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...New post! Again. I find it humorous that in the time I was away from this site, a woman could have become "with child", and then had it all before I came back! Hah hah, the funniness of it all!
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(This post was made to be realistic, and yet still have a RP touch to it.)
It has been eight months since I disappeared into the black abyss, AKA busyness. I have been wondering about Gunsmoke as of late, thinking about the famed Gung-Ho Guns. I figured I shed some fresh, and desperately needed, light upon their tired pages. (I felt as if I had to, since I am quite evolved with their main leader...) They really do deserve more respect,  acknowledgment, and above all fear. I must be returning to my home soon, for some tea and a relaxing soak in the pool (a 2 star blow up pool...) soon. But not before I finish my work with the Gung-Ho Guns!
xoxo, Rose.
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I curse the one who calls herself my teacher. She is upset with my 'falling' grade, as she calls it, because I didn't get an all A report card. She hates me, and everyone else in my class. The worse my grades, the lower her pay check. It almost temps me to fail ... but oh! How upset I am that I got marked down. She is making me suffer threw a boring class for the 'slow' witch I pride myself on NOT being. Shame falls upon my face for letting her do this to me. I shall destroy her in the summer, I shall!! 
xo Rose.
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