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The Shiemi Blog #1

Shiemi came to academy
Shiemi came to academy

Hello! As you know I am a Blue Exorcist/Ao no Exorcist fan, I was thinking of making a blog about either one of the characters in Blue Exorcist (I have only watched the anime so all I know is basically from the anime) so I chose Shiemi Moriyama. Me and have been commenting and posting pictures of Shiemi on one of the photos I uploaded of her.

I like Shiemi because she tries so hard to do things right and I find her kind and helpful.

I personally think that Shiemi and Rin Okumura are a good couple, some people may think that Yukio Okumura and Shiemi are a good couple. Comment if you agree or disagree.

Comment about anything you like about Shiemi or really anything about the anime series of Blue Exorcist or Shiemi!

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