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General Discussion » Known discussion: Who is tobi?

I thought about that, but why would an manga artist make a hidden storry of a character in his creation? Maybe it could be a representation on that he was there, but just as no one.

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General Discussion » Known discussion: Who is tobi?

There was a few lines that went messed up... Hope you would take time re-reading it ^^

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General Discussion » Known discussion: Who is tobi?

Now, i have seen so many threads on diferent forums about this up from the moment tobi was known to the anime. I wanted to make a new thread about who tobi could be, basicly because im curious about him, and i wan't to know who he is before its released. No one knows who he is, right? So. . . to find out we can take away the people we know his not.

  • Obito - no; We know that Tobi is not Obito! For those who still thinks that, im going to explain it to you. Obito is at kakashi's age, and kakashi and Obito was a part of Team Minato(Yondaime's genin team). We know Obito was observed while tons of rocks burried him, so he is most likely dead. And during the invading in Konohagakure, only a few months after he died(most likely), Tobi was fighting Minato. At that time, Kakashi and obito should only have been 12 years old(Think kakashi is 28 now in shippuden, 16 years after the invation). now, how can a 12 year old boy instantly get grownup? And there is so many more examples to look at!
  • Tobirama Senju - High doubt; There are a few things they have in common, he is from the senju clan. As far as the manga has told, Tobi has Senju DNA in him. If he is from the Senju clan is a different story though. Rinnegan is only achieveable inside the Senju bloodline, and Tobi said after killing Konan that he was the one giving Nagato rinnegan. Also, Tobirama Senju was called Tobi. But he would be over 140 years old now if he was Tobimaru.
  • Kagami uchiha - Possible? ; Kagami was one of the 3 in team Tobirama, along with danzò. During danzò's fight with sasuke, we could see how Tobi whished to kill him, and how he told about his munipilation inside the hidden leaf. If i recall right, he called him a trator to Konoha and uchiha(or something). Listen now people, Kagami means "Mirror". He calls himself "Tobi", what kagami's teacher called himself, he representent himself as a uchiha(but no one really knows if Tobi is an uchiha or not), he tells about how he is going to mirror the six path's powers, and recreate the moon to make piece in the shinobi world. Now at last, he announces that if the people wished to call him madara, he was madara. He represent himself as an mirror to what the other thinks he is.

Now, the last bit of "he being kagami theory" is something i feel strong about. I think Tobi is representing himself as an mirror. We should know by now that he knows EXTREAMLY much about madara, that dosent mean he has to BE madara. but maybe someone he stands close. In the end, as the naruto forums says... Madara was aware of Tobi's existance.

What i think is that Madara fought Hashirama and lost, but gained some of his DNA(that was what he told after being ressurected). And then he would escape and manage to obtain the rinnegan. He could then have offered his life to form the dominique statue to capture the tailed beasts, then formed a "vessle"(Tobi) who would have Madara's sharingan powers. Remember, Tobi's ability is a space-time ability, allowing him to travel so fast that it breaks the line of time. In this case, it would possibly mean he could travel so fast that time would stand still in his presense, while the world around would go around. That means in theory that Tobi never ages. Sounds like a perfect plan for madara to create piece.

Anyways guys, this was my thoughts of Tobi.

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