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Hello once again!! Okay, first of all this blog post is about Another which is an anime and manga! ^.^ I am reading it (manga!) I warned you that this probably will contain spoilers!

Horror. It is about a girl called Misaki who has died after she transferred into the third class (i think so, please forgive me if it's wrong!) and all her classmates and friends were so sad that she had died even the teachers stopped speaking and the classroom would feel haunted and someone would speak, 'Misaki didn't die, she's just there -', but the person telling the story would be interrupted. Even so everyone acted if she was still alive, for example they would talk to her table and chair or as if they went home together. Then at the graduation ceremony, on the class photo Misaki would be there... Kouichi is a new student at Yomoiyama North Middle School and notices that in his class it feels unnatural. Also he sees a girl in an eye-patch holding a doll, who's in his class, Kouichi finds out that she is Mei Misaki. He meets her on the roof and she explains that a 'close death' is near.

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