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Welcome to my first manga that should become anime, today I bring to you a series that almost infuriates me that its not turned into an anime yet, Fushigi Yugi: Genbu Kaiden.

Set 100 years before the origonal it tells the story of youyng takiko the girl who would be the first of four (main) girls pulled into the "Universe of the Four Gods" book, gathers her warriors and recieve a wish. For some this could be boring but Yu Watase pulls out alot of stops to make sure this story is any thing but boring filled with lots of darkness not present in the origonal story in one manga book Takiko single handly could whomp Miaka being a stong female role model while still falling in love.

However such a wonderful story has not been adapted for an anime yet with all of the nostalia factor surrounding alot of recently released anime where are my priestesses and bishounens, my story of a g9irl stuck in a stange land not sure if she'll ever go home. of strange chinese citys where wars seem frequent, All we got is a ps2 game that nwill never be brought over, and no anime they are droping a ball there.
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I'm not sure how much I can get this to look pretty eventually but hello I am Yuetheguardian and this is my blog, I can promise you although I may not be the most tech proficient I will try to bring fun content reviews, and special sections.

 I guess I should start talking about myself. I started in the cardcaptor debacle and thus that would be consider my decent into becoming hard core, before that the only subtitled animes I had seen were Nadesico, and Devil Hunter Yoko. I am not the epitome of manliness as I enjoy just sitting back enjoying a nice shoujo or reverse harem series.

I thank you for taking this ride with me.
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