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Hey!!! im Lae'Sette, you shall know me as Yuuki. Well here is some useless information about myself.

For the past 2 years death note has been my all time favorite anime and manga!! my favorite character is L and N (near, nate rivers). And i have a bunch of other favorites but that was the first anime i actually finished. Ive watched over 300 anime. and read about 500 manga (series). I also love the final fantasy games, my favorite is vii,x, and x-2. my favorite final fantasy characters are cloud, and rikku. I also love the kingdom hearts games. My favorite anime/manga remakes (as movies or series) are death note, death note the last name, L changes the world,, hana kimi, hana yori dango, and a bunch of other ones... ~(>o<)~ I also, looooove taiwanese/japanese/korean/thai ect.. movies and series. My favorite is hi,my sweetheart (taiwanese). But i love a bunch of other ones too. Like: why why love, hana kimi, attention please, devil beside me, itazura na kiss, it started with a kiss, You're beautiful, they kiss again, miss no good, nobuto wo produce well anything comedy/romance really :p

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