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Sakura Sarutobi (猿飛さくら , Sarutobi Sakura),also known as "Ninja Sakura",is the main female protagonist of Katekyō Hitman Reborn!(Created by myself) At first , everyone at Namimori Middle School thinks Sakura is "cool and spicy", but actually she is shy and uncertain. She does not know her true self very well, but she appears to be rather determined when it comes to helping others.She is also "Vongola Famiglia's The Real Princess Of Vongola Famiglia" , everyone in Namimori also calls her "Namimori Queen" because of her "cool and spicy" attitude.She is also a childhood friend with Hayato Gokudera , Takeshi Yamamoto , Kyoya Hibari , Mukuro Rokudo and everyone who is related with Mafia.Sakura also is the president(after Kyoya Hibari) of Namimori Middle Disciplinary Committee , also is Kyoya Hibari's lover.Her parents , Asuma Sarutobi(father)& Kurenai (mother) , have died during a mafia war in Italy.By that time , Sakura was just 12 years old.When she is small , she was a cheerful & always gave everyone a wonderful & full of warmth's smile.But after her parents died , she has became a violent & full of dark aura's character.She used man's dialect like "boku" & "omai" instead of "watashi" and "anata". Sakura has a weak body , and is seen she always collapses everytime her health problems came back.Sakura also have 9 Shugo Charas ,which is her would be-self.Because of the Humpty Lock , she can transform with her Shugo Charas , also with the other Shugo Charas.Sakura actually has Humpty Lock & Dumpty Key.Since she has the lock , she needs to gave the Dumpty Key to someone who can really trusts.So , she decided to gave the key to Hibari.When the lock & the key combine together , Sakura can transforms with Hibari.At the very last episode , she invited all of her friends(including Hibari & Namimori Middle Disciplinary Commitee)to Italy to watch her has been inherited to be "Vongola Famiglia's The Real Queen Of Vongola Famiglia".After the Vongola 9th puts her crown on her head , all her friends(except Kyoko Sasagawa,Haru Miura,Reborn,Bianchi&Giannini)has their own Shugo Charas.After born , they quickly do their Character Transformations as their royalty to Sakura.Sakura also does her Character Transformations with one of her Shugo Charas to do the same with them.Sakura is kind-hearted , caring and willing to sacrifice herself to save & protect her Vongola Guardians and her Famiglia.Like when Takeshi Yamamoto has been attacked by Kaoru Mizuno , she willing to donate her blood to him.Even though everyone disagree , but she has no choice as she shares the same blood type with him.She knows if she donated 700cc of blood to him , her life would be in danger, but she doesn't care about that.She said:"I would do anything to save my Guardians & Family , even if it costs my life.If I don't do something to save these two important things , then I'll failed as "The Real Princess Of Vongola Famiglia!". She also took care of Yamamoto until he was recovered in the hospital.When Sakura has transferred to Namimori Middle School , she has became the new idol in Namimori(after Kyoko Sasagawa) , this made everyone really looks up at her.She's also the manager of baseball club & boxing club in Namamori Middle School.Sakura also a popular singer in Namimori , this is because she has passed in singing audition that held in Namimori when she visited Namimori for the first time when she was small.Now , her song has been spreaded all over the world.According to her , she now has 44444 fans in all over the world.She is seen many times needs to go home early to prepared for her concert.Besides her school uniform , she also has been seen wearing many dark clothes.She also has the longest purple hair in Namimori.Every time she tied her hair with different ribbons colors , her hair & her eyes will turns to different colors.When Sakura's forehead has appeared Vongola Famiglia's Crest , her hair will grows longer.She cannot cuts her hair except when the Family or the Guardians is in danger.In the future , she is seen with her hair is long until her body.In the future , she's always been seen with Hibari together , this is because she & Hibari has already married.Sakura also has the Moon Flame , which is similar with Hibari's flame , but is lilac colour.Because she has a complete Vongola's Moon Ring , so she does not have to fight with Varia.She can also interfere without getting the other Guardians disqualified.After her parents died , she is the only one who has the Moon Flame.She is also Tsunayoshi Sawada(Vongola Decimo)'s Moon Guardian.There have been many similarities between Sakura and the founder of Vongola Royalty Famiglia , Serena , including physical appearance , fighting techniques , and weapons used. Both of their personalities are likely to be very similar as it has been shown that they have similar goals and ways of standards; for example , neither had problems with appointing Guardians from outside the Famiglia or accepting past enemies into their Famiglia.

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