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...... Damn you Dream.... you're making me divide by zero here with match number 2...Well first round I'm going for Syndicate, very heavily based on the fact that their powers and exploits have more diversity and relatively speaking fewer to exchange for compared with alchemists. Round 2 I'm giving to God's Right Seat. Especially since Aqua is a super powered saint with incredible brute strength, Vento's initial power to knock ...
1 week, 6 days ago
Match one: The Gurren Lagan GroupMatch 2: Voting for the Elite 4
2 weeks, 5 days ago
I'll vote for Madara and Griffith this round
1 month, 3 weeks ago
Going to put my votes in for Madara Uchiha (purely because he's a god breaking mary sue), and Johan Liebert. for being the essence of pure evil
2 months, 2 weeks ago
Eh, it's a very difficult choice but, I'm gonna go with Ragyo and Yoshikage Kira.Three of the four choices in both rounds are strong and have a huge presence in their respective titles but my choice of winners tends to be on account that ultimately Toguro and Lord Genome in the end aren't necessarily as evil as they are made to be when they make their initial appearances... rather their ...
2 months, 3 weeks ago
I'll vote for "Father" in round 1. I have my reasons for not voting with Orochi that would be manga spoilers to some if I mentioned them....For round 2... my pick is Yagami Light.
3 months ago
I'll vote for Madara in the case of match #1. Reason being that he's been ridiculously overpowered in spite of the miracles kishi designed into the Naruto series, even when he's being overpowered. He also has a more sadistic side to him that makes cell look more corny in comparison (just my opinion)As for round #2.Believe it or not I have to vote for Naraku this time around, for some ...
3 months ago
Liebert and Gilgamesh, hands down get my vote :)
3 months ago
I'll be voting for mr Doflamingo, and Yuno Gasai.In the case of the latter, I tend to favor Gasai because of the choices in her round, she's literally in it for the evil and pleasure of yandere.
3 months, 1 week ago
Kakine Teitoku and Sensui both get my votes ;)
3 months, 1 week ago
Lets' put in a nomination for:Yuno Gasai from Future Diary"Wrath" (The army general) from Full Metal Alchemist"Envy" The homounculous from FMA BrotherhoodZorin Blitz (Hellsing Ultimate)"The Captain" (Hellsing Ultimate)Fiamma of the right (Majutsu no Index)Kakine Teitoku (Majutsu no index)Terra of the Left (Majutsu no Index)Othinus (Majutsu no Index)Souren Araya (Kara no Kyoukai)
3 months, 2 weeks ago
I saw it through to the end, and frankly I found it disturbing. I guess in hindsight it's not like I had a rerun experience of Yosuga no Sora (that one literally had intercourse scenes) but the series sucked anyway, at points where it was just plain awkward. BTW @takashichea The cop out ending.... very likely because the source material wasn't done.... no where near... That sort of cop out ...
3 months, 3 weeks ago
Yuno_Shiki replied to the topic Ani-Crap Poll #42 on the Just Anime board.
I will nominate Pupa so Dream can end his anicrap with a bang :3
3 months, 3 weeks ago
I keep having brain farts every time I go back to these titles after a long time. Cut me some slack :PPoor @Dream had to listen to me bask in my fail over skype when it was decided :D
3 months, 3 weeks ago
HmmmCellFriezaLordgenome (AKA Anti-Spiral) --- Gurren LagaanSanetoshi Watase --- PenguidrumMomiji Binboda --- Good Luck GirlRank as my picks tonight
3 months, 4 weeks ago
Issei's harem gets my vote :D
4 months ago
Yuno_Shiki replied to the topic Ani-Crap Poll #41 on the Just Anime board.
Recently, My Sister is Unusual>:3
4 months ago
I'm voting between tenchi and minato's harem.... sadly, I must part ways with Issei's harem.... Tenchi is just that full of pure awesome :(
4 months, 1 week ago
Tcenchi and Issei's Harems, hands down :D
4 months, 2 weeks ago
Minato and araragi! :3
4 months, 2 weeks ago
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