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Cleaning up the last 200 odd Toriko images and then I will move on to Korras..
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General Discussion » Help Desk: Back up Your Wiki and Reviews

@Dream: Same to you with the one I made. We could maybe make use of both of them in some way with a bit of thought, else I would just repurpose mine into something for myself and anyone else who wants to use it.

I did add a direct link to the new wiki in the nav bar on my site so it doesn't feel so isolated, and still acts as a part of the site if you understand my meaning. Though I am fairly sure a full blown wiki could actually be created through some HTML and CSS editing on custom pages, Though I am not willing to put enough time into setting that up yet when we have a free wikia that does the job for now.

I know the host I chose gives any admin a fair bit of control over the actual design of the site itself, right down to the style sheet and the creation and moderation of new pages.

I managed to the familiar colour scheme from AV working on my one, animevice, you can check it out there if you want to. I also got a little shoutbox going at the bottom of the page so that could have some functionality with new reviews or stories along with the rolling news banner that is present in the site itself.

I haven't messed with the news banner yet though so nothing really happens there, but I am having a look into seeing if I can pull off something similar to the big spotlights on the front page of this site. I think it's more than possible through creating a brand new page but I'm stumped on where I would start to code everything in.

Regardless if you register over there I will add you into the admin group and that should give you access to the control panel for the site itself so you can see what’s behind the curtain over at my one.

We can work on them both and see which one turns out better overall and then just have the other one as a side site of some sort or just repurpose it.

I’m on the comedown from some dental work here so I expect to be in some pain in the next hour or so, but I will see if I can get some more features added in to spruce it up. I will register on your one in a moment or two here.

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General Discussion » Help Desk: Back up Your Wiki and Reviews

@CosmicKnight75: We actually have two other forums set up currently for the switch.

One by me and one by Dream. Both using the AnimeVice name and logo.

Dream and I are still getting the style sheets and layout sorted but basic functionality is up on both currently.

I added in nav bar links to the new wikia and I will likely add in a link to Othus' site too, in order to merge the community together a bit more.

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Off-Topic » Battle's Manga Wiki Scan Help Desk

@takashichea said:


If you are unable to upload image being a phone or any mobile device, you can place a request in this format:

  • Franchise Name, Chapter #, Page #

If you don't follow that, we won't complete your request. This helps ease the burden of requests. We can't search all of chapters for a franchise.

It's also worth adding in a quick description of the scene in question, in case the pages are ordered differently due to fan artwork or scanlation group covers that get added.

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@takashichea: Yeah, It’s a sort of like the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

You read them in chronological order as opposed to publication order.

Chronologically speaking it would go:

  • The Last Wish (Stories in this take place before the events in Sword of Destiny)
  • Sword of Destiny
  • Blood of Elves
  • Time of Contempt
  • Baptism of Fire
  • The Swallows Tower
  • Lady of the Lake

Ostatnie życzenie (The Last Wish) (1993, English edition: 2008). Note that, while "The Last Wish" was published after "The Sword of Destiny," the stories contained in "The Last Wish" take place first chronologically, and many of the individual stories were published before "The Sword of Destiny."

That’s what Wikipedia says about The Last Wish, they make a note that it's chronologically the first in the series, but it was published after Sword of Destiny.

Another good comparison for this would be The Simarillion and The Lord of the Rings.

The Simarillion contains numerous short stories that detail the creation of the world and most of the large events that lead into the Hobbit and Lord of The Rings

Same thing with The Last Wish, give you some important knowledge about Geralt’s job and who exactly he is before going into the main series itself.

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Off-Topic » Video Game Club

@AnimeDefender: Not at all, though it wouldn't really hurt your experience (Think Halo, the additional material gives great insight and adds to the story but you don't really need to read they since the important stuff will be told to you in game)

Technically speaking the games are not official canon anyway, but they continue on from the canon if you understand what I mean. Andrzej has praised them but never said they are an official continuation, likely to keep his series open so he can write more for it later on himself.

Essentially by the start of the first game Geralt has lost his memory and remembers nothing, or next to nothing from the events in the books. He slowly recovers is over the course of the games and gets it all back by the end of the second, though by that point the games have their own story going on. Both of these games are essentially setting up the Wild Hunt and what exactly happens when they arrive chasing after Ciri (I won't spoil it for you, Witcher 2 explains what happened with Ciri and it also explains just what the Wild Hunt actually is. They are quite epic as far as dark fantasy entities go)

I started into the Witcher series with Witcher 2, and then went back to play the first one when it was on sale on steam.

The first game is a PC exclusive so if you don't have a PC then best you can do is watch a play through on youtube, or just watch a recap. There was a video recap for the first game on that Witcher sub-reddit I linked for Taka there, I will see if can find it again for you later if you choose to go that route.

The first game is a tough one to get into on PC. While it would be great for you to play it through yourself, the mechanics are very dated and it's quite a step back into the past. It is a good game if you get into it but most people give up before it actually get really interesting as they find it really tough to get into.

Witcher 2 is a lot easier to pick up in my opinion, though the combat takes some getting used to. Some don't like it, others do, I personally enjoy the combat myself having spent so much time with it. It’s mostly about rolling and using your signs properly (Essentially dodge roll everything that might hit you and milk the hell out of Quen, Yrden and Aard). If you do end up playing it you can ask me for some advice if you get stuck or can't figure out the combat itself. I have played through it a good deal and know most of the tricks by now (3 or 4 times on Xbox on Dark Difficulty, and I am curretly doing an insanity playthrough on my PC for the Wild Hunt).

The story for Wild Hunt draws on some stuff from the book, like Ciri and Yennefer for example. Ciri is essentially one of the most important characters in the entire verse itself, so it helps to know a bit more about who she is exactly and why everyone wants her.

The games are essentially Geralt recovering his memory, while trying to find both Yennefer and Ciri. Third game is seemingly about regrouping with Yennefer and then protecting Ciri from the Wild Hunt / Nilfgaard, but that’s just based on the "Sword of Destiny", "The Trail" and "Elder Blood" trailers.

In summary, you don't NEED to read them, but if you have the time it might be worthwhile to give them a shot.

Essentially the books give you the complete story, but the games have their own unique story that fills you in on the important stuff along the way (Geralt recovers his memory through both games and that essentially gives you the basic look at what happened prior to the start of the games).

If you want to give The Last Wish a read I can link you to the fan translation I have myself. Just a collection of short stories that start off The Witcher series and it should give you an idea if you want to continue reading or just jump into the games.

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@takashichea: The Witchers continuinity is a bit odd.

Technicelly The Last Wish is the first in the collection (Collection of short stories that detail Geralts travels as a Witcher while introducting you to characters and concepts for the monsters he hunts), followed by Sword of Destiny.

The Last Wish introduced many of the characters you see later in the other books, and also shows how Geralt fought Adda when she transformed into a Striga (There is a CG version for that fight that was included in the very first witcher game)

And it also shows how he got the nickname the "Butcher of Blaviken" (Slaughterd about 6-8 mercenaries in a town square in a matter of seconds).


That link there shows you the reading order and when you can find the fan translations that have yet to be translated.

There is another book, Season of Storms, takes place before all of that but I think it's somewhat unrelated to "The Witcher" series.

If you want the fan translations that have been taken down I can get you those too. For the most part the fan translations are considered to be superior in quality.

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I used too, but I sold it a while back when they announced the DX11 version on the PC. I am just going to rebuy that version instead since it comes with all the DLC and numerous technical improvements thanks to it being a superior API compared to DX9.

The steam reviews for Dark Souls 2 during the recent holiday sale were hilarious though. It was on sale for something like 75-80% off and they were all saying to avoid it due to the new version that was coming out sometime in the next 3-4 months I think.

The entire front page was just red with negative reviews due to this.


Wait, are you are looking to convert a PS1 save format to a PSV save format for use on the PS3?

That’s going to be quite impossible without some addition hardware as far as I know. A friend of mine has done it but I think he had to use a card reader to get them to work properly I believe.

I generally just use emulators on the PC so the saves a game makes are never this difficult for me to work with.

Best thing I can give you is a save file that starts you with max money, there are none I could find that matched the stats for the one you linked.

if you want that then click here.

You are going to want to scroll down a bit and find the correct save you wish to use, there are 3 for NA and 2 for EU.

The EU ones look like they would be your cup of tea but I have never played the game so I don't know which one you would want.

I will look into it some more for you but I doubt I will find anything simple, it's going to take some PC knowledge on your end to use it if I do manage to find something.

@takashichea said:


Oh you are Witcher fan? I know a friend who plays the game.

Big fan of the Witcher series. The books for the series itself are good reads, but a good bit of the lustre they had is lost when it's translated from Polish to English.

I was tempted to learn Polish just to read them since they took forever to get translated into English. Fan translations exist and they are generally considered to be the best overall

Really looking forward to The Wild Hunt though, they delayed it to just before my birthday in may so I can look at that as a birthday present from CDPR.

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Off-Topic » Supernatural Discussion

@Supreme Marvel said:

I think season 7 is the weakest season of Supernatural.

I can't remember where abouts I stopped at.

It was partway through season 6 or 7 I am guessing.

Odds are I am just going to have to start from the start and then skip ahead until I find something I haven't seen yet.

I liked the Castiel God plot they had going for a while, interesting seeing him go around and start doing some crazy stuff.

But season 8 introduced new concepts, ones I won't mention. But I enjoyed them stories. Linked to the great grandfather I believe.

I will look out for that stuff then. It's on Season 10 right now isn't it?

Or am I just misremembering.

I loved Bad Day at Black Rock (Rabbits Foot). It was my favourite until The French Mistake in season 6. I laughed so hard at Dean and Sam, playing their Jensen and Jared, playing Dean and Sam. Having been doing acting for about 6 years at the time, was good to see.

That's right I remember that episode, that was a funny one.

Especially when Genevieie came back into it, I remember Dean was going crazy at the sight of her.

Misha was funny as hell in that one too.

I was talking to a friend. I think it's time to move on from the angels. I think they're keeping Dean and Sam in a rut.

Not too many places they can go to at this point.

It might be worthwhile for them to go back to the old school hunting every now and again to break things up.

From what I remember about the later season I watched it was getting very story driven, started to miss the interesting hunter side stories.

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Off-Topic » Supernatural Discussion

@takashichea said:

I seen theories on Chuck being god after Swan Dance episode. He disappeared after he finished season 4 or was it 5, the final battle against Lucifer?

End of Season 5 Was Swan Song I think.

I think most fans are in agreement that he is in fact god. I think there is a video floating around of Chucks actor Rob sort of confirmed it too at some convention when a fan asked him what it was like to play God.

The amulet that was supposed to burn hot in God's presence was shot down by Joshua who said the amulet won't work. The amulet never burned when Dean met Chuck.

I never really expected the amulet to work anyway. Chuck/God clearly didn't want to be found so an amulet made by a lesser being is not exactly going to work in trying to track down the omnipotent creator of all.

I truly thought the series would end at that point.

Yeah, that was what they were building towards after all, the final fight between Lucifer and Michael.

I guess its popularity made them renew it for another run.

I am only around season 6/7 I think, and its on season 10 now?

Can't say if thats a good or a bad thing.

My favourite scene would either be the Rabbits Foot one or when Death was introduced for the first time.

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@Guyver: I have it on PC, haven't put too long into though since spectacle fighters were never my favourite games.

But based on what I saw it's just your average spectacle fighter, with dumbed down game mechanics, and simple level design/story.

You have to be a fan of the series in the first place to actually enjoy it I would say, but it's £15 or your regional equivalent so I can't really complain that much, I already got my money’s worth out of it.

That and the fact it’s clearly not a Triple A game and that it was based on licensed material should tell you that it’s nothing really special. Fun to play for a while if you like Korra, if not then I probably wouldn't recommend it.

Naga sections are annoying as hell though, that much is certain.

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@takashichea: Yeah I just assume the right side is referencing the most popular anime in the western world as opposed to just Shonen.

And the left if what I’m hearing is correct, is likely the contrast to that, using a western animation style from Pixar Studios.

I think the idea that it's a Pixar reference comes from the fact that the guy voicing Homer is John Ratzenberger, who has been in every Pixar movie to date.

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Off-Topic » Movies & TV Club

@takashichea: @ElHa: Santas Little Helper should be Haku from Spirited Away like you saw. My search gives me this result too.

I guess it's based on each of them representing a different highly popular anime "series".

Spirited Away is one of the most popular anime movies in the western world if I'm correct so it makes sense.

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Off-Topic » Movies & TV Club

@Acura_Max: @ElHa: Lisa is Mikasa Ackerman most definitely, and Marge is apparently Ranigiku Matsumoto based on a quick Google search.


Oh and the left side is likely a reference to Pixar or something, I think they had a different guy voicing homer there who was in a few pixar movies.

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@takashichea: I would almost bet that it's mostly a mental issue which would also mess her up spiritually too, PTSD or something of that nature I would imagine. Toph herself hinted that it could be after she tried to remove the mercury.

I'm sure we will see Eska and Opal together at some point, Bolin serves as the comedy of the group and I can imagine that scene would make for a laugh, I would be amazed if they didn't to be honest.

And Varricks experiments I would guess are related to a new and more powerful energy source to power some of his new weapons, maybe an improved mecha tank or maybe a way to give artificial bending to others.

And no I never heard of it, I will have to check it out later on. But it looks interesting though, very different style from the usual animation. It's good that you can get a complete picture for those two since we already got a glimpse of their past back in Book 3. The Korra game that’s coming out in a few days bridges the gap between Book 2 and 3 I believe, not sure if it's entirely canon but I imagine it is given they have the series writer doing the story for it.

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@takashichea: Only got around to watching the new episode this morning.

These trailers seem to be just first looks of early peeks if anything, I would love it if they really did a proper trailer for the last few episodes at least, I think they did that for the Sozins Comet "Movie" back in book 3 anyway, I remember watching a trailer for it a few minutes before it aired on over here TV years ago.

Another good episode regardless, at least we know what Kuviras ulterior motive was. And Eska did show up too, shame she didn't meet Opal thought, that would have been more interesting.

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@takashichea: Seeing Toph was cool, hopefully they will go more into what was happening with her in the next episode.

I just got the vibe that she might have been controlling the bandits, they are a huge problem for everyone until she rolls into town and then they suddenly disappear and move on to the next area. Couple that with how scared they were when they unknowingly attacked her train and I would say she is involved somehow.

I’m just curious how she got the job in the first place, there were plenty of people more qualified for it and she was, as you said, a relatively minor character in comparison to the people who could have lead the unification.

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Editing & Tools » Criteria for Adding Characters to Episodes and Volume Pages

@takashichea said:

Sorry for being confusing. I hope you recover Yusuke since you were sick last week.

It's nothing serious, I only gout about 2 hours of sleep last night because of the heat so my head has been sore all day from that.

n the Wikia, they can change the name, so it doesn't reveal the real name.

We can't do that.

That makes more sense, I just went onto one of the episode pages there now to see how different those character sections are and I see what you mean.

Shame you can't use HTML to mask it somewhat or just have the typed alias show up instead.

For the Kaguya part, I definitely agree with you. I have no idea why the user insists on adding them. I might have to ask them to stand down for Naruto wiki editing. He's causing more work for me to fix his mistakes.

Yeah if they don't make a physical appearance in either the flesh or a flashback they don't really need to be there. Having Kaguya there is essentially because of a technicality.

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Editing & Tools » Criteria for Adding Characters to Episodes and Volume Pages

I am a bit tired and have quite the headache right now so I expect to misunderstand some of this, I will take a better look at it again in the morning so I can make better sense of it. But I will post a quick reply now anyway to clear up some stuff for myself.

· When a character isn't properly introduce but has another alias and you assume that character is the same.

Example: Ten Tails and Kaguya Ohtsutsuki

In the Naruto Shippuden Season and Episode Issues, I encounter seeing Kaguya and many other characters who were added. They only appeared in the manga as of October 8, 2014.

Do you mean people adding both of them into the same episode because Kaguya is a part of the Ten Tails?

Kaguya, while part of the Ten Tails, is completely different as far as personality, appearance and motives go. For this one I would say only add Kaguya if she personally makes an appearance in her physical form and not if the Ten Tails shows up.

They are still fundamentally two entirely different beings as far as personality, and appearance goes, and adding them both on a technicality seems somewhat pointless.

1. In Naruto, Tobi is revealed as Obito. He is the same person. It's okay to add him as Obito. It's just that in our community, we can't change the name to avoid spoilers unlike the Wikia who can change the name but still keep the same link to the page.

Do the episode pages work differently when linking characters? I assumed you could just use the alias for Obito (Tobi) and then link it normally, or are you referring to something else?

But assuming the former, I would say that if you are looking at wikia pages in the first place, spoilers are to be expected.

In Danganronpa: The Animation, Monokuma is a machine operated by Junko. Junko supposedly died in the 2nd episode. It turns she was alive. Does that count as her character appearance? No, it doesn't. Monokuma is treated as a separate character because he expresses qualities such as speech, personality, etc of a typical character.

This one is somewhat ironic, as I have yet to watch Danganronpa...

But whatever, it would have been another few years before I actually sat down to watch it most likely. I'm not too bothered by this.

With that said I can't comment properly as I have no idea what these two are actually like as individuals. I would be inclined to agree with you however based on what I am reading.

This one I have encountered. To be honest, I'm a bit indecisive on this one. I need to check with my fellow mods and wiki editors. I always add in the points of interest section that a character did not make a body appearance, but their voice is heard nice and loud. Some folks add them.

Example: A dead character's voice is heard. You can technically add the person because their VA (Voice Actor/Actress) spoke a line. They may be listed in the credits.

I would just do what you are already doing now.

Add them in and make a note that the role was a "voice only" role, and not a physical appearance.

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Sorry for the late reply, I was feeling sick myself most of yesterday.

Yeah Nick pulled Korra from the TV after they reportedly got low ratings. Not surprising when they put it in a horrible timeslot like they did. I think they went back to broadcasting reruns of spongebob or something of that nature instead, since they don't seem to care that much for a new IPs. The rest of Book 4 is going to be online through their American site. I'm more surprised by the fact that it was only a single episode and not a double, first time they have done that in 4 Books.

Bolin and Opal will likely be fine by the end, I can't see the creators breaking down another relationship especially considering this is the end of the series too. But it would depend of the type of ending they are going for, and given they haven’t shied away from suicide and murder it wouldn't surprise me. It might be interesting to see Eskas reaction to them if she shows up as some point mind you.

I would say Kuvira is playing the leader to garner more support in the public eye, but I would call it now and say I wouldn't be surprised if the bandits are working for her too, going around and destabilizing regions so she can swoop in and take control. I just want to know how she got the job in the first place, seems like quite a promotion in all honesty.

Underground street brawler Korra was kinda awesome too see, if somewhat saddening given how broken she was at the end of Book 3 only to fall even further down at the start of Book 4. I hope they give her some more screen time next episode.

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In my eyes piracy is born out of neglect. The less you care about the people, the more piracy you have.

What I mean by that is if you make something easily accessible to all for reasonable prices and high of a high enough quality that the people see you put good honest hard work into it with no favouritism you will notice that less people will go and pirate something.

The only notable companies that share this view with me are game development/distribution companies like CDProjektRED, the development company that makes The Witcher games and also has a site where they sell games without any DRM for reasonable prices, and Steam, notorious for its sales every few months which drop games down to virtually nothing.

CDProjektRED even did a survey on piracy of The Witcher 2 with and without DRM, and they noticed a very large decrease in piracy when they released it again without DRM, the same will go for The Witcher 3 which launches with no piracy and CDProjektRED even has it on sale right now on their site, you get a bigger discount if you already own 1 and 2 which is great.

They drove the price of games up over here from the normal £40 (which was already criminal given the quality of some of these supposed "AAA" games) to around £55/60. Not exactly accessible when the minimum wage is much lower than it should be, and the overall quality of these games does not warrant such a price tag. That and then you get places like Australia which have the living hell censored out of their games to the point where they are just shells of what they were originally.

Look at Destiny for a Triple-A game that was disappointing as hell considering the money that went into its creation and the hype it was generating. $500 MILLION, and yet it’s story was borderline criminal and they admitted about a week ago that most of the end game content (Where they say the game actually begins ironically enough) is either “Doesn’t work as intended” or “is actually broken”.

To me piracy is less of a crime and more of an eye opener for both companies and people, and should be seen as a place to improve. If people are pirating it means it's either costing them too much to buy, impossible to get a hold of, or simply too low quality to even warrant spending your hard earned money on. But it's mostly just old men in the boardrooms these days so out of touch with the modern world that they only see it as a loss in income and that anyone who is withholding money from them should be sent straight to jail. That’s why places like Netflix are doing so well, it's a tiny payment of a few pounds every month and you get unlimited access to as much TV and Movie stuff as you want, great value for money and it's accessible for literally everything these days so that's another point in its court. The only thing holding it back over here in all honesty is the fact that it's library is woefully under stocked compared to the American one, if they sort that out them I might re-subscribe, I enjoyed binge watching some stuff on Netflix while doing work. For anyone who does pirate, it’s a chance to see if this product is actually worth spending money on.

Radical view in the eyes of most people I’m sure but I stick by it.

Football and Soaps are huge over here, we have one that has been broadcasting a couple of times weekly since the 60s, and it's got more than 8450 episodes currently. If you don't like one or the other you are considered somewhat strange in most people’s eyes because you are either really into it them or not at all. I don't like football at all, never been my sport so I don't mix well with the football fanatics. I think people over here still see anime as a "children’s show" given that to most it would look similar to the likes of a children’s cartoon, but most wouldn't even sit down and watch it to see if it's anything more than that. That's what annoys me more than anything, people who judge something without giving it a chance. I would never bring up Anime in public around where I live unless someone else brought it up first, or I was with friends, just not worth any hassle you might get for it.

For Korra, I think it's because each arc, unlike The Last Airbender, stands alone for the most part with only the bare minimum of connections to the last arc to still warrant calling it “The Legend of Korra”. Aangs story felt more "complete" not to mention it was actually longer anyway. My worry is that with only 13 episodes to finish this I hope they give it something great and not something that make people think that they should of had more time to flesh it out. That’s the problem with shows when they only have 10 or so episodes to work something out, you have to cut little details that enrich the story, or entire scenes because it's running too long. Game of Thrones is a good example of this as it cuts out parts that would really enhance the story simply because they either don't have the time or don't see the need for them in the first place.

I just hope they give it a satisfying end and leave it open for maybe another venture into the Avatar world at a later date, I have been hearing rumours lately that they might actually close the ending for any possible sequel story, which is saddening considering the possibility of the universe they have created.

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