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I returned home from the hospital a week ago after getting surgery to repair a neck fracture and my life kinda sucks right now. Apparently I have problems swallowing so right now I'm being fed through a tube. Which sucks because I miss real food. My body is really weak and I've lost a lot of hand and finger strength. Which sucks since I can't really play video games any more and that makes me really sad. I can't even hold a book properly so I have a hard time reading, maybe its time to invest in a ereader but since I mainly read manga or graphic novels that might not be the best choice. Hopefully my strength will return and I will be able to do these things again. 
I also need another surgery to remove some tumors but no word on when that will happen.
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I recently saw the first episode of Strike Witches on funimations website and have some thoughts on it:
-I believe it takes place in an alternate WW2 time setting.
-Girls...don't wear pants
-Magic exists in this universe and when they use it they grow animal ears and tails, but I'm guessing only girls are allowed to use it. I can't tell if this a good thing or bad thing
-Propeller legs are weird
Overall, I'm not impressed by what I saw. If there was less fanservice and the characters are a little bit older(not sure about their ages) I mights be more interested in watching more
How about you guys? How many of you have seen this? Should I watch more or just skip it?
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I've just finished watching Kampfer 11, Needless 24, and Kara no Kyoukai 7. Here are some quick thoughts on them:
Kampfer 11 - ... what the hell did I just watch? I was laughing my ass off though out most of the episode. Kampfer has to be the worst show I've seen this season.
Needless 24 - As expected the series went with an anime original ending. Overall the series was average,  some parts were completely ridiculous, and some of the name of the moves are even more ridiculous (why it there a move called "Little Boy"?) Well at least the 1st op is f'ing awesome
Kara no Koukai 7- Words can't describe how awesome this movie was. Go watch it. NOW
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