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At any point in time have you ever asked yourself ‘am I really addicted to this?’

Well of course you have! Who hasn’t?

Now how about this? ‘How addicted to this am I?’

Okay maybe lesser people asked this to themselves, but we still have a high count.

How about looking up to the heavens and proclaim to the world ‘Yeah I’m an anime addict. Got a problem with that?’ Now that my friends, are my kind of people.

There are a lot out there who are anime addicts, like myself, but are quite shy to admit it. I don’t know why and I don’t bother to ask. It’s their life not mine. But I’ve also seen some hard core addicts, even more so than myself, that they actually wouldn’t mind suffering hours upon hours of sweating in their massive costumes just for fun.

Yes, I mean cosplay, and not just those ordinary otaku that all they have to do is put on their desired costume(i.e. sailor-fuku), grab a wig and trot around mingling with other otaku’s. I mean those that goes the extra length of planning months ahead, spending their allowances on the cloth(which are quite expensive) and the service(tailor) and on the awaited day haul their costumes in the restroom and then come out looking like… DOMO-KUN!

When asked, ‘is it hot in there?’ he replied ‘uh… yeah, but no sweat I could do this all day’.  Seriously? Yes seriously. Insane? Yes, but with them around you can be sure it’s going to be one hell of a day.

Man! Talk about first-class otaku. I could even get myself to cosplay a simple character(since I’m pretty much stingy when it comes to cash) let alone one that would probably kill me due to dehydration.

But still whether one likes to cosplay, collect figurines and mangas or not, an otaku is an otaku. Much like a doctor, no matter what he/she specializes in is still a doctor. You can’t argue with that fact.

Note: Ehe… just suddenly thought of this, don’t mind me.

Yunaginomachi out. >=3

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