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Name: Zero 
Age: 20 
Height: 6'3 
Weight: 215lb
Favouriate food: cheetos, pocky 
Affililation: lonewolf


A calm and manipulative individual, when angered his eyes glow a bright crimsan red. but when his enemies pick fights with him Zero always stays two steps ahead of his opponants. 


Zero wears the traditional japanese button up school uniform with the red tie, he's got short red hair and a uniqe tattoo on the right side of his face, he's also got bright crimson red snake like eyes.


When Zero was 6 years old, he stumbled upon a ruin that had strange marking on the walls, when Zero walked deeper into the ruins he found that he was stuck and couldn't move when he looked down at his feet he saw that a strange circle that was glowing under him. as zero lifted his head he saw a ghostly presents standing in front of him and stretching his arm out to touch zeros shoulder "you are going to be my host, and im going to feed off your anger and hatred" as the ghostly spirit finished it absorbed itself into zeros body forever.  


Wolf Fang
Wolf Fang
Wolf Fang: this katana was created from a spirit of a black wolf, when the dark aura is released the aura  looks as of a wolf. this sword grants the wielder the power tosend people to the void where no one well be able to get out. 
Garandou Kireme ( Void Cut ): with one cut anywhere opens up the doorway to the void. 
Ookami Shikon ( Wolf Fang ): transforms the blade into a giant wolf black wolf. 
Ookami Shikon
Ookami Shikon
 Kaze Ato ( Wind scar ): send a powerful gust of wind from the sword. 
 Kumori Tsume ( Shadow Claws ): a shadow aura starts to form around both hands in the shape of claws.   
 Hauringu Kyoukan ( Howling Scream ): a powerful blast of red energyblasts out of the mouth. 
Zero in his mech armor
Zero in his mech armor
 Description: this suit is epuiped with an high powered canon on the right hand, and accaleration pedals in both his feet that makes him go faster then the speed of sound.
Zero when Orez takes over
Zero when Orez takes over
 Description: when Orez finally takes control, Zero's body transform into Orez's true form which then has the power to destroy the planet. 
The Planet being destroyed
The Planet being destroyed




xZerOx Stats
Date Joined: Oct. 8, 2009
City: Calgary
Gender: Male
Alignment: Evil
Points: 1 Points
Ranked: Ranked #2343 of 45,173
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