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Fairy Tail » Is Natsu's relationship with Lucy going be like Haru and Elie's?

Hi! I'm new to this. I follow every episode of FT, as well as the manga and in my opinion, Natsu and Lucy will be together in the end. Why? If you have watched FT OVA 4 you'll probably agree to me. Lucy, who was then drunk made Natsu do shameful things. Natsu was pissed but then he did what she asked him to do. The "piggyback" thing was the best NaLu moment for me.. Chapters 308-313 of the latest volume of FT talks about how Natsu and others save Lucy from the Fiore army. Lucy asked Natsu about the tournament, but Happy interrupted and said that Natsu really wanted to save Lucy, so he left tournament and let Juvia fill in place. When the group of Natsu, Mira, Wendy,Lily, Lucy and Yukino splits, they lost track of each other. They ended face to face with each member of the hungry wolves( executors). When Natsu found himself separated from Lucy and others, this was what he said...

FT 163 is a must-see episode. There was a scene which was almost a NaLi moment but Lucy accidentally broke in so I guess it turned out to be a NaLu funny moment. (Oooops sorry for spoiling).

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