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A few years ago i walked past this store called forbidden planet and took a peek inside, i discovered it had a lot of comics and figures. I didnt take notice and walked away, but later i discovered it had a small manga section at the back of the store. At that particular time i had no interest in anime/manga and never went back to the store. Now that ive become a big fan, i wanted to start my collection but i had totally forgotten that the store existed.  This became a problem for me as the only way i could buy manga was online but dont really like that method. 
 So last week during my travels i found the store again and popped in remembering that the manga was at the back of the store. As soon as i walked in i turned my head and seen hunderds of books and on closer inspection they were all manga. The store had become mostly for anime/manga, i was in a dream land, all my favourite series were there. Until i was brought back to reality, i had no money :(
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Well the current decade is nearly over, so I thought I would quickly recap what has happened to me over the 10 years. 

It’s the year 2000, about to begin Secondary school at the age of 12. The first day went by and I hated it. All I wanted to do was come home and play the original Playstation and complete Final Fantasy Vii. Later in the year while looking in a game magazine, I dreamt of buying a ps2. As the years went buy, I got myself a ps2 and played the best games available at the time, FFX, Metal Gear Solid 2 and GTA3.I managed to stumble across an invention called the internet and started to use Gamespot as my source for video gaming news. Growing to like the crew and spending my school days on the website, is something I will never forget.
Fast forward to the end of 2009, im 21 years old and currently studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering (4th year) at one of the top universities in . Now owning an Xbox 360 and being introduced to anime, I think to myself, I would never have dreamed that this was going to happen. Hating school and now in university, who knew?

Oh well better get back to studying :)


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