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I think sasuke is going to get the cursed seal from orochimaru back and go help naruto kakashi gai and bee defeat edo madara obito and gedo mazo what do you guys think is going to happen in the next naruto chapters

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how do you get people to follow you, how to make good threads I'm new here and sorry for the horrible threaqds I made lately where are the rules for battle threads

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rules: no planet busting and no faboyism(especially dbz fans) no offense
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Goku vs Naruto 
Vegeta vs Sasuke 
Piccolo vs Rock  Lee 
Gohan vs Kakashi 
Android 18 vs Tsunade   
goku can't bust a universe, galaxy or solar system stupid dbz fanboys. goku can't survive a city bust either and he is between light and sound speed in ssj3 same for others. 
here is the site for naruto feats   http://lounge.moviecodec.com/vs-general/naruto-respect-thread-87222/
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