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The Shiemi Blog #2

As you may know this is the Shiemi blog (for those who don't know who Shiemi is, she is a character in the Blue Exorcist franchise) also I wrote a previous blog post of this. The link is here.

In the previous blog post, I wrote about her relationships with Rin and Yukio Okumura; her role in the series 'Blue Exorcist' (Ao no Exorcist) and a bit about her. This time I am writing about her relationship with Izumo and Paku.

Her relationship with Izumo and Paku started when Rin told Shiemi to make some other friends, in this case she tried to befriend Izumo and Paku. Izumo didn't want to hang around with Shiemi, although Paku didn't mind. Although one day, a demon came into the dormitory and attacked Paku. While Izumo and Rin attacked the demon, Shiemi healed Paku as much as she could. After that, Izumo felt that she couldn't do anything good for Paku.

This is it for the 2nd blog post, please comment on what you want me to put in the maybe-next post.

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