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Shiemi's funny frown!
Shiemi's funny frown!

Okay, first of all this blog post is kind of about why I love Blue Exorcist so much. So for a starter, the characters are awesome! Well, even Paku and Izumo(?) but the one thats my all time favorite is... to be honest Rin or Shiemi. Shiemi is funny because once in the anime (which im sad because they havent made another series yet:( ) she does a very funny frown! This picture is at the left hand side next to this writing basically. And for Rin, he cares about birds. Sorry that was a weird thing to say xD, I like him because, well yes one he cares about birds!, two he swears a lot of the time which isn't really something to say about to like him but... I wrote it anyway! Thirdly he cares about Shiemi, does Shiemi love Rin? Or Yukio? That's a question you can say in the comments!! Didn't say much about them two, especially Shiemi so here's a personality list for Shiemi! ^_^

Shiemi is good at cooking I hear but I think so anyway and of course healing! Brilliant with gardens, yes so :) what else to write? Hope you come back to my next blog about Blue Exorcist as well! (This one wasnt very good and it was short)

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