actually strikes an object it explodes.

When 4 tailed naruto compressed and ate his Bijuu Dama against Orochimaru to fire it at him the ground around him was forced down due to the weight. I believe Killer B or the 8 Tails also said that they were very dense when formed.

For the second part, it was more when Tobi summoned Kurama and he fired his Bijuu Dama at the monument, the buildings just outside of the body of the sphere were left untouched which suggests that it does not radiate heat or the buildings and trees would have caught on fire. And for the third part, the first time A Bijuu Dama was physically moved was when Naruto had to push Killer B's through the 36 Layer Self-Repairing Barrier becasue it didnt have enough momentum to break through itself. Which suggests that with enough strength anyone could move one (Naruto had his strength amped at the time with his new cloak which let him do it)

Like I said it would not be impossible for Luffy to do something similar, or Ichigo for that matter. But Luffy would have an easier time because of the Gomu Gomu, which would let him bend his body and apply force on a wider area.

I'd rather treat it as a showing of physical strength, but you can tie it into durability.

Fair enough, won't argue with that

Without something more convincing in terms of durability, I see that being the case.

Luffys blunt force durability is commendable (I believe its high town+ level), but his durability against cutting attack is horrible which both Naruto and Ichigo both have.

Most of it's body remains encased under a x amount of tons. I have a tough time not seeing how this isn't an impressive show of strength on Kurama's side, given nothing less than multiple mountains being torn apart was going to apparently hold the Fox down, in Pein's own words and he still broke free without being at full power. But yes, Pein didn't want to kill Naruto and could have very well done so earlier, I wouldn't count it as a destruction feat. When I refer to the 9 tails durability, I look towards him tanking his own Beast Bombs, without so much as staggering himself in the process.

See the problem there is how close Naruto in his 6 tailed cloak was to the surface, when he transformed into the 8 Tails he had nowhere else to go but out. With that said I can see it as being a decent display of strength, but I would atribute it more to his transformation than an outright display of strength. Think of it like a bomb exploding under the ground, the energy has nowhere else to go but out, same principil as his trasformation. But we do agree to some extent and I will give you that it is impressive in its own right.

Okay, I'd still say it's more impressive a showing then we are likely going to see out of Luffy for a while.

Recent showings? Sure that is probably one of the better recent showings so far from the 3 respective shows, but Luffy has some very powerful strength feats from earlier in the manga which is why I said it was not as impressive as some of the physical feats Luffy has performed over the years. But I guess we agree on this point anyway.

I get he took quite a beating, read it myself in shonen, but the disconnect for me is that he took damage from what they hitting him with. If canon balls, bullets, etc, it's touch seeing said individual more durable than Ichigo or Naruto. It's a great showing of resilience, his ability to continue despite the damage, not so much a showing that makes me think he can stroll past mountain busting attacks.

Its not the fact that the attacks were visually damaging him, it was the power of said attacks that he was being hit with that makes it impressive. He took an all out attack from Akainu while he was having a heart attack and fought on like nothing happened. And this was Akainu who not moments before evaporated a +1,000,000 tonne iceberg in a few seconds, and destroyed Whitebeards flagship. The first feat would put him in the Town+ level in destruction, and whitebeard took that and more during that fight. You could say he could survive a City Destroyer via powerscaling from Akainu given that he tanked Whitebeards attack that completely destroyed Marineford down to the seabed at point blank range and survived. And that was after already taking a direct hit to the back of his head from Whitebeard going all out against him.

As you can see when viewed like that it is alot more impressive, and while he would not be able to take multiple attacks in that range and survive. He would not need to since his Gura Gura would detonate attacks like the Bijuu Dama from a distance, and then he could create another quake infront of him to divert the power of the blast around him. Or as I said previous he could just kick or lift the Bijuu Dama and throw it into the sky.

I'd imagine everything around the Bijou would be incinerated, so them being whack a moled into the ground seems unlikely.

You need to remember that it is at the root of it, just a big bomb. So force would be applied to everything caught in the blast, It wont do much damage to him mind you but it will stun him for a moment.

Thats because Shippuden took for ever to get around in the story at that point. :P

If that were the case there would be less fillers! Haha. But im not complaining, that would be my favourite fights so far.

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Battles » Luffy vs Ichigo vs Naruto (New Scenario)

@taichokage: Luffy is high town level approching city level with his physical combo attacks, his lifting strength is in the million tonne range and his striking strength is not far behind that. So yes he is not as physicaly strong as Luffy. Ichigos physical strength feats are impressive but if he went against luffy with nothing else but strength he would lose. The other guy who we were in another debate with did make a valid point that it was a craig and not a mountain, still impressive considering he oblitrated it mind you. As for the spell, if physical strength is what it requires to break out of it then Luffy would have no problem. I would say it had to do with him releasing copious amounts or Reiatsu and had little to nothing to do with his physical strength.

Luffy is above them with physical strength, the other 2 are above him with energy based attacks.

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Battles » Tobi's army v. World War Hulk

@ohgodwhy: @othus12: @taichokage: Genjutsu or soul removal wont work since he has multiple personalitys and has an incredible resistance to Psychic based attacks and Soul Based attacks. Tobi's Intangibility wont work either since Hulk has been shown to be able to touch energy as if it were solid. And World War Hulk can regen from attacks far greater than what the combined force of Tobi's army can dish out. He would jump into the air grab the meteor and throw it at the army before it even entered the atmosphere since he has some very nice jumping feats to boot. He can and has reacted to high level hypersonic characters (Im told there are lightspeed showing too, not certain on that though) so blitzing him wont work, Not that any of that matters since once the fight begins one single thunderclap would destroy everything in the area.

They do have alot of hax but most wont work and the ones that do, well they would be dead before they can get them off. If worst comes to worst he could just destroy the planet with Thunderclaps.

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Battles » Luffy vs Ichigo vs Naruto (New Scenario)

@SpeedForceSpider: Oh yeah I agree with you completely that pre-timeskip Luffy is not on their levels, to say he is is redicolus. Ichigo and Luffy have similar speed feats, and Naruto has just gotten is biggest upgrade which could be his last, wont know until the flashbacks in the manga end, I find it funny that I wait a whole month for the anime to come off flashbacks only to have the manga go on them instead... that is what we call a facepalm haha. At least it is plot relevent unlike showing us the same stuff we have already seen.

But back on topic Naruto could be up at their level in terms of speed (I would still put him below them, but he is still fast enough to compete toe to toe at least against Luffy anyway), I mean anyone who is anyone in One Piece is at the very least hypersonic which makes blitzing one another pointless. But in Naruto and Bleach the difference in speed between characters in very large. Take Naruto for example most characters would be supersonic, with a few confirmed hypersonic characters. Which makes blitzing viable, but in One Piece most characters would be Hypersonic and the differences in speed between people would make blitzing impossible.

Yeah I respect all three shows equally so I try my best to remain neutral unless there is a clear winner (Bleach not so much now, kinda got bored of it tbh).

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Battles » Tobi's army v. World War Hulk

While Tobi's Army does have the revived, Making them immortal. They have nothing at all that could even dent World War Hulk let alone kill him. One thunderclap would annihilate the battlefield and the subsequent continent. What Hulk sees is 100,000 dead men and a handful of puny humans.

As for methods for them to engage him, It would be smarter for them to run away as fast as they can.

Funny thing is I would still pay to see this fight, despite myself dying in the process. Who doesn't like seeing Hulk wreck things? haha

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Battles » Luffy vs Ichigo vs Naruto (New Scenario)

@SpeedForceSpider: Ok before I start, I am in no way siding with Luffy. I fell LiquidPrince is giving Luffy a negative argument rather than a positive one, and I still stand by what I said before but I will go into more detail here.

Naruto and Ichigo do not have physical strength feats that even compair to Luffys. Their Energy/Chakra attacks are equal or more powerful, but not their physical strength given that luffy has a multi million tonne feat (Lifiting Strength mind you), and is able to wreck multiple city blocks with single punches (Striking Strength).

While Naruto and Ichigo have comendable physical strength, if pales in comparison to Luffys.

was posting the argument people were repetitively saying that the OP insists doesn't exist. That is why it was so generic and lacking all flavor my usual posts have.

I'd count it as a deflection feat; he was able to move those attacks some how fast enough, without having them explode in his face(which might actually lead to a decent speed feat if one considers how fast Bijou Bombs go off). In regards to Luffy knocking Bijou Bombs out of his way, his make up isn't remotely like the Fox so I would place HEAVY doubt in that being the case. That and Naruto is physically stronger than Luffy is as far as I'm concerned, no one has a scan of multiple mountains being piled up on Luffy and him just casually freeing himself right under a ridiculous amount of tons of rock. So people in One Piece have done something remotely close to deflecting 5 mountain busters, then proceeding to release a multi mountain buster that had the second most power tailed beast essentially mentioning "damn thats powerful"?

While everything on these boards, including Naruto is hyped to hell, I still saw Whitebeard having holes knocked into him by canons and penetrated by swords, it's tough to see him strolling past multimountain busters without breaking a sweat. He was able to charge one up to match the combined might of the other tailed beasts in no time at all and if they still "blew up in his face" then the Fox would tank blasts he can tank and still level most of the surrounding area, in other words backfiring in Ichigo's face.

Honestly given the speeds that Ichigo, and people argue, Luffy fight at, 5 minutes is an eternity.

Yeah as I said at the top he seems to be giving luffy a negative impact rather than a positive one.

He did have to move fast enough to hit them correctly, That I will agree on. But if he didn't have the strength to move them they would have just colided with him and blew up. I believe it was just as Naruto and Killer B were escaping that Naruto lifited up Killer B's Bijuu Dama and forced it through the barrier. That is a nice 200-300 Tonne feat, so his physical side has improved and he done so with just his standard cloak on.

Now when Kurama fired one inside Konoha it did not affect the surrounding environment (Such as burning nearby building or trees, or cause shockwaves or radiate anything harmful), Aside from plowing the ground in front of it. It more or less seems to be a cannonball, one can touch it without getting hurt but if it explodes then its devastating. Now it will be hard for him to do it, but not impratical or impossible, He could move his arm underneath or to the side of the Bijuu dama and effetively "Swing" it upwards or "Swing it around" and throw it back. His speed if fast enough to react to them so its well within his power to do this. The only problem is, as you say how fast they move and how quick they blow up, If he pushes hard enough it will cancel out the foward momentium of the Bijuu Dama so it can only move in the direction he choses. He does have the strength to make this a possibility.

Just food for though really, I wanna give Luffy a fair fighting chance instead of saying he gets stomped.

As for the Chibaku Tensei feat, I said this in another topic (I will try to find the link, just so you can read my post there about it.), I dont think that feat is a valid one to suggest he has mountain durability given how close he was to the surface of the sphere when he changed into the 8 Tails. I really only see that as a containment Field rather than a Destructive Feat, if Nagato wanted to kill him he would have done so when he immobilized him back in Konoha.

I found the link its the third post down starts just above the images, I would quoat it but it is far too long. The Irony is that it was also Luffy v Ichigo v Naruto.


Like I said there, I do agree that he as mountain level durability based on other feats, I just dont feel comfortable when that one is used to back it up. But that is mainly just my opinion on the matter.

So people in One Piece have done something remotely close to deflecting 5 mountain busters, then proceeding to release a multi mountain buster that had the second most power tailed beast essentially mentioning "damn thats powerful"?

I was just saying that in regards to the physical strength side of Naruto "Impressive for their verse, not so much One Piece". Not their overall power.

While everything on these boards, including Naruto is hyped to hell, I still saw Whitebeard having holes knocked into him by canons and penetrated by swords, it's tough to see him strolling past multimountain busters without breaking a sweat. He was able to charge one up to match the combined might of the other tailed beasts in no time at all and if they still "blew up in his face" then the Fox would tank blasts he can tank and still level most of the surrounding area, in other words backfiring in Ichigo's face.

Honestly given the speeds that Ichigo, and people argue, Luffy fight at, 5 minutes is an eternity.

Yeah he was badly damaged in that fight, you have to remember though that with half his head missing, his organs incinerated, two holes punched in his chest, A Heart Attack, Stabbed multiple times (Also left 2 swords in his body at the end I believe), Shot over 100 times, and being demolished by an all manner of attacks, that he was still fighting with amazing power. I mean even after taking a direct shot at his chest which left a hole he still managed to completely rip marineford to pieces with 1 attack. I would put Whitebeard at the top in terms of strength and power out of the whole HST so far, not to mention he is an absolute monster and one of the cooler characters this side of Yamamoto, given how many men it finally took to put him down and what he was doing even while having his body destroyed.

As for Ichigo, Given that the Bijuu have a tendency to hold the ball directly above their body as they are charging it would mean that when ichigo detonates it they are forced into the ground immoblizing him for a short space of time, enough for Ichigo to get in close and begin working away at him.

In anime 5 minutes is an eternity, not gonna disagree there. Sakura was poisoned and only had three minutes till she lost her motor functions, and those three minutes were spanned over a period or around 3-4 hours if im not mistaken. Even Ichigo and his Hollow Mask that was only ment to last 8-9 seconds lasted about 2 minutes in the show. Not sure on Luffy since I dont watch the show (Got late into watching it and realised It had over 500+ episodes now so yeah...) but Luffy could stay alive for 5 minutes if he used his skills to their utmost and was smart about his engages, so not impratical or impossible, just gonna be damn hard for him.

Cutting a mountain in half is nothing... Not an indication of physical strength... Mihawk, Zoro, and countless others can do the same in the One Piece universe...

He swung his sword so fast and with such strength that it created a compressed air current that ripped hills appart, and that was at a distance. And remember that he done so without the use of an energy projection or another form of attack, this was with pure strength and speed. Luffy has good durability but not against cutting power once Ichigo gets in close and swings his sword in his direction im afraid that Luffy is going down

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Battles » Danzo Shimura Vs. Hiruzen Saturobi

Danzo - Kotoamatsukami - game over.

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Battles » Luffy vs Moka (Read OP)

@FormerCrimsonKing: Against Luffy? Show her breasts, or an upskirt panty shot??

Honestly nothing worth noting, at least by HST standards. No hacked abilitys, speed is faster than the eye can see, strength is superhuman, durability is superhuman. Like I said nothing worth noting.

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Battles » Luffy vs Ichigo vs Naruto (New Scenario)

@FormerCrimsonKing: He wouldnt even need his hax given how fast he is when compaired to the HST haha.

While I do agree that Ichigo wins, I dont really agree with the power rankings.

For me it goes Ichigo>Luffy>Naruto. in terms or power w/Sustainability

The reason why is because Naruto, while strong and powerful is not currently sustainable. And would quickly lose effectiveness once his time limit has been reached, but for Ichigo and Luffy no such time limit exists (Exception would be FGT Ichigo) which means they can keep hitting powerful attacks until they tire out.

For overall power I would rank them Ichigo>Naruto>Luffy. Now with that said the gap is really not that big. Luffys combo attacks are very high level town+ Busting, approching low city level (Not quite there currently, but close). And so far without any decent grasp on Narutos speed, Ichigo and Luffy are logically faster by a large margin based on feats.

Naruto himself is insanely fast, even as a giant fox. Can deflect multiple mountain busters without breaking a sweat. Can tank his own attacks. Can release multi mountain busting blasts in no time at all. And his own attacks may be unpredictable due to the chakra cloak's unique ability to be spontaneous to people with precog.

The multiple mountain buster deflection feat is strength based. So a physical powerhouse such as Whitebeard or Monkey. D. Garp should be able to do the same given they have incredible strength feats of their own, Its possible Luffy could also do it, and more effectively given the Gomu Gomu no Mi but im not 100% on how strong he is so I wont pursue that train of thought until I find out. So all in all Impressive for the Naruto Verse, not so much the OPVerse.

I can't see Naruto even getting off one Bijuu Dama, with Ichigo constantly blowing them up in his face with sword swings.

I agree that Ichigo wins, so now it just comes down to if Luffy can survive for 5 mins to earn second place, because once Naruto's BM runs out he is well and truly violated.

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Big Boobs » Why are breasts considered sexual?

@justanormalguy: That was because they thought it "Simulated" a vagina, which is more commonly associated with females, hence why it was censored on females and not males.

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