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Victoria (Tori) was created to be the leader of a group of women known as the SIGMA Six; her body was created to emulate what the perfect woman was supposed to be. Tori was created to execute the commands of her creators on command. Once the Sigma Six was launched, she was placed in charge of the other five members. Tori enlisted the help of, Scarlett X, Maya Lopez, Ashley Mooreland, Xiahua Ma (Lynn).

Lynn proved the hardest to persuade to join the cause, the admins inside the SS worked out a deal with Shogun Chi, and sent the Sigma Six (composed of only five members at the time), to destroy the members of the Wing-Chun clan. The decision to attack the Wing-Chun Village made Lynn purely about revenge; having zero knowledge of the Sigma Six's involvement, she joined after harsh negotiations by Tori.

The SIGMAS were notorious assassin's used by an unknown benefactor to; secretly off competition, the first of the Sigma's to realize this was Isabella Marisol, The Sigma leader commanded the Sigmas to kill Marisol; but the vixen managed to escape.

In preparation for a Sigma treason, Tori was given a "psycho-boost" allowing her to compete on parr with the rest of the super-humans.


Energy Enhanced Strike- Tori strikes with an energy enhanced strike, a skill obtained from Ashley Mooreland

Martial Artist: The composition of Y's body allows her to virtually strike from any angle without injuring herself. Y can visually project points of telegraph.

Healing Factor- Y can heal her entire body, with the exception of her head if decapitated.

Power Erasure- Y can temporary strip someone of there powers. This works if she is able to enter the mind of a person.

Psycho Power- Y can use her psychic energy to to numerous abilities.

  • Appendages
    • Elemental Wing Manifestation
  • Armors
  • Barriers and Walls
    • Energy Shield Construction
  • Duplicates of oneself.
  • Fortifications
  • Golems
    • Entities
  • Platforms
  • Restraints
  • Weapons
    • Elemental Blade Construction
    • Energy Whip Construction

Mascara de Cortez- The “Mask of Cortez” is an artifact forged by Aztek Wizards; the name was given to the mask after Hernan Cortez conquered the Aztek city. The mask gives the wielder the power to conjure life-like illusions and induce hallucinations. With the mask present, Ziccarra can appear as virtually anyone both dead and alive. The mask protects Z from telepathic intrusions and attacks.

Durability- Having formerly been blessed with Ninjan accolades; Ziccarra retained her Ninjan durability as it was a natural born skill. (Around a 6 on Wandie’s scale)

Hand to Hand combatant – Y is proficient in Gracie Jujitsu; her long arms and legs make it easy for her to deliver strikes from long range.

Energy Absorbent Knee Pads, Shin guards and Elbow pads: Being Struck in any of these areas with any type of attack triggers a mechanism within each to store energy. This energy can be used for Z resulting in an energy based strike.

Black Rose Blade (Snake Blade) , the demonic shards can detach from the hilt and be projected. Lacked with Black Widow venom

The X-Intercept- Is a bull-whip shaped like a chinese dragon, Y can extended it out 30 feet; it'hard enough to shatter tree's on impact. It's tips are laced with LSD

Parkour Practitioner- Not having the ability of flight anymore Ziccarra; is somewhat adept in free running, maintaining peak body performance and endurance.

Toxin Alchemy - Y has poison Ninja stars, Poision Claws as well as poison laced blades. She also is in the possession of laughing gas.

Y intercept Stats
Date Joined: April 8, 2013
Gender: Female
Alignment: Evil
Points: 0 Points
Ranked: Ranked #31419 of 46,760
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